So I saw 9 a couple months ago for the first time (yeah a year later then everyone but it was a hectic year) and since I've been Stitchpunk crazy _ . I've never been a fan of apocalyptic movies but there was something about it that caught my interest.

maybe since i was in an artistic slump it inspired me more then I thought.

Anywho I hope you enjoy this.

And FYI i do not own '9'.

4's Abduction
The Taking

Along the bank of the murky lake the Stitchpunk twins 3 and 4 were busily cataloging an unfamiliar pile of debris. Their camera shutter eyes blinked excitedly over every tiny portion of broken plastic and twisted metal.

"Hey! Don't go too far!" called their companion and protector 7, who was keeping guard atop of a broken Walker. A mechanized machine from the great war. Although it had been months since the destruction of the Fabrication Machine the few surviving Stitchpunks were still wary of any sound or movement that occurred in the dead lands.

Their leader, and youngest of the group, 9, was also searching among the wreckage for something that would be of use to them. His first invention, the lamp torch, was destroyed and he was trying to create a replacement, but he hadn't been able to find another disk that gave it power. 'These ruins are full of riches'. That was what 2 always said, and 9 took that to heart. He promised to do the best he could to take care of his friends, and blames himself still for the deaths of the other five companions…

He pushed aside a tattered curtain of cloth to reveal a broken mirror. He rubbed at the glass to brush away the dust and reveal another face starring straight at him. He gasped and stumbled backwards, tripping over a pile of thimbles he collected.

7 giggled when she saw the scene and left her post to help him

Back at the bank both 3 and 4 were examining a colorful ball that almost fit perfectly between their tiny hands. Rubbing off the layer of dust their eyes flashed excitedly to see a bright array of colors that marked the ball. They greedily passed the ball between them to memorize every detail when it slipped and fell to the ground. It suddenly bounced high in the air and rolled down to the lake. 4 hurried after the ball to catch it. 3 was close by when a gleam of something shiny distracted him.

4 managed to catch the ball in time and continued to eye it eagerly. When suddenly there was the sound of movement in the water. She held the rubber ball closer as she neared the shore. A small dark figure was moving, twitching about in the water. Her eyes flickered curiously. Was something still alive?

During the war the Fabrication Machine's creations saturated the lands with toxic gasses that killed everything organic; not only the humans, which were now dried up mummies in the dust. But she remembered her and her brother looking over many books and tomes about biology and creatures surviving extinction by evolving into water dwellers until conditions improved. Had the poisons not touched the water? If so, there was still life to be discovered…

She stepped ever closer to the water's edge to get a better look. The surface was dark and murky. It was impossible to tell if it was only an inch, or twenty thousand leagues deep. Nevertheless she spotted her quarry and turned to see her brother observing something else. She was about to wave him over when a sudden splash sounded and an invisible sheet suddenly enveloped her.

3 turned quickly to the water to see his sister struggling at the water's edge. A dark figure, clad in black and green moss was pulling a clear sheet that surrounded 4 and was pulling her to the water. He dropped the gold watch and raced to the lake. He reached his hands out to grab hers, but the invisible barrier kept their fingers from grasping. Their silent screams went unheard as the attacker plunged into the water, taking away its prey. 3 could only watch in horror as his sister vanished beneath the murky depths. His legs fell weak and gave out from under him. Slumped on the ground he saw the ball she went to close to the water to fetch. He took a hold of it and held it close to himself. In his muted silence, he wept.

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