Note: I have been proof reading again so yet again there have been some small changes made. I wasn't happy with the flow and there were a few spelling mistakes. I also wanted to have a look at the flashbacks and how they tie into the story.

The Weapon

Chapter 1- Where it all began

Dean dragged his brother out of the car and into the room he had rented for them. Sam was unresponsive, Numb. He hadn't said anything since being pulled forcibly from the building and Dean was starting to worry. He had been this way ever since the fire, his silent, not there Brother. Dean wasn't really surprised after what hapened. How do you live through something like that? How do you even process something like that? God, already he hated this town. This town Sam had run off to in pursuit of a normal life. The town Dean had had to come to, to ask for Sam's help. The town in which the love of his brother's life had been killed in front of him, and in exactly the same way their mother had been. For years Dean had dreamt that Sam would come back to them and their life, but he had never wanted it to happen like this.

Dean glanced at the bags in the corner of the room where he had left them. Sam's bag sitting there next to his own. It was almost like old times seeing them piled together, almost. There was still a bag missingstill a bag in the car. He hadn't bothered to pick up Kaida's bag as he manouvered Sam towards the room. But her bag would be there soon enough, and then all they would need was John's bag in the other corner. The sight of the bags brought Kaida to the front of Dean's mind and suddenly he was worrying again. He knew he didn't have to worry about her as she was more than capable of looking after herself. But she was his little sister.

Where was she? The last time Dean had seen Kaida, the paramedics had been lifting her into the ambulance. She had insisted that he look after Sam, that she was fine. She had said that she would go along to the hospital and then she would be right back. He should take Sam to the motel nearby and make sure that he was alright. And he had, he had listened to her, he had dragged his unresponsive brother away while watching his little sister being driven away. Sighing Dean dragged a hand over his face. He didn't even know which hospital was the nearest, nobody had told him, and they hadn't bothered to check before they came to town. Why would they? The hunt hadn't been here. They had only come here to pick Sam up and to drop him off again, no one had expected this. Sam would probably know, but he was in no state to chat about it right now. There was a phone directory sitting on the table in front of him so Dean picked it up and flicked through it until he found the numbers he needed.

Taking the phone out of his pocket, Dean walked over to where Sam sat on the bed staring into space.

"Sammy? Sammy look at me?"

He turned his brother to face him, but it seemed as if there was nothing behind Sam's eyes. He couldn't see him, or hear him. It was as if he had no idea that Dean was there at all. Would he be like this forever? Had Jessica killed all that there was in Sam? No, Dean thought. Not if we can help it. They would get Sam back. They had to. Dad survived and so would he. He just needed some time to grieve, some time to process everything that had happened. He would be fine.

"Sammy, I'm going to phone the hospital now. I'm going to try and find out how Kaida's doing, alright?"

He didn't get an answer, but really he hadn't expected one. Reluctantly he stood and went to the door. He had to phone the hospitals and find out where Kaida was. It didn't matter how emphatically she had claimed she was fine. That was what she did. She always put Sam and himself ahead of herself, no matter what. She had been a part of their family for ten years now, ten years. And Alright she wasn't really their sister, as she kept reminding them. But she was still a part of the family, a very important part. John had adopted her when she was twelveyears old and none of them had ever looked back. Kaida had earned her place amongst them and no matter what her DNA said, she was their little sister and always would be.

Until that day all those years ago, Dean had hardly noticed her. She was just one of Sam's school friends. He had always been able to make friends easily, finding someone to talk to wherever they went. Everyone always liked Sam. And this time that friend had been Kaida. She was shy and unimposing. Just a quiet girl, who sat doodling in her notebook, while others talked around her. She was Perfectly happy to listen to those around her without forcing a contribution. On more than one occasion she had joined the Winchester brothers as they ate their lunch in the dining hall. She would sit there quietly eating, answering them when they spoke to her, but never initiating a conversation. Dean had liked her instantly, she was polite and quietly intelligent, a nice girl. She was tiny, even for a 12yr old, and even now that hadn't changed. She looked younger than she was, and delicate as if she would shatter into a thousand pieces. Her long raven hair and her dark eyes made her look like a doll, not like a ragdoll, but like one of those porcelain dolls that people put up on high shelves so that they wouldn't get broken. But he could see that there was intelligence in those eyes, Intelligence and fear. She always looked as if she was about to be hit, And her small skinny frame exaggerated her nervousness. She was someone to be overlooked, just a nice quiet girl, a little nervous, but nothing extraordinary or so they had thought.

Dean was 16 and waiting by his locker. He was supposed to get Sam out of here before their father arrived. But Sam was nowhere to be seen. John had been tracking a nest of Harpies for weeks, trying in vain to pinpoint its location, only to discover that they were hiding underneath the school. The very school that he had sent his sons to. Dean looked at his watch impatiently. Any minute now he would be here and Sam wasn't. With a sigh he set off towards the library, because really where else would he be?

When he finally found Sam, he was bent over a large reference book making notes with Kaida by his side peering at another.

"Sam, come on man we have to go."

The girl jumped at the sound of his voice, and appeared to shrink even more.

"I have to finish this"

Sam protested without looking up. Dean looked at his watch again. He didn't have time to argue about this.

"Dad will be here any minute Sam."

Just then his phone rang. Great, he thought.

"Hello. No sir, we're in the library. Yes sir we were just leaving. Yes sir."

As he hung up Kaida closed her book and looked up shyly.

"It's alright Sam I don't think we can be any more prepared for this test anyway. I'll put these away."

Sam's answer however was lost. There was a crash outside followed closely by the flapping of leather-like wings.


