Chapter 15: Future Known

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-Heartland City, The Distant Future-

Alarms blared throughout the city. To anyone who had been wearing their duel gazer, warning flashed across all of the augmented reality networks to find shelter and stay indoors. Yuma Tsukumo ran through the streets. Astral hovered by his side, but even to his the scene was grisly. Whatever had stormed through this part of town had massacred an entire police force. A single patrol car was in at least ten pieces. The officers were no better off.
"What could do something like this?" Yuma panted as he ran.
Astral shook his head, "I do not know, Yuma, but we must get to your school. Whatever caused this is there and I sense a Number card."
"Yeah, yeah," Yuma groaned, "It's always about Number cards." Astral chose to remain silent, wisdom gained from so much time with Yuma and his friends. Sunlight struck something standing in the center of the street. A flash of gold light blinded Yuma for a moment causing him to stop.
"Yuma?" A metallic voice queried along with several equally metallic clicks. "Yuma Tsukumo?"
Yuma grimaced, "Who's asking?"
"So it is you. Astral too. Grab them Cyclobots, they are coming with us!" Yuma looks around him quickly.
"There's no one else here!" Yuma shouted, taking a fighting stance.
"Look again," the creature screeched. Two bright red lights penetrated the glare and nuts and bolts scattered around Yuma's feet. The tiny pieces of metal formed into robotic soldiers in a flash. They restrained Yuma easily, though he did try to fight. The golden man turned. The harsh sunlight fell onto a cloth cape and the glare died down enough for Yuma to see him.
Astral was as shocked as Yuma. He spoke first, "Is that Orbital 7, Yuma?"
"You fools," the metallic voice chuckled, "confusing me for a heap of scrap like him. I am Frax. Remember it for what little time you have left." Two of the Cyclobots grabbed Astral by the wrists to the shock of both Yuma and himself. They dragged the two through the streets and into the school building. The stairs were the most painful for Yuma as his knees were forced to bounce up each step. Frax's robots tossed him onto the rooftop through the door.
A groan and a bit of blood escaped his lips as he hit the surface. "Yuma!" cried out a female voice he recognized too well.
The word "No" crossed his mind, but, "Tori?" escaped his lips. He looked up to see the blue haired girl bound in chains with a blade pressed against her throat. Heavy lines from tears tracked her face and her eyes were swollen and red. He tried to stand, but one of the robots pushed him back down face first into the cement rooftop.

"Do not speak unless spoken to, boy." A sinister sounding voice spoke out. It did not sound human and the chuckle that followed almost made Yuma as sick as his own blood pouring out of his busted lip. "Yuma, Yuma, Yuma. I have to tell you something, I don't usually capture boys. They aren't my style, but you have something I need. Lift him up."
The robots lifted Yuma off the ground so he could look his abductor in the eyes. Pupil-less yellow orbs looked back at him. The creature holding the blade to Tori's throat was clearly more monsterous than even his voice would have let on. His skin was orange and black and covered in spikes. If it weren't for the horns and the fangs, his red and black face would look almost clown-like. "What are you?" Yuma coughed and spat more blood onto the ground.
The creature laughed, "Why, did I not introduce myself? I am Darkonda. We have met before, or should I say we will have. Time is a funny thing." As Darkonda spoke, Astral was brought up beside Yuma and held just as firmly. "As I said, the two of you have something I need. Luckily for me, history has shown that I will take it from you. If I didn't have to obey the silly rules of your dimension creature, I would just kill both of you right now like I did the fat one. I would have ripped this girl apart, but I do have a collection to maintain."

Yuma looked to Tori for any explanation. "He killed Bronk!" she sobbed.
"You let Tori go, monster!" Yuma shouted, struggling against the metal arms pinning him in place. Darkonda smiled which was terrifying in and of itself.
"I also knew the girl would be good leverage to get you to do what I need you to. It has already happened, but it hasn't yet. It's a bit complicated, but you will face me human and you will fall. Let him go. Look around you, Yuma. What do you see at the edge of town?"
The robots sat Yuma down lightly. He looked as he was told to do and his eyes widened. "Nothing," he said quietly, "it's just black."
"Time is disintegrating because you will face me in a duel. You will lose, and then I will help change history. Your world will never have existed."
"What is it that you want from us?" Astral asked calmly.
Yuma was not so subtle. "And what if I refuse to duel?"
"If you refuse my request, then I will show you how I can make it into a demand." Darkonda pressed lightly on his blade. A thin stream of blood ran down Tori's neck along with a wince of pain across her face. "You will face me. I will have it."

"Have what?" both Yuma and Astral asked together.

"The only thing you have worth my time. The only card in your collection with any true power worth having. I am here for Number: 96."

