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Light's hand had paused over the Death Note. At the moment of the pause, two futures had expanded in front of him, contingent on his choice. To touch- or not to touch? To die a forsaken God, or to be loved as a human? The two swelled out on the edges of Light's unconsciousness and battled for dominance as his hand slowly inched forward.

Light's hand descended down on the note, felt the soft irregular fabric under his fingers, slightly damp on the back from the grass' dew. As he casually flipped it open to peruse, a future slipped away from him and the road to Godhood loomed ahead.

Light's hand didn't pause as it descended down upon the Death Note. His gloved fingers quickly flipped it open, eyes running down the list of names he had already memorized and mouth opening to issue a command to his owl-eyed subordinate almost without thought.

"Tzuki, order another round of chemical analysis on the ink signature. I want to know what the hell it is about this paper that takes an ordinary water-based ink and modifies its chemical structure to be completely the same as whatever the primary structure is made out of." The silent And I want to know now! was left unsaid, but was felt echoing in the room as the slightly-older man nodded quickly and grabbed Light's test page- filled with names from Uzumaki Naruto to Don Quixote- to be shipped once again to testing. Light sighed and rubbed his temples, before rolling his neck to crack out the creaks that had recently taken up residence in his neck when they weren't summer vacationing in his lower back. It was a good thing his job with the National Research of Police Science was one of the most well paying- otherwise he'd go broke from his chiropractic appointments alone. He leaned back in his wooden chair, balancing on the two back feet, exactly how his mom had always chided him about, and quieted the humming buzz in his brain. The re-run of the chemical analysis would most likely lend no answers, but the ability of the Notebook to absorb and chemically modify a variety of substances was interesting and merited as much study that could be pulled from the Chemistry departments before they spooked and turned tail like the Biology departments had already done a month earlier. Plus, contemplating that one little mystery saved Light from having to contemplate the big mystery. The mystery that had landed the self-titled 'Death Note' on his desk as Head of the Physics Research department in the first place- how the hell a notebook killed people just from a name and face. It was a frustrating question and Light was beginning to feel the strain of answering it. There were just so many unknown factors about the Notebook and he was getting no answers from the usual tests.

Light groaned and rested his head on his forearms, not even starting when his chair landed back properly and jostled him slightly. Why him?

Of course he knew why him. When the Notebook had shown up as the weapon in a small-but-large-enough string of murders that had conveniently placed a certain underling politician in prime candidacy for a place in the House of Councillors, he had been the first called to investigate the morbid death list in the seemingly innocuous Notebook. Mostly because he was the one that had pinned the guilty man in the first place, and had actually been on the scene when the Notebook was recovered, but his brilliance would have earned him the right to the Notebook eventually. And look where it had gotten him so far, Light thought ruefully. Six months behind in all his other research so he could penetrate what was the most incredible mystery the world had ever seen, but he couldn't even be happy about the challenge because the Notebook was winning. All he knew was that he was never helping his Dad's department again.

In the beginning, he had immediately dismissed the idea of handing the Notebook off to another one of the NRPS's research departments, despite the yells of the 4 different chemistry departments that this was much more suited to their labs. No, Light had argued back. There is clearly some form of deeper phenomenon going on them than mere chemical variances. The purported ability to control actions before death, the ability to decide the time and means of death…All of it pointed to the notebook working on some as of yet unknown dimension that treated space-time like a guitar string- able to be plucked at any point at any time on any frequency. This went a lot deeper the chemists' abilities and had seemed to be the perfect rival for an aloof theoretical physicist who only worked for the Japanese police department to appease his dad and to fill his resume before he applied for a position and tenure at To-Oh. But he was beginning to regret that dismissal more and more.

Of course, for a while it had been fun. The Notebook had seemed like an equal challenge for Light's mind. Logically riddling out the consequences of the rules, noting the unusual crystalline structure of the 'paper', all of it thrilling and revolutionary.

And ultimately completely pointless because Light was still nowhere closer to figuring out exactly how the damn thing worked. Every time, every single time they made a breakthrough it only unleashed a thousand more questions. The Notebook was a labyrinth of hidden doors and secret tunnels and Light was traveling through it blindly. He let another private groan escape his lips before standing up from his workspace. Coffee may not give him the divine inspiration he seemed to need to figure the thing out, but it would at least fight back the headache that was nipping at the edges of his skull.

