Waking up so early on a Sunday was a culture shock for me. We hadn't gone to church more than maybe twice in my whole life. I got ready half asleep it's probably a miracle that I put my clothes on the right way. I walked down stairs to find mom and Alice eating breakfast. "Morning." My mother said as looked up at me. She had already made a plate and placed it on the table.

"You look awful. Do you really want Bella to see you that way?" Alice asked as I sat down.

"I look fine. You're just weird." I replied as I picked at my pancakes.

"The least you could have done is washed off her number." Alice said as she pointed to my hand.

"I forgot that was there." I replied. I could tell it would be a long day.

We walked up to the little white church to see Bella outside talking to two girls I remembered seeing at the party. "Emmett!" One of them called as they waved me over to them. I walked over to them.

"Morning." I said as I stood there by Bella.

"You want to come with us to Port Angeles after church?" Bella asked.

"We want to hit the mall." One of the other girls said with a smile.

"Sure. You mind if I bring Alice?" I asked knowing how pissed she would be if she missed out on a mall day.

"Sure." Bella said. "We are all going to meet up at my house around one to leave." She said as she smiled. She was beautiful and she knew what that was doing to me. I was falling in love and no one could stop it.

During service Bella reminded me of my dad's grandmother. Great Granny had the sprit in her and you could see it. I saw the same thing when I looked at Bella. She really is something else. It wasn't until we were standing outside that I noticed my mother saw the same thing. I heard her talking to Charlie about how well grounded Bella is. "Dad knock it off." Bella said as she walked over to them. "Everyone gets tired of hearing about me." She said as she stood next to him.

"Sorry Bells, but I am proud to have the best daughter in the world." He said as he put his arm around her for a second.

"Are you going home or the diner?" Bella asked him.

"I was going to go to Lulu's with Billy." He answered. "Why?"

"We're going to hit the mall. I'll be home by nine." She said as she kissed his cheek. "Bye." She said as she pulled me towards her truck. Once there she yelled for Alice. She came running and then we were off.

"We have some time to kill. I was going to make something to eat and change. Want to come in?" She said as she pulled in her drive way.

"Yeah." Alice answered as we got out. I followed behind them inside.

"Make yourselves at home. I'll be down in a minute. There is a frozen pizza you can put in." She said as she looked at me. Then before she headed up the stairs she gave me a hug and said "Cheer up, Em."

"You're falling for her bad." Alice said as she went into the kitchen.

"Just put the pizza in." I said as I walked the other way into the living room.

I was watching television when Bella came down stairs. "Please tell me you aren't going to say cooking is women's work." She said as she stood in the doorway. She was wearing a pair of black shorts with a gray tank and a matching jacket. She looked hot.

"No. I just can't cook. I burn Mac and cheese." I said as I watched her walk over to me. She sat down next to me.

"You do like me right?" She asked as she looked into my eyes.

"Of course he does." Alice said from the hall.

"I can answer for myself!" I yelled at her. "Of course I do." I said as I looked onto her dark brown eyes.

"Then why haven't you asked me to go out with you?" She asked.

"Times not right yet?" I answered.

"Oh." She said as she pulled back.

"I don't know where to take you." I said as I pulled her closer. "When I do I will beg you to go out with me." I said as I leaned down. I was going to kiss her, but the door bell rang. She was gone in a flash.

"Come in guys. There is a frozen pizza in so we are just chilling." She said as she walked with a small group, three girls and a guy. I recognized them from somewhere probably the party. I kept my eyes on the television until she was there next to me again. "You forgot something." She said as she leaned in close to kiss me. When our lips finally met Alice was there pulling us apart.

"Pizza's done." She said as she pulled Bella into the kitchen with her. I followed behind. I stood in the doorway as I watched the others socialize and eat.

"So, Bells what big thing are you doing for your birthday this year?" The guy asked as he swallowed his pizza.

"We aren't doing anything this year. Dad is just taking me to dinner." Bella replied as she sat on the counter.

"When is your birthday?" Alice asked.

"Saturday." Bella answered quietly.

"It's a damn shame. Your parties are the best especially since they never get raided by the cops." One of the other girls said.

"Of course not the whole police force is there." The guy said.

"You know my first five birthdays was spent at the police station, so they are repaying me." Bella said with a laugh.

"Well Ms. Popularity has everyone under her spell." I said as I watched her place her plate in the sink without moving. She just smiled and motioned me over there with her index finger.

"Someone's in trouble." The guy said. "Watch out she kicks like a mother fucker." I walked over to her. She just smiled and leaned down and kissed me.

"Well, well Mr. Popularity has me under his spell." She whispered in my ear. There she went making me fall in love with her more.

"You two are sickening." Alice said as she stood on the other side of the room.

"Hey we should really hit the road." The guy said.

