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25th October

" Stand! Bow!"

The students began walking about as soon as the teacher left the classroom. Only a few remained in their seats. One of them was the master of indifference, Miharu Rokujou. Miharu was staring out the window, thinking of the things he wants to talk to Yoite about.

The bell rang one hour later. It was time for recess. The other students bustled out their classes and hurried to the cafeteria. They were aiming to buy the special melon bread that are only for sale on Fridays. Miharu, who had no interest in this, made his way to the window in the hallway outside class. He enjoyed the view of the autumn leaves dancing in the wind while drinking the packet of milk he brought with him.

Meanwhile, a girl with messy brown shoulder-length hair and dark, grey eyes made her way out of the crowd in the cafeteria. She failed to get what she wanted and went back to class, feeling disappointed. On her way, she saw Miharu looking out of the window in the hallway.

" Hey... isn't that..." she thought to herself.

Before she could even finish thinking, the bell rang.

" Aw crap! I forgot to do the homework Kumohira gave! " she exclaimed and rushed back to class, leaving the thought behind.

~~After School~~

Miharu exited his classroom as soon as the last bell of the day rang. He was looking forward to meet Yoite after school. Sure enough, the older boy was already waiting for him at the school gates.

The two boys chatted heartily as they walked home together. Miharu was telling his companion all about his boring day at school. Yoite only listened in silence and giggled occasionally while the younger teen went on.

Being to caught up in their conversation, they didn't realize that someone was running towards them. Suddenly, the two boys felt something tugging their arms. They turned around and saw the girl from earlier, eyes sparkling.

" Its true!" she squealed. "Its Miharu, the Shinra Banshou and Yoite, the Kira user!"

Surprised by the girl, Miharu asked in a cold tone,

"... Who are you?"

The girl ignored his question. She busied herself inspecting the two boys from head to toe. She started on Miharu, lifting his arms, studying his face, and bending down to inspect his thin legs. She then proceeded to Yoite, who was too surprised to give a proper reaction. The grey-eyed girl lifted his hat to see his hairstyle, lifted his arms, went around him to inspect his clothes and bent down to study his legs.

Yoite finally snapped when she proceeded to remove his gloves to see his hands. He yanked his hand away from her, quickly slipped it back into his glove. The girl, surprised by the reaction, immediately apologized.

"Ah, sorry!" she said with a silly smile.

Not amused by this, Miharu asked again, this time louder,

"Who are you?"

"Me?" the girl responded as if there were somebody else there except them. "Oh, I'm Hikari Andou!" she smiled and held out her hand. "Nice to meet you-"

The two boys were gone. Hikari could see a faint image of them running away at a distance. She sighed and proceeded to chase them.

Yoite sensed her coming near and said,

"She's coming..."

" What? But that's-"

Before Miharu could even finish his sentence, the girl caught up with them and once again, grabbed their hands.

" Please... wait..." she huffed, exhausted from running so fast.

"Let go..." said Yoite, coldly.

" No way! Not after I-"

"Let go... it hurts..." said Miharu, putting on his innocent face.

Instead of being stunned, Hikari glomped Miharu, rubbing her cheek against his.

" Uwaa... You're so cute!" she squealed.

Yoite suddenly felt a sense of envy deep in his heart. He stared at the girl, with eyes that look like they're saying "Don't touch my Miharu!"

Hikari, who saw the look on his face immediately let go of the younger boy.

"Ah sorry! I didn't know that you don't like people touching Miharu other than yourself," she said teasingly to the Kira user.

"What?" said Miharu, confused with the conversation.

"Its okay if you don't know..." replied Hikari, looking straight at the older male who was looking away to hide his blushing face.

"Anyway, please listen to what I have to say," she continued, this time, with a serious tone.

The two boys stared at her with bored faces.

" Hey! Don't look at me with those kind to faces!"

" What is it that you want to say?" asked Miharu, who was getting impatient.

Hikari sighed before she continued.

" I know... a way to reverse the effects of the Kira,"