I'm thinking the pairing should be called RoCe.

Whenever CeCe and Rocky first became friends, CeCe thought of her only as a best friend. Nothing more,
the thought of her and Rocky being something more intimate never even crossed her mind back then.

Not that it would've disgusted her or anything, CeCe was a fairly open minded person. The thought would've been weird to her of course, with Rocky being her best friend and all.

But when they started learning to dance, Rocky often caught CeCe's attention.. and not always in a 'friendly' way.
She noticed things like, how her dark chocolate brown eyes always sparkled when she danced,
How flexible and agile she was, God that girl could move.
How her cute little butt would move while she was dancing, not that CeCe stared or anything- ..Well. Maybe just a little.

CeCe thought it was just normal to notice these kind of things about her best friend. You learn something new about someone every day right?

It wasn't til one day soon after CeCe noticed these things when Duece attempted to flirt with Rocky and an unexplainable feeling rose up in her chest.

What was this feeling? Anger? Sadness? Bitterness?


"Nice moves there Blue." he said while walking past both of them while they were outside practicing dance moves, and winked at Rocky. She blushed.

It wasn't much of a flirt but it was enough to piss off CeCe enough for her to discreetly stick her ankle out for Duece to trip over.
Rocky immediately frowned at her when Duece took a dive to the curb.

"Jeez, CeCe, watch where you put your feet!' He grumbled, scowling up at her while trying to stand up.

She glared and raised a daring eyebrow at him. "Watch where you're walking then, Duecey. Now beat it, we've got practising to do."
She snapped at him, and smirked to herself as he brushed himself off and trudged away. Then there was a tap on her shoulder.

CeCe turned around so fast that Rocky didn't have time to step back so their faces were extremely close. CeCe almost started to hyperventilate but Rocky stood her ground with a steely glare. "What were you thinking, CeCe?" she said sternly.

CeCe got cocky and raised both of her eyebrows. "I was thinking that Duece is a greasy sleazeball and you're way out of his league."

Rocky leaned back a bit, eyeing CeCe in disbelief. "Out of his league? CeCe haven't you looked-"

"Haven't you looked at yourself? You're so out of his league!" CeCe interrupted. Rocky seemed to consider that and nodded,
thoughtfully to herself.

"Well, I am adorable." She grinned cutely and twirled side to side in her skirt. CeCe sighed. Another one of the things she'd started to notice about her. Rocky's adorable smile and innocence.

Rocky then got shy, shifting from one foot to another and staring down at her shoes. "I kinda like him though, CeCe." she said quietly, lifting her gaze to meet CeCe's. She was met with an almost indifferent face. Blank yet stone hard with anger and that unexplainable jealousy.

And from that day forward, Rocky made it her mission to go after Duece. CeCe, after a lot of begging, pouting and puppy-dog eyes reluctantly agreed to help her, deciding to push these weird new feelings aside and help her friend.

Sexytimes happens in Chapter 3, when they're 16.