Angela and I took two wheelchairs and pushed them up the big ramp, we sat in them and I smiled, "Wheelchair race." I called out.

The ramp was big and I let go of my brake, I flew down and so did Angela, it was so fun and a rush. We were both laughing and joking by the time we got to the end, I won of course. We sat down on a spare bed that they had, we were in the basement and it was a long corridor, I got a packet of chips out of the vending machine. Angela and I ate them, both starving.

I groaned when I saw Mike and Jackson (his best friend) approaching, I elbowed Angela lightly to let her know that they were coming, they jumped up on the bed across from us and I rolled my eyes, picking up out magazines, handing one to Angela, she smiled gratefully and I nodded.

"So what's up babes?" Mike asked me.

"Nothing much." I said sounding board.

"Well if you want we can make out, waste time." He said, smiling, he reminded me of a dog and not a person.

"I'll have to pass, I have a boyfriend." I smirked.

"Ohh yeah . . . Well he doesn't have to know." He shrugged.

"Why are you here? Can you just leave me alone or something?" I asked.

They both shook there heads and I sighed, looking at Angela. She was engrossed in a story about a girl that had a boob job. I laughed, Mike was staring at me and I was creeped out, he was looking right at my boobs and I snapped my fingers, "Stop staring at my chest, you're such a pig." I told him, I picked up my phone and got up, I went to the window.

"Hey Edward." I said.

"Hey babes, everything okay?" He asked a little concerned.

"Yeah . . . Well kind of, um . . . Angela and I need to get away from Mike and his friend they are creeping us out, can we go to your office?" I asked.

"Yeah sure, it should be open." He said laughing a bit.

"Thank you so much, I love you." I told him.

"I love you too." And with that we hung up.

"Come on Angela, grab everything, Edward's office and flat screen awaits us, he said we can use his pull out bed and that there is 300 different channels to watch plus if you want we can play the Xbox." I told her, trying to rub it in Mike's face.

"Okay Bella, come on, lets go." She winked at me.

We both waved at the boy's goodbye and as soon as we got to the elevator we couldn't stop laughing.

We got to Edward's office and I sighed, it was so comfortable. Angela put our stuff down on a chair and we pulled out the bed, we turned on the TV watching The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn, I loved that movie.

Edward had pizza on his office and it was warm. There was a note on the box: When you rang me I thought you might be hungry so I ordered it for you. I knew Edward hadn't written the note but he probably told someone to. I smiled, he was so sweet.

Angela had the bed up and ready and she had chocolate out and popcorn in a bowl, it was like we were at a sleepover rather than work, his office was more like an apartment than an office work place.

I brought the pizza over and she smiled, "Thank Edward." I laughed.

"Your boyfriend is the best." She said. "Do you mind if Ben comes up here for a while, Mike is annoying him?"

"Tell him to come up." I told her.

Soon enough we were all watching the characters on screen having sex, I giggled as Angela and Ben were blushing, we all ate the pizza and after that we had popcorn and chocolate it was three in the morning and I sighed, tiredly. We ate everything and I kind of felt bad for Edward, because he would have to buy groceries. Ben left because he wanted to get some sleep. Angela and I turned off everything, lying down on the double bed. It was so comfortable, but I wanted Edward's arms around me.

I soon fell into a dreamless sleep and I felt warm and safe.

I woke up and saw that the room was cleaner, and Angela wasn't in sight, everything was clean and tidy, I had a blanket over me and my shoes and socks were taken off, I was tucked securely in and I smiled.

I heard typing of a computer and I smiled looking up, my Edward.

"How was breakfast?" I asked, getting up and walking over to him.

"It was fun and my mom makes the best food ever." He smiled, patting his lap, I sat down and he held me tightly. "Did you have a good time last night?" He chuckled.

"Yeah, sorry about the mess and thank you for letting me stay here, Mike was really annoying me." I said, "He kept staring at my boobs." I told him and he tensed up.

"I am the only one that should ever be looking down there." He held onto me tighter.

I nodded, "You are the only one I would allow look at me but he reminds me more of a dog than anything." I said, laughing a bit "Mike the golden retriever." I muttered.

Edward laughed and I smiled, I loved hearing his laugh, it was so musical and carefree.

I looked at the time and noticed that it was 12:45pm. I sighed I can't believe I slept that long. "I better go, it my day off today and tomorrow and I have to get home and call my dad." I said.

I kissed Edward on the lips and then got ready before leaving. I clocked out and then went to my care, getting in and driving home. I smiled as I saw my apartment complex, I was home.

I got everything out of my car and then made my way into my house. I was so happy to be home but I missed Edward.

I got into the shower and let the hot water run down my dirty back and hair. I sighed when I got out, going to bed. I smiled as I got under the comforter, it wasn't as comfortable as Edward's bed in the office but it was cosy.

I fell asleep, thinking of Edward. I smiled when I went unconscious. Thinking of the next time I would see Edward . . .