Notes: This fic takes place the night of 'Freak the Freak Out'.

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I discovered early on that Jade has no patience.

She can't even wait to get to my bed. Her fingers clench around my hips and shove me into the wall, the back of my head bouncing off it with a grunt of pain. She doesn't even pause, her mouth pushing hard against mine - I wouldn't call it kissing. It's far too vicious for that. It's just her attacking me with her lips, her tongue, and then her lips are trailing down my jawbone, following the lines of my neck. I can't breathe when she's with me like this; my brain simply forgets how, fogged up by her fingers slipping up the sides of my shirt, fingernails raking across my ribs. I gasp as I feel teeth pluck at the flesh over my jugular, my eyes fluttering closed.

I hate liking this, but there isn't much I can do about it. I can feel the dark-haired girl smiling against my skin. It embarrasses me how much she enjoys this, even moreso how much I do.

"Wh-" I don't know why I'm trying to talk, and neither does she - she pauses long enough for me to know that now is not the appropriate time for conversation and she'd much rather me shut up, but I can't stop once I've started. "Why ...?" I think I had more planned to the question than just that, but Jade's thigh is between my legs and it erupts flames in my gut that make my train of thought come to a halt. The question doesn't even make sense; there was never a reason, so there can't be a why, but I'm trying to have some sense of self here.

I feel her grin again, her thumbs pressing bruises into my hipbones, but somehow that dull pain is causing me much more pleasure than discomfort.

She pulls back and suddenly I wish I hadn't said anything because the lack of heat makes me shiver, my eyes blinking to try and bring her back into focus. Jade's eyes, though framed by such dark make-up, are a bright, startling green up close. She tilts her head at me, a cat-like smile toying with her lips as she studies my less than composed self. My cheeks flush, but I'm not entirely sure if it's out of embarrassment or the need I have for her to touch me again.

"I'm returning the favor," she says, her voice low and sultry, eyes heavy and hooded. "You sang and danced so pretty tonight, I thought you deserved a little," she pauses a breath before my lips, her own quirking into a soft smirk. "...treat," she finishes, her upper lip running over my lower and I swear my joints have turned to jelly because I can barely stand.

"J-Jade." She's up my shirt again, fingers teasing the edge of my bra. Her fingertips are cold, freezing, even, and somewhere there's a joke hiding behind them about Jade not having a soul or having cold blood or being a evil-spirited amphibian, like a snake, and maybe if I wasn't, you know, melting, I'd be able to say something more than her name, but I can't. My legs tremble as her lips abuse mine once more, a muffled sound swallowed behind her lips. I pull back, my hands reaching up to grasp her shoulders. "The b, bed -"

Jade laughs, her hands slipping down my chest to curl around my hips again, holding me up. She steps back far enough to turn me, my feet stumbling as she pushes me to the mattress. I land in a sitting position, but then she's crawling over me with the grace of a tiger and the same predatory look in her eyes. My chest shudders, struggling to remember its function, failing miserably as her hands slid up my shirt and bring it with them, the flesh of my stomach exposed to her cold hands. She takes to my neck once more, nipping and biting at old and new bruises, fresh and fading hickeys, all from her. She tries to find unmarred skin, but it's pretty difficult; she's had all of me a dozen times at least. There isn't much left of me that she hasn't marked as hers.

This, all of this, this whole Jade kick, it's ... hard to explain. I like to think it only started a month ago, maybe two, but it feels so much longer than that. It started that day Jade helped me clean up the auditorium, when she admitted to lying about me giving her a black eye. She gave me a ride home that night, but before I could get out of the car she had crawled into my lap and ripped my shirt off and kissed me so hard, my lower lip bruised the next morning. And I never thought of her like that, or any girl, for that matter, but I think a lot of supposed straight people really aren't as heterosexual as they think they are.

It only took Jade slamming her mouth to mine once to get me addicted to her touch. She never explained why or what she was gaining or why Beck was apparently not in the equation, but then again ... I never really asked. I don't want her to stop. I live for these few, sporadic moments when Jade turns into the predator. In fact, she's become such a drug to me, I don't remember how I lived without it, without this.

She tears me from my thoughts by the hook of my bra unclasping. Jade pulls me up, not even waiting long enough for me to take my shirt off on my own; she simply rips it over my head, my unhooked bra falling away from my body. Her hands clench hard on my breasts - there's nothing gentle about Jade's touch - and I moan loudly as I fall back against the sheets, her mouth on my collarbone, her tongue flicking against the skin. Even though she's cold, I'm on fire, and my room feels so humid and thick and much too hot, but everything about it is perfect; this is what Jade and I are when we're together like this. Hot and heavy and too much.