"We are waiting on Jess, Mike and Eric." Bella said as she got down. Then the door bell rang. "Let's go." She said with a laugh.

"Bella you mind if I ride with Ben and them?" Alice asked as we walked outside.

"Not at all." She said with a smile. I couldn't believe that hitting the mall included three cars and an hour drive. Yet, that didn't seem that bad when it was just me and my Bella.

It was funny watching Bella rocking out with the radio. She was smiling at me. "Come one Em sing along." She said as we drove on the highway. I could see Ben's car in front of us and Mike behind us. We were the only ones going this way it seemed.

"I don't know the words." I said as I listened to the music blaring from the truck.

"Then fake it." She said with a laugh. The last time I heard those words was when I told my mother I couldn't be happy to meet the neighbors. She told me to fake it, but when I am around Bella I didn't have to. I couldn't believe what this girl could get me to do when I opened my mouth to belt out the chorus of a Poison song. Next thing I know we were laughing at me for the random words I put in. "Never go on Don't Forget the Lyrics." She said with a laugh.

"Didn't plan on it." I said with a laugh.

"Stop that." She said with a laugh.

"What?" I asked as I looked at her.

"Stop making me fall for you." She said as she looked at me.

"That's what I am supposed to be doing. That way I will never lose you to Mike or Ben." I said as I stared at her.

"Been there already not going back." She said with a laugh. "Forks guys don't seem to hold a candle to New York guys." She said with a laugh. I looked out the window as we passed a sing that read "Welcome to Port Angeles."

"Wait a minute. I thought you said Mike was just a friend." I said as I processed her comment.

"We went out in eight grade chill. Now he and Jess have this on again off again relationship since last years homecoming dance." She replied.

"And Ben?" I asked.

"My freshman homecoming date. He ditched me at the door." She said. "Don't worry you're the only one I want."

"Good." I said with a smile as we pulled into a half empty parking lot.

"It's a tourist town, but summer is over so this is what's left." She said as she parked. "Better than the second hand store in Forks." She said as she got out. Next thing I know she pulled me towards the front doors.

"Ready for a mall crawl?" Jess asked as we all stood there.

"Hell yeah." One of the girls answered as they started ahead of us. I was looking at the other guys when Bella came and took my hand.

"You coming?" She asked.

"Yeah." I said as we walked in together.

I was sitting on the floor of the dressing room at Bella's favorite store, but it felt like I was in heaven. "You can leave if you want to?" She said from behind the door.

"I am just fine here." I said as I looked at the ceiling. I was fitting in with people here. I was falling in love. It was never like this in New York.

"Bella you are so lucky." Jess said from behind the door next to Bella's. "Mike never waits for me as I try on clothes." She said as she came out in another dress. She looked in the mirror for a second then returned to the room. "Bella what are you planning on wearing to the mayor's luncheon?" Jess asked as she came out again in another outfit.

"I don't know yet." Bella replied.

"Well I have to find something professional. I can't believe he said I looked like a cheap hooker last year." Jess replied.

"I don't think it was the outfit that made him come to that conclusion." Bella replied. "I remember city council members finding you and his son in the coat closet." Bella said as she came out in a off the shoulder dress. "You like?" She asked me.

"You look great." I said as I looked at her.

"I didn't sleep with him. Why does everyone make it sound that way?" Jess asked from behind her door.

"No one said you slept with him, but no said you didn't try." Bella said with a laugh.

"Oh come he was so hot. You would have done the same thing if Jake wasn't there." Jess said defensively. Who's Jake? "Shit sorry." Jess said as Bella grew quiet.

"Why I am so over that loser?" Bella asked with a laugh. "You're such a Hanna." She said with a laugh.

"Oh I see how it's going to be. Well, at least I ain't an Emily." Jess said with a laugh. I had no clue what they meant but I was enjoying laughing at them.

"True that's Ang." Bella said with a laugh. "Hey Em, can you get this in the next smallest size?" She asked as she tossed over a t-shirt.

"Yeah." I said as I got up.

After two hours and only three stores we stopped at the food court and met up with everyone. "I thought Alice was a professional shopper." I said as I looked at Bella's pile of bags.

"We only get to go shopping like once every three months. Plus some of these are birthday gifts from Charlie." Bella answered as the others sat down.

"You buy your birthday gifts?" I asked.

"And Christmas. Charlie hasn't picked out a gift for me since I was ten." She said with a laugh. "He is pretty much helpless when it comes to anything girl."

"Sounds like our dad. Doesn't it?" Alice asked with a laugh.

"Not funny." I said as I looked at my sister. The whole town didn't need to know that.

"She didn't mean it that way." Bella whispered in my ear as she wrapped her arms around me. "Chill." She said as she kissed the side of my face. Next thing I know she was sitting on my lap her lips on mine and even though everyone was looking we didn't care.