Light strode down the florescent-lit hallway towards the break room, the clean white light overhead pushing out any shadows despite the fact that it was growing darker outside. He took another glance at the watch his father had gotten him for his birthday almost a decade ago and saw with relief that the workday was almost over. In fact, if he chose to be social when filling his body with fake adrenaline, he might not have to go back to that damn Notebook at all! Grinning, Light moved forward at a determinedly more leisurely pace, but now with genuine bounce to his step. It wasn't like him to relish the thought of leaving work early- or usually to enjoy any thoughts outside of work- but these days escaping his never ending circular thought flow was the only thing that could make Light smile. The Notebook was taking his toll, and he could feel it in his bones. He could also see it in the mirror. His hair needed a good trim, and he was beginning to pale.

He also knew everyone thought he was losing it to some degree. Of course, no one had said anything out loud yet. They held much more respect for him than to insinuate that one Notebook, even one with killing powers, had bested him at only 6 months. After all, he was Tokyo's pet genius. A few perfect entrance exam scores into To-Oh, a few national tennis tournaments won at the collegiate level along with an impeccable sense of dress had sky rocketed the young doctor to the top of every 'Most Eligible' list the world around and left a healthy amount of fear and admiration in even the most weathered of his colleagues. But no one had ever dealt with something on this level before and even though most of his co-workers didn't begin to understand the utter vastness of the mysteries the Notebook presented, they unfortunately seemed to understand that it was too much even for a man who completed his theoretical physics doctor's program in half the required time. And then completed another doctorate in Applied Chemical Engineering on the side as he took over as Physics Research Department head from the conveniently retiring ex-head.

Light allowed himself one scowl before pushing the thought away. No, maybe he was wrong. Maybe he was just beginning to fear that others could see the failure in him because he knew he was failing. Classical self-projection anxiety, right? Light flashed a brilliant smile at the next hunched over doctor walking in the opposite direction and saw the man straighten up from his stack of manila folders and smile sycophantically back. Yes, definitely self-projection then. The man still worshipped him. Well then, he just needed to change his thinking. After all, he was Light Yagami! Tokyo's resident genius! Nothing was too great a challenge, even a death-dealing Notebook. Right? Right.

Thinking positive thoughts lasted him up until he had finished pouring his coffee and treating it with a minimum of skim milk and the smallest dash of artificial sweetener. He mentally noted that he really should use real sugar instead of pumping even more chemicals into his system, but the thought was pushed away with the realization that with the amount of coffee he drank a day even a minimal intake of the calorie heavy sweetener would mean adding on around 300 calories a day to his diet. And that would demand another mile out of him during his runs, which he was too exhausted to do because he was so busy working day and night on this damn Notebook!

Light thought very spitefully at the Notebook for a long moment. It denied him peace of mind, and now it was denying him real sugar. He'd probably die from all the time and calorie saving bad habits he'd developed while putting in 70+ hour weeks to solve the powers of the Notebook. The irony of the situation was beautiful and Light toyed with it in his mind for a few moments, riddling out exactly what double laced entendres about his death being caused by Death he was going to leave on his tombstone. And he would die from a natural stress induced heart attack, while studying why a heart attack was the default death of the Notebook. Glorious.

Glancing down at his watch, Light realized he had another full 20 minutes left before he could think of skipping out and had to bite back another self-pitying groan. He reluctantly got up and slowly cleaned out his favorite mug while throwing curses at the empty break room in the back of his mind. As he slowly walked back, he let himself slip back into research mode slowly, running down the well worn path of physical and chemical properties about the Notebook that had yet to be tested. And then it hit him. The Notebook…the Notebook must act as a hologram! A 3-D representation of a greater dimensional force which would explain why its powers could be used on only a small piece without any disruption of potency! And weren't some of his colleagues of his from To-Oh working on a theory about the nature of the low-energy level space having holographic properties with some British and American scientists? If only he could be allowed to consult outside researchers…! But still, despite the sometimes crippling secrecy statue he was working under, this was a good train of thought. He needed to get Tzuki to perform a few new tests…Light's cell phone went off as he entered into a particularly fruitful line of thinking and he damned the thing to hell along with whoever the caller was as he flipped it open.

"Yagami here. It better be important." He heard his father's distinct soft cough come over the line, the one that politely and wordlessly suggested Light change his tone before continuing the conversation. "Sorry Dad, I was just in the middle of the best brainstorm I've had all week. If this is about detective consultation, you know I'm not free right now. Now, if it's about offering your hard working son a free meal of his mother's creation…" Light let the conversation trail off as his father remained silent. Usually the older Yagami would take over at that point, knowing Light had done his best at the small talk he hated so much, and get to the point of why he had called. What lingered over the airspace now was an awkward silence made up of one frustrated researcher and one detective trying to compose a difficult message into the most acceptable terms for his very demanding son.