"Then get set to get decked, Darkonda. We are no pushovers."
"I'm counting on it," Darkonda grinned. Thick spines began to grow from his right arm. Veins twisted outward forming a thick mesh between them. A slot grew from the center holding a deck of cards. Yuma put on his duel disk and duel gazer. "I'll let you have the first move to give you the illusion of a fighting chance. You've never faced anything like me before, boy."

Yuma drew his opening hand and the Cyclobots released Astral. "Master," Frax interrupted the duel, "shall I go and acquire the second target now?"

"It will not be necessary, but a little extra firepower never hurt. Go." The cyborg bowed to Darkconda and retreated down the stairs.

"If there's nothing else," Yuma grimaced. "I draw!"

Yuma: 4000

Darkonda: 4000

"I'll start things of by summoning Achacha Archer!" (1200/600) The yellow clad archer appeared and readied a single, flaming arrow. "When Achcha is summoned, he inflicts 500 points of damage to your life-points!" Achacha released his arrow. It hurtled towards Darkonda. The monster caught it in his fist. The arrow burned to ash in Darkonda's grip.

'I hope that isn't the best you can do," he laughed evilly.

"I lay two face-down cards and end my turn you monster."

Darkonda pulled a card from his wrist, "And so it begins, the only turn I need to destroy you Number Hunter. I think I'll start by playing the Evilstorm spell card. With this I can destroy up to three spell or trap cards on the field as long as I give up 500 lifepoints. In exchange, for each normal trap I destroy, I can draw one card." A black vortex of swirling goo appeared on the field. It began to swirl, drawing in Yuma's cards.

"Activate your trap card now, Yuma!' Astral instructed.

"Right! I activate Half Unbreak! For the rest of this turn, Achacha Archer can't be destroyed by battle and I half any damage I take from battles involving him!"

"Your Half Unbreak and Heartfelt Appeal are still destroyed, allowing me to draw two cards," Darkonda grinned as he pulled two more cards from his deck.

"It is as if our trap does not matter to him," Astral noted.

"Well said," Darkconda laughed. "First, since you control more monsters than I do, I can special summon Evilswarm Mandragora from my hand!" A sinister little plant tore from beneath the rooftop. "Next I summon Evilswarm Castor. Castor's skill allows me an extra normal summon of an Evilswarm monster this turn. With that, I summon Evilswarm Azathoth."

"Evilswarm?" Yuma asked.

Astral starred with wide eyes, "I have never seen creatures like these before, Yuma. Be careful."

"If you two are finished, I wasn't done. By using the souls of my level 4 Castor and Azathoth, I can fill the void and exceed summon. Rise from the depths of hell, Evilswarm Bahamut!" Before Yuma could even register what the creatures had been, they were gone. The rooftop split open and black sludge poured from the wound. With a mighty roar, a great, black, serpentine dragon rose from the depths. (2350 / 1350).

"Bahamut has a special skill. By removing one of his overlay units, I can steal your creature away from you. All it costs is for me to discard one card, but I have three left to finish you with." The dragon lurched forward. It sank its fangs into Achacha's body. The spread of infection was visible, coursing throughout the archer's body and turning him into a black and twisted version of himself. He marched to Darkonda's side of the field and turned his bow on Yuma.

"One last card, I activate an equip spell. Go Lswarm Egg Sack, Barillian Plague! With this spell, I can increase or decrease the archer's level by 1 (3 - 4) and he is treated as if his name contained "Lswarm." Now I use your last defense along with Mandragora to fill the overlay network one more time. Rise, Evilswarm Ophion!" The two creatures vanished, turned to swirling energy which formed a griffin-like dragon. (2550 / 1650)

"This can't be," Yuma stammered, eyes wide with shock.

"Like I said, this was the only turn I needed. Finish him and claim Dark Mist for me, go my dragons!" The two sinister creatures rose and attacked Yuma together. The force of the impact send him flying back across the roof. He skidded to a halt with his head over the edge. The skin on his arm began to burn and he screamed with pain. Number: 96 was ripped from him and appeared in Darkonda's hand.

The mercenary sauntered over slowly. In his weakened state, Yuma couldn't fight back as Darkonda lifted him by the front of his shirt. "Since the only thing that can stop a Number is another Number, I can't have any loose ends. With a casual ease, Darkconda threw Yuma from the roof three stories up.

-Meanwhile Across Town-

Frax hacked the security panel of the high tech door. To his advanced form, the old lock gave easily. He walked in and destroyed the security forces. He wandered straight to the room he needed to find. He easily tore through the door and locked his eyes on the man laying back on the single bed. "Hello Father, we have much to discuss."
Outside, the city began to crumble and disappear piece by piece.

To be Continued...