Jade kisses her way down my torso, fingers massaging my breasts. She trails her tongue between them, shifting her legs to slip a knee between mine. I try to grind against it, only for her to pull away. That's the thing with Jade - I can only do what she allows me to. She gives me very little slack. In fact, I've actually barely touched her at all. It's like a game and there are rules: she never lets me take the lead, never allows me to be on top of her like she is to me. I don't touch her unless she lets me, which is rare, and really only happens in the hottest moments. I roll my body like a snake, arching up and down for her, the pores of my skin begging for whatever she has planned for me. My fingers coil in the bedspread as a tongue rolls about my bellybutton, my hips trembling in their effort to stay still, but it's so hard, because Jade's watching my every expression and she must like what she sees, because that grin still hasn't left her face.

She pulls back, abandoning me, and crosses her arms, fingers curling around the hem of her shirt. I perk in excitement, resting on my elbows to push myself up, only to halt; if I get too greedy, she might remain clothed. She rarely takes off her clothes, too; mostly she's in and out of here as soon as I finish with barely any attention on her part, so the idea that she might let me touch her is a much too tempting idea. Jade chuckles at me, slowly raising her arms, pulling the navy blue, long-sleeved shirt with her. Her hair tumbles in messy waves over her shoulders as she tosses the garment to the floor, eyes never leaving mine. I feel like I'm hyperventilating, my eyes gazing hungrily at the lacy, black bra she's wearing.

I swear she's trying to kill me. She's doing this on purpose and my poor body can barely handle it. I squirm, whimpering softly as my eyes beg her to let me touch, to feel, to take off that bra with my itching fingers. I want to show her that I can do to her what she does to me, that there really isn't anything I want more than that. A studded brow arches at me, green eyes flicking to my hands. She reaches down, circling two fingers around each of my wrists and pulling them forward, holding them both in front of me. I have to sit up slightly to accommodate for the pulling of my arms, and then she's leaning down, hovering in front of my eyes. I'm trembling, I'm a hot mess, but as always, Jade is eerily collected and calm, almost as if she isn't effected at all. It's always been like that, since the very beginning; Jade is all poise and smirks while I have to bite back my pleasure and have to take a long nap as soon as we're finished.

"Do you want to touch me?" Jade tilts her head at me; even her voice is steady, a calm whisper, and her eyes are completely undisturbed. Her hair is tickling my bare chest, teasing one nipple, and I'm nodding vigorously, hands clenching in her hold.

"Yes." I try to sound firm and sure of myself, because while it's true, it kind of ... frightens me. Jade's intimidating with her clothes on, even moreso as soon as they're discarded. I don't want to disappoint her. I never had to worry about it before because Jade never gave me the opportunity, but now that it seems like she's presenting it, I'm shaken. What if I mess up? What if I don't do well at all? God, how embarrassing.

It's only then that something flickers across her eyes, something sharp, and her hands bring mine apart and push me backwards, my wrists pinned high above my head. She doesn't say anything else, simply crushes her lips against mine with bruising force to shut me up. It's a very effective tactic, because I'm melting, my legs parting eagerly to bring her closer. Jade rocks her hips against mine, a moan splitting past my lips at the sensation, my legs folding and crossing behind Jade's back to encourage her to press harder, faster, and she does; our clothed pelvises grind against each other. Her fingers clench around my wrists as she coasts down my neck, the dull pain only serving to heighten everything else, a sharp gasp of pain fluttering over my tongue as she bites hard on the skin above my collarbone. Her hands push mine hard against the mattress, an unspoken order to keep them there as she drags her nails down the sensitive skin of my arms. I squirm, chest heaving as those same hands ghost over my chest, curling around the waistband of my jeans. I shift my hips up as I pant in her ear.

Jade's finger trails along the inside of the waistband before she stops, lips pressed against my jugular. I don't know why she's paused, so I simply wait, my heart pounding in my ears, against her lips, hurling each beat against my struggling ribcage. Jade takes a deep breath before continuing - I take only a moment to wonder what kind of inner dialogue she's having, because then my pants are unbuttoned and the zipper is torn down and then she's in my pants, a hand rubbing hard against my panties.

I make a noise that probably would have embarrassed me had I been sober - Jade makes me drunk, impaired, and unstable, so I can't be blamed for the stuff she does to me. I can't control my hips any longer; they buck against her hand, my legs tightening behind her back. I need her. I need this. I'm all pent up and I'm simply going to die if she doesn't stop teasing me like this, if she doesn't stop taking her sweet time. Jade has no patience and mine is wearing thin.

"Please." The word falls off my tongue before I can stop it. Jade pulls back slightly, meeting my eyes. There's almost a ... frown to her lips that worry me, because I've never seen that look on her face before, like she feels ... bad? Guilty? I don't know. I blink up at her, my chest still heaving, my skin still flushed, and without a word and leans back, hooks her fingers in the beltloops of my jeans and begins pulling the garment away. I straighten my legs, sighing softly as the denim is finally free of me, landing in a heap on the floor. I catch Jade's face again, frowning somewhat at the sudden distance in her eyes; she's usually so solid, so control ... why is it so different all of the sudden? Why does she look so mad?

It was clear from the start that this was never lovemaking; I figured that's why she's so rough with me all the time, that's why she bites and bruises and kisses me so hard it can't be considered kissing. She's never been gentle with me, or caring, or loving, or anything; but the fingers massaging my thighs, staying clear of old bruises, are kind. She's being ... she's being soft with me, and that's a whole new sensation from Jade, and fire is licking up my insides and I'm simply going to burst.