"Okay, so before this changes into an R rated scene I think we should I want to go to Hot Topic." One of the girls said as they got up.

"They don't understand." Jess said for a moment as Bella waved goodbye to everyone else, but Jess and Mike. "I think you two make a cute couple." She said before turning her head to Mike. "Babe can you get me a soda?" She asked.

"I'll be back." He said as he got up.

"Well, I think Bella and I need sometime on our own. I need new bras and Mike wouldn't like another guy to see them first." Jess said with a laugh.

"I'll meet you back here in an hour." Bella said as she moved towards my lips again. It wasn't a second after our lips met someone came up behind us.

"Bella Swan making a scene like always." The voice said. I felt Bella's head fall to my chest she was hiding from something.

"Jacob Black not minding his business like always." Jess replied as this Jake character came into view. He was tall, tan, and muscular. I knew Alice would do him right here, so that means the girls must like him.

"I was just coming to say hello to old friends." He said as Bella lifted her head. "I heard you had a new fling. Haven't you only known him a day?" He asked as he sat down next us.

"I have known him for longer than that. You're just upset that I am here with him and not you." She said as she looked at him as if she was killing him in her head. "Shouldn't you be warming up a bottle right now?" She asked.

"For your information the baby is with his mother." He said. "You would know that if you were still in my life."

"I am so sorry I didn't want to raise another bitch's kid." She said as she got up. "And Jake I was talking about Anna not the baby." She practically pulled me up when she grabbed my hand.

"It was nice to see you again." He said as Bella grabbed her purse and soda.

"Hope it never happens again." She said as Jess came to her side. "I'll see you later. I am sure you and Mike can find something to do." She said as I saw Mike walking over. I watched as she walked away.

"What happened?" Mike asked as I he walked over to me.

"I am not to sure." I replied.

Mike and I were walking around he said he wanted to find Ben. I noticed Jake again walking into a baby gap. "What's the deal with him?" I asked.

"Oh, you met Jake." Mike said. "He is an idiot. He had Bella wrapped around her finger and fucked up. Cheated on her with Anna Nickels. When he found out Anna was pregnant he begged Bella to help raise the child. It could be theirs he told her. She dumped him that second." Mike said. "Now he is playing house with her and Bella is moving on."

"That explains a lot." I said as I thought about the food court meeting.

"You're the first guy since him to make her actually happy." Mike said as we walked into a movie store. "Trust me I have been on tons of bad double dates." We walked around the place for a minute.

"Do you know what it means to be a Hanna or Emily?" I asked him.

"Dude those chicks make no sense to me when it comes to stuff like that. Just smile and nod." He said as we walked out. I saw Ben across the hall with Angela and Alice. "Ben come on it dude time!" Mike yelled at him.

I was sitting at in the food court with Mike and Ben. We were talking about football when Angela and Alice walked over. "So, Mike how bad was it?" Angela asked as she looked at him. "Jess texted me that Jake made a ass out of himself." She explained.

"I wasn't there. Jess had me get her a soda. He wouldn't be standing if I was." Mike said. I just looked down at the table. If I knew the whole story then I would have flattened him, but I am the new kid.

"It was something." I said as I saw my Bella walking toward me. Everyone dropped the conversation then.

"Oh my god, I am tired." Bella said as she sat down next to be.

"So, you want to go home now?" I asked.

"No, I have more places I need to hit." Bella answered. "Will you hold my bags?" She asked as she smiled at me.

"Sure." I answered as I saw her get up.

"We are coming too." Alice said as Angela, Jess, and she got up. We started to walk away together.

"Has anyone seen Eric and Sam?" Jess asked.

"I would put money on it they are fooling around in the car still." Angela replied.

"They are something else." Jess said with a laugh. Even though Bella was pulling along in the group I felt so out of it. Then as Bella turned to go into a music store she looked at me. I saw pain in her face.

"Emmett, I think I am ready to go home." She said as she looked at me. "Angela can you make sure Alice gets home?" She asked as she looked at the group.

"Yeah." Angela replied.

"Thanks Ang." She said as we walked away. I kept my mouth shut until we got to the truck. I sat her packages on the passenger side and I sat in the middle.

"It's okay to still be upset." I said as I wrapped my arms around her. I felt her drop her keys.

"No it's not. I really really like you Emmett." She said into my chest. "I am over him, but the pain comes back when I see him." She said.

"Hey, I don't care about that. I got you now and I promise not to hurt you like he did." I told her. "Switch me seats. I am driving home." I said to her.

"You don't know the way." She said as she looked in my eyes.

"Maybe my plan was to get lost. Just me and you no one around driving till the sun goes down. How does that sound?" I asked her.

"We have to be home by nine." She said as she opened to door.

