He was the mean bully in the playground that made everyone cry. That kid that called other kids bad names, laughed at them when they'd cry and pretend to not know why when the teacher came and asked.

He made every kid in his pre-school cry. He was proud of that.

Except for Caroline Forbes because she never cried, not like the whiny Gilbert girl or that wimp Donovan. Caroline Forbes was the girl that pushed him back when he pushed her, dumped food on his lap when he said something bad about her hair, never backing down, always so irritatingly full of spunk and all the while smiling a mischievous smile that rivaled his own.

But now, she was lying on the playground pavement, sobbing with large tears falling down her rosy cheeks as she clutched her leg to her, a large ugly bruise on it.

He was dead.

His parents would not be happy because they knew Sheriff Forbes quite well and was the reason why Caroline had to spend some of her weekends with him, touching his things and bossing him into playing all sorts of games because she could. And now Caroline was hurt and he was dead. Dread pooled in his gut and his fried nerves told him so.


Where was she? Where the hell did she go? He couldn't seem to find her anywhere and he was panting from running around and asking people if they'd seen her, his panic escalating to great heights, his heart feels like it's about to burst out of his chest and he still doesn't want to stop looking. He has to find her, something was happening to her and he needed to find her, keep her safe. A voice inside him kept shouting at him to do so.

LJ Markov Random Text Generator. Hilarious. I think it combined Perfect Fit, Catch A Hot One and Carcinogen Crush.