"Light, we received a call today at the office that concerns your end." Light waited patiently, knowing his father's pauses were time to think, instead of time for Light to respond. "Well…It's just…somehow L has gotten a hold of the Death Note files. Light, he says he's coming down and he's bringing along associates. He was pretty insistent." To Light's credit, his grip on the phone only tightened dangerously for around 3 seconds. After that, he released the tension in his arm and composed his reply.

"Well that's…illegal. How did he even hear of the case? He has absolutely no jurisdiction here and no qualifications. If he insists on coming, I'll kick him out myself. And if he knows of the Death Note he should know better than to contact your branch of the NPA. The case has been closed on your end. This is under completely different jurisdiction and speaking as the Department Head of the case, I can safely say that L's brand of vigilante justice aimed at his own pleasure and done at his own discretion is not welcome here." Light took a moment to breath and felt new tension starting in between his shoulders and a return of the headache his coffee had chased off.

"Son, I'm aware of that. We told his people much the same, although perhaps in not so eloquent of terms, this morning. We were told he'd think about our request to stay away and thought we'd won. Then 15 minutes ago we received a fax saying he was to arrive in two days time and he expected to be welcomed appropriately." Light cursed softly under his breath for 5 seconds. It was very profane, and relieved some of the newly created tension his back would be bearing until his Tuesday appointment with Dr. Toyama. Oh dammit, Dr. Toyama was out next week. He'd have to make do with Dr. Suzuki. The man had cold hands. Ugh. Light's trials would never end, would they? Speaking of…

"So you've known about this since this morning, which would make it about…7 hours now? Why am I just hearing of this?" He heard a muttered voice other than Soichiro's, most likely Aizawa's by the resonance of it and realized he must have been put on speakerphone with the rest of the case's taskforce. Lovely. Light leaned up against the cold hallway wall and closed his eyes, grateful that the police's science buildings were always empty and quiet. He didn't need an audience if he started shouting and cursing into the phone.

"Honestly, we voted as a department that it would be best not to tell you until it were final. Seeing as you have access to a killing-people notebook and all…" Matsuda's voice came over the line, and Light could just picture the man standing there will his hand behind his head, jacket undone, tie askew, and the smallest hint of an unsaid apology coming through despite his joking tone.

"Got it. Cowardice runs rampant among Japan's finest, poor scientists left only with the question of where the frontline's balls went." He heard a nervous titter go up among the men, and shook his head. It was times like these that the immense foresight he had shown by going ahead and accepting the scholarship into his doctoral program instead of joining the force was proven unquestionably correct. He loved his father, and the taskforce he worked with- but really? Really?

"Son, we just didn't want to bother you. We know you've got your own troubles with the thing and you're right. L had no business here, technically, but maybe this could be a good thing? The man is a genius after all." Light's eyes narrowed as he contemplated his response.

"He is a genius detective, Father. And despite what you and your testes deficient-" Here he heard Matsuda whine out a low complaint- "team may think, that doesn't not entitle you to be a physics genius. If it were Stephen Hawking knocking down our door, I might reconsider. But as it were I am dealing with an object that defies the fundamental laws of this universe with its mere existence, not to mention throws thousands of years of philosophy right the fuck out the door and you have the gall to suggest that some over-hyped letter is going to help the situation?" If ever Light had wanted to use the term 'pregnant pause', it would be now. The silence stretched over both ends and Light inwardly rebuked himself for letting his temper get the best of him. He knew that genius was something little understood and that the men on his father's team revered L as the best of their own. But still. It was a little insulting to think that after all the times he'd shown the same 'brilliant logic' as the anonymous hero (during his off hours at that), that they'd realize the difference between the two. Light was not sitting around behind some fancy gothic font type making demands and utilizing ridiculous resources to come to the same conclusion Light could do with 5 men and a good intuition. Light was out there on intellect's frontline- using his genius to unravel the very fabric of the universe. For crying out loud, Light had two doctorate degrees! At 27! Had L even gone to college? And at least Light could show his face. L was probably some deformed midget. With bad breath.

"We didn't mean to insult your intelligence Light, you know we all think you're the best man to figure this whole crazy thing out. It's just…synergy you know! L could bring you synergy!" Matsuda chirped into the phone, and Light vaguely wondered if they'd taken a teamwork-building seminar recently to put the term into his vocabulary. Synergy, psh.