"Great, then we better get going." I said as we got out and switched seats.

We drove around for an hour before we found our way to another small town. "Pull in here." Bella said as she spotted an ice cream shop. I did as she said. "I think I have been here before." She said.

"Well you coming?" I asked as I opened the door. We walked in the door hand in hand.

"Emmett is the best date I have been on." She said as she clung to my side.

"This counts as our first date?" I asked her.

"Yeah you took control of our plans for once." She said with a smile. We ordered to vanilla ice cream cones and then sat down at a table to eat them.

"Don't make plans for next Sunday. I am taking you out for your birthday." I told her as I watched her look out the window.

"Ok, what's the plan?" She asked.

"That's the best part. I don't have one." I answered with a smile. I reached for her hand. "You're beautiful. Have I told you that yet?" I asked.

"No, but thanks." She said with a smile. She looked down at my hand. "My number must be important you have washed it off yet." She said with a smile.

"I am thinking about getting tattooed on." I said with a laugh.

"Meaning you forget it was there." She replied.

"Maybe." I said as I stared in her eyes.

"I love this song." She said as she listened to the radio playing. I listened closely, but I couldn't place it in my memory. "Sorry I can be random." She said with a smile.

"That's fine." I said. "That's one reason I like you so much."

"Oh really?" She asked as she looked at me with a smile.

"Yeah." I answered trying to figure out what was going on in her head.

"Let's go." She said as she looked at me. "I saw a playground on the way here." She said with a smile.

"You want to play on a playground?" I asked her.

"Yeah. I do." She said with a smile. "Don't you?" She asked.

"Let's go." I said as I as I got up. She led me back to the truck.

"Em, you're the best." She said as she hugged me. She leaned against the door as she pulled my face down to hers. She kissed me for a second before she pulled back. "Let's go." I let her get in first then I followed. Next thing I knew we were off. I drove for like five minutes before she said "Here. Pull in here." I read the park sign: Ellwood Community Park.

"Hey I know where we are. My Aunt lives around here." I said as I parked the truck.

"Your mom's sister?" She asked as we got out.

"Yeah, Emily. She works at the hospital here." I said as she led me to the swings. We sat next to each other. She was acting like she was five, but for a second I could understand this. Letting go of worries for a day.

"You're lucky to have so much family. Charlie is all I have left." She said as she looked up at the sky.

"That's not true." I said. "Charlie maybe you're only blood relative left, but I saw you around Jess. You are like sister's you're so close."

"You believe in chosen family." She said as she looked at me.

"Of course I do. I just hope you chose me to be apart of yours." I said with a smile.

"We will have to see about that." She said with a smile. "I don't know if I can handle Alice." She said with a laugh.

"Yeah she was a hand full." I said. "You should have seen her in New York."

"I always wanted a sibling, but when I hear about other peoples I feel lucky." She said.

"You are. You have Charlie and he would go to hell and back to make you happy." I replied.

"True." She said. "But, I would like to see my mother once. Just to ask her why I wasn't good enough for her." She said as she looked at the ground.

"You're too good for her that way she left." I told her. "Just trust me."

"You have to make me feel special don't you?" She asked.

"It's in the job description." I answered.

"And what would that be?" She asked.

"Prince Charming." I answered.

"That was so lame. Sweet, but lame." She said with a laugh.

"My dad taught me that one." I replied.

"Oh really? I sure he probably struck out with that one." She said with another laugh.

"No, it seems to work well on Bryon." I answered.

"Hmm…nice to know." She said as she looked at me. "Well maybe it's because you have already won me over with your charm it didn't work." She said as she looked at me. I looked out at the children playing around us and the mothers watching them. I wondered what they were thinking for a second. Then I looked at Bella and remembered their thoughts didn't matter. It was me and her and that's all I needed to know.

It was eight forty-five when I pulled into Bella's drive way. "Well I timed that one perfectly." I said as I handed her the keys.

"Yes you did." She said as she started to reach for her purse and bags.

"Get the door and I will get these." I told her as I looked at her.

"You are such a gentleman." She said as she headed for the door. I watched as she opened the door and waited for me. I saw Charlie standing there.

"Nice to see you again, Mr. Swan." I said as I walked in the door.

"Nice to see you too, Emmett." He said before turning to Bella. "Bells did you buy the whole mall?" He asked with a laugh.

"Not funny dad." She said as she looked at him.

"I thought it was." I said as I placed her bags in the hall way.

"I'll see you tomorrow in English." She said with a smile.

"Yeah, I'll see you then." I said as I looked at her. I wanted to kiss her goodbye, but Charlie wasn't going to leave so I shook her hand.

As I walked away I heard him say "I like that boy. Very respectful." I just smiled to myself. If I was going to win over Bella, I had to win over Charlie. And it was working.