AnyaMegan AbigailNoahDevinAdrina Chat

AnyaMANDA- ohheehmmgeezz...earlier today when me abiiezz,noah, and dev went to thee pool...there was this guy,dylan, who was like all over and abbies made out too ;D...haha damn those boys are crazyy! guyz went to the pool? why wasnt i invited?

DylanAS IT- Eyy! Anyaa (; whashappnin girll..

AnyaMANDA- ill tell yah latrr Meg...Heyy Dlyn nun boii juss talkin bout you ;D..

AMeganANDA- megan...

DylanAS IT- sup baby gurrl.

AMeganANDA- nothing just chilling

AnyaMANDA- Man D i gtg 3 and bye biatche..

AMeganANDA- Bye anya

DylanAS IT- K babe see yah

AnyaMANDA- buhbye(anya leaves)

DylanAS IT- so what you up to hottie (;

AMeganANDA- Nothing babe juss laying down

DylanAS IT- *lays next to you and kisses you *

AMeganANDA-*kisses you back*

DylanAS IT- *keeps kissing lifts up your leg and rubs your thigh and sticks out my tounge and wraps it around yours*

AMegamANDA-damn kisses you gently i need to go babe

She leaves followed by D.

AHAHA those damn little girls acting like theyre so cool, doing what they want and not inviting ME their BESTFRIEND. They lie to me decieve me and use me HAHA...well their little games will be soon over.