Driving down the wet highway of my new hometown, Seattle was very different to Forks. The sky was scattered with clouds as the sun rose for the day, I was wearing my light green scrubs with a long-sleeved white top, the clothes I would be wearing for who knows how many years?

As of today I was a nurse at Seattle Grace Hospital learning under the hands of the great Dr. Carlisle Cullen; he was supposedly the best surgeon in America. I had heard in college that his son followed in his footsteps and that his daughter is a major designer and that his oldest child was one of the best lawyers in New York and Los Angeles. I was a very lucky student to get into the program, stating that I am from a small town and have parents with little money.

My dad, Charlie, was the chief of police in Forks and my mom, Renee, was a pre-school teacher, we lived comfortably but sometimes it would be a bit tight, I got lonely sometimes since I didn't have any brothers or sisters to hang around with and that I would have to cancel camps during the summer because we couldn't pay for it.

My mother took it hard when I decided to move up to Seattle but it was for myself and my future, I wasn't going to spend my life in a small town were everyone knows your business and you know there's I want to have a good time with friends and go out and not stay in all the time, like the people in Forks do. So here I was, in Seattle, my first week and I love it.

Turning the corner, I sighed nervously and looked up at the huge six storey hospital, it was wide and went back for about a quarter of a mile, I looked at the parking lot and gasped, there was so many cars here for six thirty in the morning. I went around the lot and found a free space that was two spaces away from an Austin Martin DB9. I parked my silver Volvo and hopped out excitedly, slinging my backpack over my shoulder and walking towards the building.

The hospital was huge, the entrance was wide with glass automatic doors, the walls were red brick on the right and left side and the middle had a huge glass panelled window that went all the way to the top floor. There was a walkway that started at the hospitals entrance and ended at the highway around a half a mile away, it was lined with benches and trash cans.

Going into the hospital, was like any medical persons dream, there was waiting rooms on the right and left side of the hallway that led up to the reception and elevators on the right and left wings of the hospital. I noticed a catwalk on the middle floor that connected the floor together.

Seeing all the doctors and nurses intimidated me a little, they all looked professional with there hair up and there pagers hooked onto there scrubs and I just looked like me, I was Bella Swan with the brown hair and chocolate brown eyes that came from the small town of Forks. I walked up to the reception area and blonde middle-aged women looked up at me.

"How may I help you?" she asked with a sweet voice.

"I am looking for the Nurses Program," I informed her.

"If you go up to level three and cross the catwalk, you should come to the east wing and then go through wooden double doors, then go down that hallway, until you get to the end, the nurses lounge is room E12." She gave me a file. "This is the information on the program and where to go." I nodded.

"Thank you." I said.

When I finally got to the lounge, there were two other people in the room and looking at my watch, I was twenty minutes early; I sighed and opened the file. Apparently I was locker 24 and my stuff was in it. I went over and opened it, I found my pager and my ID card, which I put on my breast pocket, I put my pocket sized notebook in my pocket.

"Hi, I'm Jessica Stanley." I turned, finding a small brunette looking up to me, smiling.

"Hi, I'm Isabella Swan but call me Bella." I introduced myself.

I hadn't noticed that the room was full of people and that there was a man calling names out. Jessica got called and I turned back to my locker.

"Hi, I'm Angela Weber." The girl from the locker next to me said, I shook her pale hand politely.

"Hello, I'm Isabella Swan but call me Bella." I told her, she smiled and I turned to my locker and hooked my pager onto my light green scrubs.

"I am assisting Dr. Burke in the O.R today, you?" she asked, making conversation.

"I have Dr. Cullen." I replied, with a small smile, knowing how lucky I was.

"Which one?" she gasped.

"Edward Cullen."

"O my gosh, you are like the luckiest person in here, training under Dr. Cullen. Which service are you on today?" she was totally into it.

"He is working in paediatrics, he has a case on a four year old." I informed her, she nodded and closed her locker.

"I guess I'll see you later." She looked at her watch and then started to move away.

"Yeah, I guess so." I locked my locker and then walked out.