"Well, I thank you for the optimism, but I'm going to go ahead and put my lab on lockdown. Dad, I'm coming home for dinner, I don't feel like cooking or take out. That okay?" Light tried to keep the frustration to dull roar in his voice, and was pleased by how pleasant he sounded. See, he could stay phone ready without a voice scrambler. Another point to Light.

"That's fine Light, I'll tell your mother. And…we really are sorry about this." Light indulged himself with a small shake of his head before answering.

"I know Dad….guys. You've all been great over the years, and I've always felt like one of your own. I know you wouldn't let anyone near my department if it couldn't be helped. Still…If I see a single one of you fan boys stretching out for an autograph when the big 'L' gets here, I will never help you with another case again, and shall instead lend my skills to Forensics." There was a massive groan and some off-color jokes made at the expense of the long suffering Forensics department before Light finally said his goodbyes, and arranged a time to meet his dad at the main office. Finally able to shut his phone, Light noted without interest that he was now well over the time that he could leave. Flipping open his phone again, he quickly called Tzuki to let him know it would be a few more hours to start locking up the Notebook's research area as well as they could over the next two days- along with hiding all of their data and test results so far. Rolling his neck to a few more satisfying cracks, the auburn haired man set out once again down the deceptively light hallway this time with a purpose in his stride. And maybe he would even get the chance to write down his new theories on the nature of the Notebook. Oh joy. Truly, Light thought shaking his head as an ironic grin worked its way onto his face, his happiness knew no bounds.

The jackass on TV would not beat Light. Of course, showing his face was a bold move- meant to inspire and impress. It would almost be admirable if it hadn't given Light the two things he needed to eliminate this threat. The fact that Light hadn't heard of L before didn't really matter. If he wanted to needlessly reveal the fact that a super detective lived behind the closed doors of international intelligence agencies all to make a point, then Kira would gladly strike him down for his arrogance. And as he wrote 'LIND L TAYLOR' in bold script across a page, slashing down the middle of the Death Note with his victory. And as he saw the man stop moving on screen, the road to Godhood stretched further before his eyes. L would not interfere with Light's work. Light's purpose. L would not get in his way.

L would not get in his way, Light thought as he sipped his coffee, swirling it around quickly in his mouth to diffuse the heat before he swallowed. He'd scored particularly nice pack of dark Colombian beans from the Forensics department earlier yesterday when he accidentally let slip to the Head of Forensics exactly what his father's starting line-up was for the upcoming Forensics v. Detectives baseball game and he was enjoying his reward immensely as he strode down to his lab. After all, he may not actually blame his father's department for L's imminent arrival due later that day, but he was still pissed. And maybe a little passive-aggressive. But now that he had fine coffee to sate his anger, he was viewing the upcoming visit in a new, more positive light. After all, he had run his new theories on the properties of the Notebook by Tzuki who had immediately lit up and volunteered to do the grunt math work, which Light left him to. A little editing and proofreading through someone else's calculations was always preferable to doing them on his own, even if he could finish twice as fast as his older assistant. And he'd ordered a new line of tests to see exactly how quickly information could transmit from one piece of the Notebook to another, and the results were perplexing but leading to interesting conclusions. Yes, Light was fine on his end. And now in the perfect position to put that mysterious letter exactly in its place, whenever he chose to show up. Lab coat billowing softly around his ankles, he took another sip from the warm comfort in his hand as he flashed an endless array of security badges and passed through countless number locked doors.

Light ignored the little tug in the back of his mind that softly asked why he even felt the need put someone he didn't know in his place at all. Because, he snarled back indignantly after a moment, this department is mine. This case is mine. And I'll be dammed if some upperty super genius letter vigilante fuck is going to- oh God. This wasn't about his ego, right? Light paused mid step in self-contemplation. Usually he was above things like denying valid help because it offended his ego. He often entertained the theories of the Biology and Chemistry department heads, and had benefitted immensely from the tutelage when he had first taken over his department from Dr. Okinawa. He had listened to the overseers of both his doctoral theses with reverence. Light knew he had a bit of an inflated sense of self-importance, but had always been able to reign it in so as not to be detrimental to his own progress and the progress of his work. So why did the idea L mucking around his research grate him so much?

