Drabbles for Christmas

Summary: A series of drabbles for the Christmas season. All contain Female Ukitake with various other characters and pairings.

Pairings: Varied

Warnings: Female Ukitake, minor hints of Yaoi

Disclaimer: I don't own the Series of Bleach or any character associated.

AN: Hello again, everyone. To get into the Christmas spirit I thought I'd write a series of drabbles with my all time favourite character, updating until Christmas Eve, how many will depend on time, of course, but hopefully I can get at least 10 drabbles up and running. The drabbles will be varied in size and pairings. But there'll be lots of mistletoe, I assure you. You can't have a Christmas fic without the mistletoe, can you?

This is my Christmas gift to you, my beloved readers. Please enjoy and leave a review if you like it.

Title: Mistletoe Manoeuvres

Pairings: Shuuhei/Ukitake

Warnings: None

You know Christmas was soon to arrive when you can't walk anywhere without stumbling across a piece of mistletoe hanging innocently, yet dangerously to some, from the ceiling of every building, on the branch of every tree and on any structure, be it a covered walkway to a sign post, that hung over a busy walkway.

Another sure sign was the fact that every male reaper was sneaking around with their backs to the wall, fear and suspicion evident in their eyes.

Poor Byakuya and Toshiro, they were the most harassed of targets, the two of them absolutely refusing to follow the tradition tied to the plant. They had long given up on hunting down the fear inducing plant and tearing them up as more would only take its place. It was a never ending cycle and those dastardly women from the Seireitei's Women Association always won out in the end.

But Ukitake would never laugh at the men's fear of mistletoe as she was no better in regard to it. She must admit, she came out in hives whenever she saw the intimidating red and green plant hanging by a simple red string.

Since the SWA found out about this plant, they had tried everything they can to get her underneath it with a male college, as days grew on they didn't particular care who he was, and take a picture to add to their already very impressive collection of photos. It had been five years since they learnt of the mistletoe's existence and had tried this year after year to somehow trap her.

But she had always managed to dodge them.

She wasn't a captain for nothing, after all.

This year will prove to be no different, she was certain. Just use Shunpo whenever she needed to travel somewhere and avoid any structure that could be used to house mistletoe just waiting innocently for her to come along.


Well, until she literally ran into Shuuhei Hisagi, the young Vice-captain to Squad 9 seemingly trying his best to avoid the dreaded holiday flowers as well. In the time it took for the two of them to recover their bearings, apologize for running into each other and sharing a small laugh about how ironic it was for the two of them to be rather fearful of a plant, a small sprig of mistletoe suddenly appeared over their heads.

Startled, they looked up at the same time, noting that it was tied to a string that appeared to be fishing line, attached to a fishing pole that happened to be sitting in the hands of none other than Rangiku Matsumoto.

"Gotcha!" Rangiku cheered a little too happily, almost smugly triumphant if Ukitake was to be accurate. "Now, you two have to share a kiss. It's tradition, after all!"

Well, tradition is tradition, Ukitake thought as she turned her gaze to the rather handsome man before her, whose facial tattoos did nothing to hide the light dusting of red across the bridge of his nose. Nor did they hinder the small look of optimism in his eyes.

"She's right, Shuuhei," Ukitake said as she lifted her hands to touch and hold the sides of his face, smiling warmly at him. "It's tradition. You don't mind?"

"Not at all," Shuuhei said as his hands snuck around her waist, pulling her closer to him.

It was a gentle kiss, a simple pressing of the lips, which happened to linger for a few seconds longer than probably should have, but it didn't seem to concern anyone involved, not Ukitake or Shuuhei who were engaging in said kiss. And not to Rangiku, who giggled girlishly and took as many photos as she could before the moment passed.

The photos she just taken will no doubt be the talk of the town in the matter of minutes. But, Ukitake couldn't really bring herself to care, the thought barely occurring to her as she pulled away from the kiss, licking her lips that were tingling with warm. The man before her was a pretty good kisser, she must admit. And it's beena few years since she shared a kiss with anyone.

"Ah, how about I escort you back to your residence, Captain Ukitake?" Shuuhei suggested, a small smile curling up the corners of his mouth. "Just to make sure no one takes advantage of all this mistletoe."

Ukitake felt a smile grow upon her lips. "Why, thank you, Shuuhei," she said as she moved to link her arm through his, easily pressing herself against his side. "That's very kind of you."

"Think nothing of it, Captain," Shuuhei said as the two of them walked fearlessly through the streets now. "It's Christmas, after all."

"Hmm," Ukitake hummed and leaned her head against his shoulder. "Indeed it is."