Dean cursed pulling Sam down under the table.

There was another crash and the library doors burst apart. A dozen bat-like creatures flew in, each about the size of a small child. The brothers covered their heads as the doors burst open. When Dean looked up again he could see John standing in the doorway, shotgun in hand. He watched transfixed as his father was surrounded by the creatures. Too many, he thought, there are too many of them. John didn't know where to aim. They were too fast and too many.

Suddenly the room went cold. Dean could see his breath. He watched as icicles formed in the air, too fast to be natural. A sheet of ice encompassed the creatures freezing them in mid air, leaving John intact in the middle. He heard Sam gasp beside him.


Standing off to one side, her eyes white and her hands extended was the tiny twelve-year-old girl.

When she heard her name Kaida dropped her hands and stepped back slightly, her eyes clearing. Dean couldn't speak, he couldn't move. He couldn't quite process what he was seeing. Kaida picked up one of the heavy books and threw it against the ice sheet. As it shattered so did the creatures inside leaving a mess of body parts to thaw into a bloody mess. The girl sat down watching John closely and waiting patiently.

John was the first to recover from his shock physically shaking himself before he walked slowly towards the girl. She just looked up at him from where she sat, waiting witha look of resignation on her face.

"Are you going to kill me now?"

She asked it quietly looking him straight in the eye. She didn't even glance away from their father's eyes as Sam climbed out from under the table followed by Dean.

"Why would you think that?"

John asked. And she shrugged.

"You're a hunter, that's what you do."

Sam grabbed his father's arm while Dean stood dumbfounded. What was going on? There was too much to take in. Kaida, little Kaida had saved them all from a nest of Harpies. Little Kaida had frozen the creatures with her mind before smashing them into the mess that littered the floor. And now she was just sitting there waiting for their father to kill her. It was then that Dean realised he knew absolutely nothing about this girl. She was an orphan, he remembered Sam saying once, But nothing else. He had never needed to know anything else. She just sat there quietly, studying with Sammy. Little harmless Kaida.

John looked at her for a long time before he spoke.

"How do you know about hunters?"

He asked finally.

"My father was a hunter."

That was it, Simple as that. That one phrase meant so much. Each of them could guess now why Kaida was alone. Dean understood suddenly why she was so nervous all the time, why she always looked so afraid. She knew what they were, she knew about hunters and expected them to kill her even after she had saved them. How old had she been when her father had tried to kill her? How long had she been waiting for him to find her? She was only 12 years old and she looked as if she had been expeting this for a long time.

It was then that John knealt down in front of the girl, so that they were the same height.

"Why did you help me?"

He asked. She shrugged again.

"I couldn't let them kill you, hunters or not. Not when I could do something about it."

That was what John had been hoping for, Dean thought, because he smiled at that.

"I'm not going to kill you child. I don't think you're evil."

Within a month she was leaving town with them. It wasn't until years later that Dean realised what John had been thinking, what he had seen that day. He had seen a weapon. He had seen a creature he could mold into a perfect hunter, The perfect Killer.

And she had become a weapon, to John at least. She was still small, much shorter than any of them, and so thin and fragile she might snap. But she was powerful. She had spent the last ten years getting stronger and stronger. She was unique, her abilities coming so naturally to her that now they couldn't imagine her without them. She could alter temperatures, subtly if she wanted to, but drastically as well. She could spontaneously create fire and ice, ignitig the very air around her, or freezing it instantly. For ten years she had been helping the Winchester family. Protecting them from whatever they were up against and she did it without thought. But tonight for the first time she had come across a fire she couldn't control. Dean wondered how she was coping with that. Kaida was a constant in their lives. She was always there. The backup that could save them from anything. She had spent a decade protecting their family, being the weapon that John had wanted her to be. And now she had found something she couldn't protect them from. She wouldn't be taking it very well.

Just as he pressed dial a taxi pulled up outside the motel. Kaida. Although relief surged through him, his automatic reaction was to scold her.

"What are you doing here K? You're supposed to be in the hospital!"

She rolled her eyes at him as she hobbled over. She had a cast on her right leg and a set of crutches.

"I'm fine Dean, honestly. It's just a broken leg."

She put her hand out impatiently when she reached him.


He went to retrieve the keys from his pocket with a sigh but stopped as he noticed a something on his sister's face. There was something different there, a red mark. He moved her long dark hair away from her face. There was a burn there, all along the right side. It continued down her neck and under her collar. Now that he looked closely he could see it continued down her arm and onto her hand. The sight of it made his heart stop. It was impossible. It couldn't be a burn, because Kaida was burn proof.

"It's not just a broken leg." He observed.

She pushed his hand away.

"I'm fine Dean honestly. Now give me the keys so I can get my bag."

He shook his head. Walking to the car himself he retrieved her bag.


She huffed and hobbled off.

"Where are you going?"

He yelled as she retreated.

"To get a room."

She answered as if it was obvious.

"I'm guessing that room has a grand total of two beds and no sofa. I can't sleep on the floor with my cast and I'm not sleeping in the car."

Dean took her bag inside with him while she went to get a room, at least that way she would be forced to come and get it and he could grill her about her injuries. She wasn't injured often, and never for long, but he didn't like it. He dropped it onto the pile. Three bags. Now all they needed were John's bags in the other corner and things were back to normal.

He looked over at the bed and realised that Sam had fallen asleep. Probably not a restful sleep, but it was better than nothing. He sat down and watched the door. Yes he had a family again, but at what cost? Now that Kaida was safe he was back to worrying about Sam. After a couple of moments there was a knock at the door.