Chapter 7

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Time went by fast and Draco had developed a deep friendship with Harry and enjoyed his company but he loved Jamie and couldn't wait to change her back as he thought he found a solution.

But the friendship between Harry and Draco wasn't the most surprising fact, it was the fact that Harry and the Dark Lord became even more than friends. Harry was the new Dark Consort and everyone knew now to knock before walking in to the throne room after some walked in on the two of them.

Draco blushed even today when he remembered the scene of his best friend writhing under his adopted Uncle.

Now he was knocking on the door to the Lords personal chambers waiting to be let in lest he repeated that faux-pas.

He was let in by a dishevelled looking Harry and was glad he waited.

He hugged his Uncle no need for formalities and declared once he sat "I think I found a way return Jamie to her human form." and as soon as he had said that his arms were full of Harry.

They spent some time discussing everything and agreed to talk to Jamie and then do it on the next full moon.

Draco would never forget the moment he was able to see Jamie human for the first time her clothes looked disgustingly like those of the Order and he reminded himself that in an other world she was in the Order.

She was beautiful with her long copper red hair and those huge green eyes he loved on her animagus form, her skin was pale but not unhealthy so. She was perfection and he fell in love with her even more but she would never love him back, would she?

Jamie looked at her twin for the first time in years as a human and at the same time both of them moved to hug the other. After their reunion she tuned to her brother-in-law and bowed. "My Lord."

He moved to hug her surprised form. "No formalities between us you are family." she smiled and hugged him back.

Then she turned to her Master, her friend, the one she loved and stopped dead in her track once her eyes fell on him for the first time since she was human again. She found him handsome in her Tigersus form but her eyes were better in her human form and he was drop dead gorgeous. Her breath stocked and she knew Harry had noticed.

She slowly moved closer unsure of how to behave and hugged him, too. She was happy when his arms wrapped tightly around her pulling her closer to him.

Days later they sat under the same tree where she had first told him about her when he suddenly -totally unexpected to her but nobody else- kissed her. She melted into the kiss after a frozen second and opened her mouth when he asked for entrance. After breathing became a necessity they broke contact. "Jamie,I love you. Will you be my girl?" he asked her looking unsure of himself.

She was too happy to speak so she just nodded and kissed him again. It was more heated than the last and both were just happy to be together.

Winning had been easier than she expected thought Jamie thinking back on the war. They had been able to convince their parents and many of their friends to Voldemorts side and the so weakened Dumbledore stood no chance. He was killed by poison in his Lemon drops and just like that the war was over. The four leaders of the Dark had let their side to victory. She and Harry had found a family and happiness and peace. She smiled as Draco joined her at the window kissing her temple and moving his hands over her pregnant form stopping to wrap their hands over her belly both felt the baby kicking. Yes, they were finally happy.