Chapter 1: Return of Rito

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Three months had passed in New Domino City since the defeat of the Dark Signers. Life for the most part had returned to normal. Yusei sat at a local coffee shop called "Hayley's Duelspace" reading a newspaper. He looked down at the headline, "Sector Security hires 15 Top Duelists". Yusei sighed as he remembered declining Trudge's offer. "Nothing exciting happens around her anymore.

As if to ruin his train of thought, a large explosion racked the street. Immediately, Yusei ran to see what had happened. Several buildings were burning, their glass windows having been shattered by the blast. In the middle of the flames stood a man. Thick bones covered his body, or in fact were his body. Half of his skeleton was camouflage colored and he appeared to be wearing an army helmet made of bone. He laughed manically, standing and towering over the fleeing citizens. He held out his hand and fired rays of energy. More explosions followed. Blood flowed into the street.

"What do you think you're doing?" Yusei shouted.

"I'm looking for a signer kid, you know where I can find one?" the skeleton laughed. A woman was running from the scene. He fired on her, hitting the ground right behind where she stood. She flew forward either unconscious or dead.

"My name is Yusei Fudo and I am a signer. Before you hurt anyone else, you will have to go through me."

"The name's Rito Revolto Yugei. It's time for a shadow game." As Rito spoke, bones extended from his right arm. They bended into a sinister looking duel disk.

"A shadow game?"

"I win, I take your life. You win, well we'll see. If you don't duel then I go back to killin' people until you do."

"Fine," Yusei declared, the mark on his arm began to glow, "I'll take the first move." His duel disk flared to life. Yusei pulled five cards from his deck and Rito laughed.

"It doesn't matter, you can't beat Rito!"

Both shouted, "Duel!"

Yusei: 4000 Rito: 4000

"Alright, I'm gonna start by playing a creature in defense mode. Then I'll set two face-down cards and end my turn."

Rito chuckled, drawing a card from his deck. "I'll activate the spell card Card Destruction. Now we both send our hands to the graveyard and draw the same amount of cards. You keeping up?"

"Yes, Rito. I send my Quillbolt Hedgehog, Mystical Space Typhoon. and Turbo Synchron to the grave then draw three cards.

"I send my two Skull Servants, Lady in Wight, Wightmare, and King of the Skull Servants to your graveyard and draw five." Both duelists drew their new cards and Rito laughed again, the skeletal chuckles sending chills down the pro duelist's spine. "Now I activate the spell card One For One. By discarding a monster from my hand, I can summon one from my deck. And the card I choose to summon is King of the Skull Servants, by sending my Skull Servant to the graveyard."

Yusei watched as a less muscular skeleton in a purple robe materialized before him.

""King of the Skull Servants is a level one dark attribute monster with ? attack points and 200 defense points.""

"My King gains 1000 attack points for every Skull Servant or King of the Skull Servants in my graveyard. Currently I have 6." Yusei watched as the skeleton grew to town over him.

"But wait," Yusei shouted, "you only have four of those monsters in your graveyard?"

Rito laughed again, "My Lady in Wight and Wightmare are treated as a Skull Servants when they are in the graveyard. Now Yugei, I'm gonna activate the field-spell card," as he spoke two new bones extended to create a field spell slot, "The Castle of 'Ed'." A large castle ripped from the ground around the two duelists. A massive Z decorated its side. The sky above the two turned black. Lightning streaked across the darkness. "Now as long as Ed's backin' me up, none of my dark monsters can be affected by trap cards my opponent controls."

Yusei's eyes widened as he looked down to his set Scrap Iron Scarecrow trap. "Now, my King attacks your face down!" The skeleton's clawed hand shot from beneath its robes. An emerald pterodactyl appeared on Yusei's field, taking the hit, and standing strong. "Wai…What? What's goin' on Yugei? No duel monster has the defense to stand up to that attack!"

"Check your rulebook Rito. My Shield Wing cannot be destroyed by battle twice per turn."

Rito growled, his eyes glowing yellow, "Fine Yugei, I'll set two cards and end my turn."

"It's Yusei, now my draw. I activate Cards of Consonance. By discarding my Stardust Shaolong I can draw two cards from my deck. Now I summon Junk Synchron. With his special ability, I special summon my Quillbolt Hedgehog. Finally, I play my One for One. By discarding my Level Eater, I can special summon another from my deck." Rito watched uncaring as a small man in an orange hat, a yellow hedgehog with bolts sticking out of its body, and an oversized ladybug appeared on Yusei's field.

"Are you planning on ending this turn," the skeleton asked, "I have a city to destroy." He cackled.

"I'm not done yet, now I tune my Junk Synchron with my Shield Wing, Quillbolt Hedgehog, and Level Eater to synchro summon your destruction. Say hello to Junk Destroyer!" A four armed cyborg replaced the four monsters that Yusei had on his field. A massive X decorated its back. "And there's more, when Junk Destroyer is synchro summoned, I can destroy cards on the field up to the number of non-tuner monsters I used in his summon. I sent three. So say goodbye to your King of the Skull Servants, your field spell, and one of your face-downs."

"Let me cut in Yugei, I activate my other face down Putty Patroller Mold. Now whenever a card on my side of the field is destroyed I special summon one Putty Patroller Token in defense mode (0/0). Also when my field spell is destroyed I special summon two Putty Patroller tokens." Yusei's eyes widened as, where the field had emptied by his Destroyer's effect filled with five silver men with hideous mutated faces.

"Destroy one of his tokens," Yusei ordered pointing at Rito's monster. Junk Destroyer punched the Z on the token's chest and it exploded. "I'll end my turn."

"Time to end this game," Rito growled, "I activate my spell card 'Ed's Thunder. It destroys two spell or trap cards on your side of the field and I lose 1000 lifepoints."

Yusei: 4000 Rito: 3000

"Now I sacrifice the life energies of all four of my Putty Patroller Tokens to summon my ultimate monster. Come forth Dark General Rito!" The four tokens erupted into flames only to be replaced by a mirror image of Rito. He held a flamethrower in one hand and a bone blade in the other.

""Dark General Rito is a level 9 dark attribute monster with 2000 attack points and 2200 defense points. You may sacrifice any number of creatures you control to summon this card. It gains 500 attack for each monster you sacrifice.""

"Now Yusei, I use my last card, the equip spell Master Vile's Scepter. Now whenever my General destroys a monster by battle, you take damage equal to its level times 500. End this shadow game!" A black staff replaced the creature's flamethrower. Dark General Rito rushed forward. In one slice of his blade, Junk Destroyer was ripped in half, both pieces falling to the ground before disappearing.

Yusei: 2600 Rito: 3000

"Now my equip spell deals damage to you. Your creature was a level eight, so that's uh…um…500 times 8?" Dark General Rito aimed the staff at Yusei. It fired a surge of black energy inflicting 4000 points of damage to Yusei. He fell to his knees as pain surged through his body.

Yusei: 0 Rito: 3000

The holograms vanished leaving only the two men standing in the road. Rito extended his hand. In a flash of yellow energy, his bone sword appeared. "Once you die this world will belong to the forces of evil. The Crimson Dragon can't..."

"Hey Rito, it's been a long time." Rito turned to see who would dare interrupt him. A man with short black hair and a goatee stared him down. He wore all black and his eyes stopped Rito in his tracks.

"You? Oh I've been waiting a long time for this."

"Then I'm your new opponent, leave the kid alone."

"Aren't you a little old to play the hero act?"

"I may be old, but I can still pull it off. Dino Thunder! Power Up!

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