"Get out!" I all but shrieked at my own father, all he could do was stand there smiling like a mad man. The more upset I was getting the more my powers were out of control, my personal things floating around the room around me as if court in a tornado.

My mother was just as upset about this as I was but I guess my own reaction to it seemed to calm her own worries over the event.

"I SAID GET THE HELL OUT!" My fathers smirking face was making this all ten times worse, His smile only widened when a few of the items now flying at his smirking face court fire mid flight.

It all just made me cry that much harder. The only thing keeping me grounded was the whispering voice from the shadows nearest me telling me everything was going to be ok.

Mitch had only just managed to get me home passing through the shadows so fast it left me breathless, before my powers went haywire. It had always been the same when I was young, if my emotions were all over the place so were my gifts, I suppose this is one of the main reasons Mitch was so close to me being as he was always the only one able to actually get close to me when I was like this.

I took a deep breath as a soft whispered pixie song reached my ears, I almost giggled it truly had been years since I was so out of control Mitch felt the need to sing. Like the fae of legends pixies didn't sing just for anyone.

I took comfort in the shadow that wrapped around me, I could not hurt Mitch when he was like this which gave me some comfort, thou I know my mother always wished she could be the one there for me when I had gotten like this.

The fact my father had yet to do as I asked and leave my space didn't help with my calm. I knew why he was pleased of course I could feel it, the power crackling around me was so strong the air around me was so charged with power flames were appearing in the air around me with nothing to sustain them.

Human blood made vampires stronger, I had known that from the beginning of my life it had been my fathers running argument when my lack of inhuman strength was found.

My mother vanished from my view to answer the phone which had been ringing for sometime now. I was to focused on calming myself to worry about what the call was about until she reappeared.

"Garnet…. Honey it's for you.." My eyes focused on my mother, not understanding why she would even think I could answer the phone in this state.

"Its Warren." Everything stopped all the things in my room swirling round my head stopped dead in mid air as I held my breath waiting for my mother to tell me something anything else. 'why would he call why would he even want to speak to me after what I had done to him.'

"He is worried about you… honey…. He wants to come and check your ok." My mother was speaking to me as if any second I was shatter.

Everything in the air around me fell to the floor, I didn't even care that a few of the more breakable items smashed on the floor. I was frozen my breathe held in my lungs burned and I knew I was shaking, Mitch's shadow wrapped around me as if he was trying to hold me together.

"Why?…" Was all I could manage to get out of my dry throat.

"He is worried…. Hate to admit it sweets but he cares." Mitch's voice fell from the shadows around me.

My mother smiled only the smallest smile and raised the phone that I had not notice was in her hand to her ear.

"Warren … yes she is a little upset right now but maybe if you all came round… yes that would be fine …. Ok see you all soon." The tell tale beep as my mother turn off the phone made the breathe rush out of my lungs.

"All?" I crooked out at my mother.

"Yes honey you vanished from the school Warren was worried and he didn't know our number he phoned your other school friends. They are all worried."

I groaned and fell forwards burying my head in my duvet, they all knew god what would they think of me.

Warm arms pulled me back up right whispered words that they were my friends it would all be fine filled my ears.

I could still taste his blood on my tongue, could still feel the way my fangs sank into his skin. I shivered and curled more into Mitch's arms. I felt him kiss the top of my head before he took up the pixie song again rocking me back and forth.

I closed my eyes listening to Mitch's voice and the sound of my mother and father finally leave my bedroom door to go wait for my coming friends. Well after all this I hoped we were still friends.