It had to be because of the absolute mechanical nature in which the secret detective operated. The hidden identity, the overly-expensive laptop flickering with that pretentious scripted L, all of it bothered Light. Not to mention the sheer balls it took to drop into an investigation that had never called for him, had never asked for his help- the man had obviously hacked their files- and all around him people were tripping over themselves with glee. Yes, it was exactly the kind of show that Light despised and perhaps envied a small bit. Not that he didn't get his own due, but still. Everyone around him was acting as though L showing up, even uninvited, would solve things. His associate Watari would push that fucking laptop in and L would make a bold statement like, "Yes. It is clear to me now that God is behind this. I believe that solves everything, but intend to take the Notebook into my custody all the same. Good day gentlemen." And then there would be some cheering before eventually they all realized two months later that the man's answer had solved nothing. Disgusting.

Plus, come on. A detective? A detective? In Light's laboratory? He thought not. Quieting the rumblings of his own bruised ego with the comforting thought that jealous or not, L still didn't have the credentials to be running around Light's territory, Light strode finally passed through the last eye scan to enter into his own lab.

Where a blonde woman was sitting at his chair eating chocolate and casually flipping through Light's own personal case notes.

Wait, was it a woman? Light really couldn't be sure. The long hair and general tightness of the man's? Women's? leather apparel leaded to the conclusion that it was a girl, but then wouldn't she-him-it have breasts?

Contemplate its gender later, Light, find out what it's doing in your lab now. Nodding in slight agreement with the forward thought, Light opened his mouth to give a carefully worded inquiry into the actions of the…person.

"The fuck?" Ah, subtle yet direct. Light was really at his best this morning.

"Hey, finally, I've been looking for an intern all morning. I'd love a mug of whatever you're drinking and for you to fetch this…" he (definitely a he) paused and closed the folder in his hand to view the name on the front "Dr. Yagami. Now, shoo." He made a small hand gesture and turned back to Light's notes. Light could only stare. The fuck?

"I'm sorry, and you are…?" Oh, he was getting better. That one even sounded slightly snobby. Light congratulated himself before turning the intense power of his gaze on the man before him. He admitted he'd been taken by surprise and bested by the blonde intruder for a moment, but now whoever the hell this person was sitting in his chair and getting chocolate crumbs just everywhere was going down. And was then going to be beat up by security, while Light watched, laughed, and sipped his coffee.

"Not that it matters, intern, but I'm an associate of L's. Your boss is expecting us. Now, coffee. I'll even say please if it makes you feel better about it." The blond turned back to Light's notebook and began skimming down a list of equations.

"Not that it matters, Mr. Associate, but the last thing I'm going to be doing is getting you coffee. Get the fuck up out of my chair, and get the hell out of my office. I don't care who you work for, this is a highly restricted facility and you are most certainly not authorized to be here." Light snatched his folder from the man's slack grasp and put it back in his file cabinet, fully expecting the man to be at least standing and hopefully cowering by the door by the time he turned around. What he wasn't expecting was to see the man's brown eyes lit up as he nibbled harder on his chocolate bar, still determinedly in Light's seat.

"You're Light Yagami? Doctor Yagami? Oh man, this is going to be fun." He was staring at Light with a slight smirk that boded of slightly sinister things hiding behind it and his brown eyes met Light's amber one's without hesitation. "So. Much. Fun."

So much fun turned out to be a morning comprised of yelling at every worker and security guard in the building as to how the hell the blond man had slipped passed them all.

As for the blonde man himself, he had merely introduced himself as Mello and then followed along behind Light looking entirely too pleased with the situation. He had offered no answer as to how he'd gotten in, merely smiled and said that he had his ways. Infuriating. Eventually though, he grew bored with Light's rampage through the department and had insisted on going back to the Notebook.

"Absolutely not. I don't care who you work for and the fact that you invited yourself to my materials isn't working in your favor. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have work to get done." Light turned on his heel, making the motion with the precision of an army drill sergeant and turned to go back down the hallway to his lab. To his annoyance, but not to his surprise, Mello followed him, pulling out another chocolate bar from a hidden pocket on his tight leather pants and beginning to lovingly unwrap it. Light stopped in his walk and turned back around to face the man.

"Alright, obviously you do not understand this. Under the authority of the Japanese federal police system, I can have you arrested for being here and for continuing to pester me. So far I have shown mercy because of your employer's status among my father's department…" Light trailed off as Mello started laughing. Laughing! He was standing there, laughing at Light, a look of sinful glee lighting up his too-feminine features with a dash of cavalier cruelty that worried Light enough to want to take a small step back. Not that he did, but the fact that the man made him want to unnerved Light. He was not one to be intimidated, especially in his own territory.

