The story about Chinese Stress Balls

Early in Chinese history, there lived a benevolent and powerful empress. This empress was named Ling. Empress Ling fell ill and was ill for years. No one knew what was making her sick. Some thought she was haunted, others thought her chi was low. One imperial doctor told Ling to pray to the goddess Mai.

Empress Ling prayed for one year and was visited by the goddess in a dream. In the dream, Ling was in a heavenly place and the Goddess Mai talked to her. While talking, Mai gave Ling two giant round pearls. When the Empress woke up she saw a box and opened it up. The box held two giant round pearls and a small note.

The note said:

These pearls are to be swirled in your hand and should be with you all the time. Breathe, walk, read, write, stay calm and enjoy life. And don't for get to appreciate beauty and swirl often.

Your friend


Learning this, Ling started to swirl her giant pearls in her hand, and practiced calmness everyday. Pretty soon she started to feel better but kept up with her regiment constantly. So is the story behind the Chinese Stress Balls.