Childhood Relapse

Summary: AU Eight-year-old Sena's parents died from a car crash. Eight-year-old Sena was parentless and emotionally scarred. Sena would be led out of her misery as the right people came. FEM!Sena & Stronger!Sena x all

Warning: Female Sena who will grow up to somewhat OC. Of course, when these kinds of things happen to you in life, you would be OC.

Disclaimer: I don't want to get sued! AKA: I don't own ES21. DUR.

Chapter 1: Mamori

Sena, eight years old, had survived from a car crash responsible for the death of her parents.

The little girl, severely injured when a metal pipe stabbed through her body, was paralyzed emotionally as she witnessed through teary eyes her parents engulfed into the blazing fire, and noticed that their blood had tinted the gray smoke. She had also breathed in a lot of the smoke, causing her lungs to suffocate from the lack of cleaner air. She shivered and shook violently, and the doctors did what they could to save her life.

Sena, eight years old, had survived from a near death and was taken in by her mother's close friend, Anezaki Amy. Anezaki Amy was half-American and half-Japanese, her father being American and her mother Japanese. When she moved to Japan, she had befriended Mihae from their high school years to their adulthood. It was only a matter of time when they would let their children meet each other, and unfortunately, dear Mihae wouldn't be there to see it.

Amy smiled sadly at the frail child. "Sena-chan?" she whispered.

Sena responded by looking up with those big, blank eyes, and Amy felt a wave of sympathy. She took it hard when she heard her friend died, and experiencing such loss was…difficult. However, she would never know what it would be like to be in the little girl's shoes—and she was eight for goodness sake!

The woman squeezed Sena's fingers a little bit tighter. "Are you ready to meet my daughter?"

She nodded—no nervousness in her nod or a shy smile. Ever since she was released from the hospital, the Sena she knew before was gone, only to be replaced with this solemn child. Amy suppressed a sigh and tears for the girl. She really wished that she could do something for Sena just to erase that sadness that was eating her away.

"Okay then." Amy opened the door and entered, bringing Sena with her. "Mamori!"

There were footsteps, and then soon a girl taller than Sena appeared. She looked just like her mother, only younger and shorter. Her bright eyes emitted warmth and her silky hair was in the same color as the woman's. An almost replica of her mother, nevertheless.

Her eyes landed onto the tiny form that hid behind her mother's back. "Mom, who is this?" she asked curiously.

"This is Sena. She'll be staying with us for a while."

Mamori's head tilted. "How long will that be?"

Till her graduation…The poor thing… "Quite awhile. Anyway, while Sena-chan is staying here, I hope that you will treat her kindly, okay, Mamori?"

Her daughter nodded. "I will, Mom."

But it was so hard to.

Not that Mamori had ever been hostile to the younger girl; it was just that Sena was so…distant. She wasn't like any of the other kids she was usually surrounded with. Sena lacked that kind of air…

What was it…? Silliness? Laughter? Hesitance?

Mamori had never seen anyone so empty. It was as if the emotions were sucked right out of her. It was as if she actually enjoyed her silence. Normally, her classmates who were quiet were rather shy and admired those who were able to be outgoing, but Sena was different. She would sit next to a window and stare outside, but her eyes wouldn't concentrate on the houses afar or the people walking by—her eyes were looking beyond that. Sena have super vision to see miles away or was pondering very deeply for an eight-year-old.

Only eight years old and Mamori could feel some sort of maturity emanating from her. Sena was still immature, like how most eight-year-olds should be, but was still very different. It was as if she had an incredible and distressing secret that was stressful to keep, and it was as if her life depended on it.

There were times where Mamori would try to talk to Sena, get to know her better and get her to open up. Perhaps she was actually lonely and shy. Perhaps that was the reason to why she was wallowing up in her quiet corner. But she was wrong.

Sena would look at her with those blank eyes and expression, misery marring her face, and she would answer with gestures—a nod, a shake of her head, shrugging. There wasn't much to say or do with the younger girl, so Mamori gave up. Her parents, on the other hand, were still determined to get her active, but Sena shot down every chance.

But this one day in particular had made a difference.

It was Sena's first day of school. Mamori grinned boldly as the frail child walked out of the house looking adorable in her new outfit that Mamori had picked out for her. Her mother giggled about what a talent her daughter had, and the little redhead beamed at the two of them. Sena made no motion of emotion.

Stiff as a statue, as always.

It was Sena's third year and Mamori's fourth year in elementary school, and Mamori was excited. She exit out of the house while holding Sena's hand, and then rushed all the way to their school. Even though she had given up on the girl, Mamori still cared about her. Sena, even if she never made any signs of warming up, had made the older girl see her as a baby sister. The rest of the Anezaki saw Sena as a daughter of their own.

"Okay, Sena-chan, this is your classroom. Mine is the hallway to the right," Mamori told the younger girl. Sena bobbed her head. "Alrighty then. If you need me, don't hesitate calling me!" She hugged her and waved goodbye.

When school had ended, Mamori skipped to Sena's homeroom. She wasn't there, but her backpack was.

She went to the play area. Sena wasn't there either.

Then she went to the back of the school, and found a group of older boys surrounding a fallen Sena.

"S-Sena-chan!" Mamori cried, rushing to her side. "Leave her alone!"

After defeating the cowardly bullies, she turned to Sena and her eyes widened with surprise. Sena was curled into a ball, all dirty. Her face was blank as ever, but the gushing streams of tears made the difference.

"Sena-chan, a-are you okay?" Mamori asked.

Sena shook her head and clung onto Mamori's shirt. "Sorry," she murmured.

Mamori defended Sena for three years until she graduated to middle school.