Title: Fury - Prologue - Home
Rating: PG13 prolly eventually
Author: Angel - ninthsaturn@yahoo.com - http://geocities.com/evysdreams
Summary: Evy finds a secret temple that holds an ancient deadly force. Cataclysm ensues.
Notes: Set about a year after The Mummy. An alternate "Mummy Returns" of sorts. At this point I have a vague idea of where this story will go, so bear with me...and possible name changes. :D I haven't written Mummy in a while, so if this little prologue sucks, I apologize. :D
Disclaimer: No infringement intended.
Codes: Imhotep/Evy, Ardeth/Meela


A light breeze swept across the cool, black waters and made it's way to where a woman stood alone, hands curled upon the railing of a ship. The moon lit up the sky brightly and shimmered over the tossing surface of the depths below the boat that made it's way silently towards Giza Port. It would be good to be back. There was always something in Egypt that called to her, a breath of home that spoke to her spirit whenever she visited.

The dreams had started some six months ago and had become a common part of her life. Strange, though. She'd never thought one person could change so much in so short a time as those few months. She could barely remember who she was before these visions had captured her soul and sparked her imagination.

Meela. She was the daughter of a wealthy merchant in Jordan who up until six months ago was the most important person in her life. She had lived in a large home, been attended by only too eager servants and paraded before her father's associates during important dinners. Her mother had died when she was young and her father was the only reliable parent she had ever known. Of course his greedy mistresses would attempt to take up roles of motherhood for her so they could use that to gain her family name and fortune, but Meela had never taken any of the fake offers of friendship or blatant gifts to buy her love. She didn't want anyone to replace her mother. Her father was all she had needed.

But now she needed no one. After the visions began so had changes within her. No longer concerned about the social status she had or the money, she now had only one thing on her mind. Finding out who she was. Who she truly was. Something out within the desert was calling her and beyond anything in this world she knew she must answer.

Having taken a large sum of money from her father's wealth, she'd left her home in Jordan and headed for Egypt to learn the old ways. The dreams had told her that much of her ancient heritage at least. After exhausting her resources there, she'd moved on to the British Museum in London to learn as much as she could. It just so happened that there she would find what she thought was a breakthrough.

While studying at the museum, she came across a keeper who also seemed to have a passion for Egyptian history. She had been a gold mine of information and slowly Meela trusted this woman to help her, even if leaving her in the dark about certain things. That trust would prove a profitable choice soon after.

Her new source had taken her aside one day into the shadows and explained the situation. She had come across some information leading to the location of a hidden underground temple of some sort and being excited about the prospect of sharing this with someone who seemed as interested in Egypt as she, wanted Meela to join. Beyond reason Meela felt compelled to follow this woman into the great desert to find this ancient secret. Fate had opened a door so it seemed and she would pass through no matter what.

So here she was, standing on a boat that would reach it's destination in less than an hour. She inclined her head slightly, listening as footsteps approached. "Are you looking forward to our little adventure?" her companion asked from behind, a tone of knowing in her voice.

Meela turned, a smile spread across her ruby lips. "Evelyn, how long have you been standing there?" This woman was strangely familiar to her eyes, though she couldn't place why or how.

Evelyn Carnahan looked out across the beautiful night sky and drew her wrap around herself in the chilled air. "Only a moment. I came to see where you were and if you were ready."

Turning back towards the darkness out beyond, Meela inhaled the fresh air deeply. "I am ready," she answered, saying that not only to Evelyn, but to whatever force was driving her. Her single minded pursuit of the past half year would finally pay off. She would find out who she was and more importantly, what her task was.

Of course she would never reveal these thoughts to this western woman. She found these scholarly types, while a valuable source of information, lacked a certain belief level in such things as visions and past lives and destined tasks. These things didn't escape Meela, however. She had never given much thought to it before, but now she was immovably certain that there was a purpose to all of this. Never had she thought of herself as an average woman and now it seemed she knew why.

"Meela," Evy interrupted her quietness a moment later. The museum keeper came to stand beside her. "Why don't we get something to eat? We'll likely not get anything until morning once we reach Cairo. We can discuss our trip over dinner."

The young girl from Jordan took another breath as if she could inhale the very essence of this ancient place and nodded once, tucking a long lock of glossy black hair behind her ears. "Yes. We have much to plan." Taking one last glance at the soft light of the stars, she followed her lone companion back into the ship.

Meela could feel Egypt welcoming her back, but from much greater a distance than London and much longer a time than she had spent in England. She was home.