These new hands rub against my panties again. I'm so wet I'm sure I've simply soaked them. I glance up at her to see if she's grinning, if she's back to her old self, only to find that, while she does look focused, she seems ... angry. I don't have much time to think about her much, however, because soon she's pushing my panties to the side and thumbing my clitoris and the white spots on my vision are too overwhelming for me to have thoughts. I moan loudly, shifting my hips again. She flicks her thumb across the sensitive nub so fast I can't stand it, my lungs expanding and deflating so quickly I'm sure they're just going to give up.

"J-Jade, please, unh -" I can't talk, can barely see at this point, and then Jade is crawling over me, her free hand resting beside my head to keep herself up. She's looking straight down at me, our eyes hooking together. Green orbs narrow down at me, as if accusing me of something, blaming me. I try to look curious, but with her finger stroking my clit like it is, I can't manage any expression except extreme pleasure.

A middle finger plunges so fast and hard into me I jerk forward, my hands raising to hold her shoulders as tight walls clamp around the invading finger. I shudder against the skin of her shoulder, not wanting to fall back, not wanting to see her angry eyes again. None of this is my fault; she initiated all of it. She kept coming back. She kept taking me, so whatever guilt she's feeling isn't my fault. It was never an issue before, and I don't know what changed, but she can't once say that this is my fault. I didn't even know I wanted her until she forced herself upon me.

Her finger is unforgiving, pushing hard and fast into me. I tremble, gasping against her shoulder, soft sounds of pleasure filling the room. She smells of lavender, the scent wrapping around my head as a second finger forces its way inside. I feel like screaming, but manage to bite back the volume. I don't have the strength to sit up anymore, falling heavily back on the mattress, the breath knocked out of me. My lungs struggle to function as blinding pleasure pulses through me, her fingers only moving faster and harder. She curls them, stroking me hard and I buck again, her name mumbled several times out of my lips. I can't help it; I want her, need her, and with each pant of her name she goes faster, and I can feel it building, my hands shaking as they grip her shoulders. She's watching me again, flipping her hair over one shoulder. My fingers brush over the strap of her bra and I contemplate trying to take it off, but I'm too distracted, and I don't want her to stop. If she stopped I would just die, and as I meet her eyes, it isn't the predator I see, it's something far more soft.

Something about that makes me come harder than I ever have before. Maybe it's just because I'm not used to seeing her eyes so gentle, or maybe it's because I wonder who else she looks at like that - has Beck even seen her eyes that open? The thoughts are blown from my mind as I squirm and cry out against her, my eyes squeezing shut as the waves never seem to cease. My hips buck and grind against her hand until it finally, finally draws to a close, and my body is vibrating, humming gently like the strings of an instrument. She plays me so well.

I crack open my eyes just for a moment, and before I can register where her eyes are, she's kissing me. And I mean really kissing me. Her lips are gentle and soft and I blink in surprise, my body tensing for only a moment before something kicks me into a different gear. I kiss her back, eyes fluttering closed. It's calm, the kiss, the hand beside my head touching my cheek with such surprising gentleness I start to tremble again. Jade has never touched me like this, has never really kissed me. This is brand new and fueling the fire in my gut once more, my heart like cymbals in my ears.

And then she's gone.

She rips away from me so quickly I half wonder if she simply teleported to the end of the bed. I sit up, blinking blearily down at her as she yanks her shirt over her head, taking a moment to straighten out her hair.

"Jade?" I shift, pulling the bedspread over my naked body. I watch as she stands, scoops her purse from the floor, and makes her way toward the door. I panic, shifting across the mattress with the blanket held to my chest. "Wait!"

I don't know why she stops, honestly. Maybe it's the desperation in my voice, I'm not sure. But she pauses at the door with her hand wrapped around the handle and glances at me, her lips pressed in a flat line. Her eyes are hard again, angry and mean, and they're blaming me once more, shooting accusations across the room. I realize then that I didn't really have a plan to say anything to her and simply sit there for a moment, struggling to come up with anything.

"Are you okay?" It's the first thought that scatters to the front of my mind. It's stupid because I know she's not. I can tell. She blinks at me, the anger faltering in her eyes as she looks down at the floor. She shifts, lower lip tugging between her teeth, and then she nods slowly.

"Yeah, Vega. I'm fine."

It's a lie and she knows it, and she knows that I know it. I frown over at her, glancing at my hands.

The door shuts with a soft click behind her.

This isn't unusual, her leaving right after, but it's never ... never like that. I've never seen her so full of emotion before; I didn't even know Jade could feel things like gentleness. I didn't know she was capable of kissing me like she did. I touch my lips, feeling my heart speed up as I remember the tenderness she used when she kissed me. It was so real, so ... raw. It makes my heart pound, my hands shake, and I stare at the door again, where she had been standing.

Jade has changed the rules. I don't know how to play this game anymore.

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