As I was going down the hallway, I noticed Dr. Cullen, he was talking to a young women, she had chopped black hair with pale white skin, her clothes were beyond amazing. I saw her giggle at something and then the other Dr. Cullen walked up. Just the one I was looking for, I thought.

Looking at them, I saw that they all had some of the same features, like their noses and lips.

Seeing Edward for the first time blew me away. He was hot and I don't mean the average hot but sexy hot. His messy bronze coloured hair looked damp, as if he had taken a shower, his tanned skin showed that he had got back from somewhere sunny and warm, he was muscular, you could tell that he worked out.

"Err…excuse me Dr. Cullen, I'm the nurse assisting you today." I told him.

He turned and looked at me and for the first time I saw his glistening bright green eyes. He was gorgeous. Nodding he patted his father on the shoulder and hugged the female, goodbye.

"Hello. I take it that you're Isabella Swan."

"And I take it that your Dr. Edward Cullen, call me Bella." I had no clue were the cheekiness and confidence came from?

"Of course." His eyebrows furrowed. "As you know we are working in paediatrics today, I need you to grab Elizabeth Harris's chart from the nurses station on the third floor, I will meet you there in ten minutes." He said. "And Swan, I don't like mistakes."

I nodded, turning in the direction of the elevators and looking over to see Jessica with a frightened expression on her face. I gave her a sympathetic look and she nodded. Pressing Level 3, I rode on the elevator, I had a feeling as if someone was watching me, I was sure the elevator was empty but I still had the feeling.

Turning around I saw Edward, with a cup of coffee, staring at me. Gasping I put a hand on my chest, trying to slow my heart rate, surprisingly he chuckled and I growled in frustration.

"Don't do that." I said.

"Do what?" he took a step closer to me.

"Appear out of nowhere." I half yelled, his eyebrow rose.

"Well if you looked up as you walked, maybe you would have noticed." He replied and I turned to face the door, annoyed at him.

As soon as they opened I walked out and heard a muffled laugh behind me, it took all my strength not to go back and hit him. This was going to be a long thirty-six hours.

I sighed in relief as I saw Angela at the nurses station, walking up to her, I noticed an intern staring at me. He smiled as we both made eye contact, god all the men here are better looking than the ones in Forks, I thought to myself.

"Hey Ang" I said, turning to the secretary at the nurses station. "Can I have Elizabeth Harris' chart, please?" she nodded.

"So how is Dr. Cullen?" she nudged me.

"A totally gorgeous, sweet and nice but when it comes to work, he is as hard as nails. Doesn't like mistakes." I stated. "How's Dr. Burke?"

"A total ass but a great surgeon." She told me.

My pager went and I looked at it, Dr. Cullen, the head nurse gave me the chart and I thanked her, leaving Angela, I went to the paediatric floor.

Walking in the patient's room, I gasped. I hadn't braised myself for what I saw, a four year old as pale as snow with machines hooked up to her. Her mother was sitting on her bed, while Edward talked. I handed him the chart and stepped back.

"Excuse me, Edward, we have a meeting with the chief of surgery, we would like you to be there and anyone that is looking after our daughter." Elizabeth's mother said.

"Of course." He replied.

"Edward," Elizabeth coughed. "Can you make my head pain go away." She cried, tears streaming down her face.

He nodded, and clicked one of the wires so that the morphine could flow through.

"Mommy, am I going to another world?" she asked.

Her mother looked at Edward and he stepped closer as the father closed his eyes in pain.

"Who told you that?" he asked.

"The boy in the nursery said that people who are sick go to another world." She smiled innocently.

He nodded and looked at her mother, "I will check on her later, Anne. See you, Richard." He walked out and I followed.

"Write on her chart, to give her another set of painkillers every night at eight." He said.

I walked to the nurse's station and began writing all her prescriptions.

Seeing Edward outside the patient's door, looking pained as ever only made me want to comfort him. I knew deep down that he didn't want to see this child in so much pain, let alone have a life threatening surgery. I felt for him, I saw his reaction when the parents burst out crying.

Looking at Elizabeth's chart, she had a forty percent chance of living, and in surgery; it meant that she might not even make it off the table.

Closing her chart, I took a sip of my coffee.