In the northwestern edge of the Taklimakan lived two friends. One was named Moonlight and the other Catseye. The two girls lived in the town of Kuqa.

One day, the two heard of a town that was in the middle of the Taklimakan. The Taklimakan was one of the most dangerous deserts in the world. Moonlight and Catseye talked to a woman who has journeyed to this mysterious town. The woman asked the two girls if they were interested in going there. The two friends answered "yes." The woman warned the two girls of the danger. The woman helped Moonlight and her friend prepare for the journey.

The two friends and the woman left early in the morning and began their three day journey. On the first day, they were attacked by bandits. The second day they saw spirits and heard voices. This had frightened them so much by the third day they thought they were going crazy. Pretty soon they made it to the town.

The town was beautiful and had bustling markets. The girls never saw anything like it in their lives. Then the woman remembered the journey to the town and was afraid of the danger. The woman said that it was risky to leave, so they lived in the town.