Charlie and the Test Results

for SagaDevotee

She wagged the box in my face, but I couldn't seem to see it. Instead, all I saw were her eyes. Beautiful eyes. Dark and shining with energy. The eyes of a woman in love, the eyes of a woman with a happy secret.

I couldn't look away. Didn't want to, really. After the night she and I had just spent, out here in the middle of the Hoh, all I really wanted to do was roll her back over the sleeping bag and make love to her again.

Twice, maybe. She had that, er, effect on me.

"Charlie," she whined, tapping me lightly on the nose with the skinny box. "I gotta go do this right away. First thing!"

"Do what?" I grumbled, knowing that the morning roll in the hay was officially not happening.

She smirked and handed the box to me. Then, she slipped out of the tent without so much as a kiss. Like I cared about morning breath. I watched the nylon tent flap fall down behind her naked ass and then looked at the box.


"Leah!" I shouted, scrambling and slipping on nylon bags in my own bare feet. "Leah Clearwater! Get your gorgeous butt back here, woman!"

Her laughter came from behind a tree. She came out, her body glorious in the morning mists, holding a small white stick flat, parallel to the ground.

My mouth went dry and I could hardly move. "Leah?" I rasped. "What the hell?" My heart pounded and she was at my side in a breath. I clung to her, feeling dizzy.

"Just another minute or so, Charlie..." She pulled away to meet my gaze. "You okay?"

"I dunno."

She kissed me then, still holding that stick off to one side, and I felt a whole lot better. A whole lot better, you know? And then, it was as if we both had an alarm go off in our heads and we looked at the white stick.

There was a little blue plus sign in the window.

I'd never seen her speechless before.