"No, you don't understand, my good doctor." He smiled at the last word, the term doctor seemed to amuse him for some reason. "L is L. Ultimately, we have the authority to override you from your own government, and any other nation from whom we wish to solicit for back up. If I wanted to take your precious Notebook right now and moonwalk out of here, I could." He pushed in close to Light, chocolate-flavored breath tickling Light's ear and overriding his sense of smell as the man pressed uncomfortably close to him. "We want to place nice Doctor. You seem like a cute kid with a good head on your shoulders. Let's just work together, okay? Who knows…we could become friends." He gave Light's shoulder a gentle squeeze and Light shuddered softly. Ugh. Foreigners.

"Fine. You want the Notebook so badly? Fine. See if I care, you bunch of fuckwads won't get anywhere." Light pulled away and turned snappishly to enter in the entrance code to his lab with slightly shaking fingers.

How dare they. How dare this blond haired…had he called Light a kid? There was no way this arrogant man child covered in enough cow skin to pitch a teepee was older than Light and here he was condescending to Light on his own project. Fine, fine let them have the Notebook. Let them try to figure out how the fucking thing worked. They'd stumble on all the same questions Light had without even the proper background to begin working them out. Fuck them. It was their problem now. Light could pass on the stupid thing with no whatsoever. Hell, now he could have a life again. Go to the gym. Eat something other than take out. Get a haircut. Light surreptitiously peered into the mirrored door blocking their access to his lab as the code he'd entered processed. Definitely getting a haircut first…

Light led the blond man down into his lab, and went straight to the hidden panel behind one of the shiny metal panes on the wall. Typing in his personal pass code quickly, he opened up the small safe and donned gloves that were hanging inside before pulling out the Notebook and casually tossing it down onto his pristine desk.

"There. Here are the handling gloves. Good luck." Mello looked at Light with amusement, his mouth twisting around his chocolate bar into a mockery of a grin.

"This really chaps your ass, doesn't it? Why? Most police departments are happy for our help." Light's mouth tightened as he observed the obnoxious man through slightly narrowed eyes.

"Why? Really? Should I start with the fact that you obviously hacked our files to find out about the Death Note in the first place? Or the fact that your 'L' has no qualifications here? I don't care if the man is a genius detective, this is physics. This is science. This is using intellect to dissect one of the greatest mysteries mankind has ever stumbled upon instead of circle jerking with a bunch of idiot policemen and if you think I am happy to just let him run rampant over six months of my hard work, you are wrong." Light breathed out hard through his nose. He hadn't meant to let lose like that, usually his composure was better than this. But come on! Six months of hard work. Six months of sleepless nights. Six months of feeling like he was constantly being watched by the damn Notebook, and six months of being beaten down and now L was just going to come in and save the day? No! Besides, it wasn't like the mysterious vigilante letter fuck could save the day anyway. He was just wasting Light's time. More importantly, he was giving Light false hope. Despite the fact that Light desperately wanted to beat the Notebook on his own, he was being beaten slowly and surely by the mysterious artifact. And even though he knew 'L' couldn't help him, he wanted the man to be able to. And simultaneously didn't want him to be able to. It was a lot of emotion for a man used to being able to deal with his own problems and needing to feel capable to feed his own ego.

Mello was just chuckling and shaking his head at Light.

"Actually, we didn't hack your files. It was brought to us by Interpol, and we were invited here at the discretion of your Chief of Police- although you seem to not have gotten the message." Light stared. The fuck?

"Apparently one of your boys brought it up at a private 'conference' when he and the American representative got a little wasted and started getting into it. You know, the usual back and forth", Mello leaned casually against Light's desk and began slipping on the gloves, "Blah blah, World War II, blah blah, we have better technology, blah blah, we're the epitome of Western democracy and don't have vestigial monarchies, blah blah, we have a notebook that could kill you, etc. So you see, when that was brought up it was only a matter of time before L was called in to verify the claim and neutralize any threats. This thing here could be a pretty terrible weapon if we allowed to go unchecked, don't you think?" He finished sliding the gloves on with a snap. "And it wasn't exactly appreciated that Japan had kept this all to themselves, even in the interest of public peace of mind. At the minimum, it should have been brought up before the UN immediately after it was discovered. Yup, Japan is in quite the international shit hole over this Doctor and you're right in the middle of it. So yah, really it's you who has no qualifications to be deciding what to do with a weapon of this potential. After all, you're just a physicist." He casually sank down into Light's chair, propping up his booted feet on Light's desk and began flipping through the Notebook.

Light stared.

The. Fuck.

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