To be incomplete is to be unreal. At least for Ever. Ever finds herself wondering what should happen if, for instance, there was some way she could go back in time to change when she made the decision to use Roman's Anecdote instead of Romy and Rayne's.

"Damen," I looked at him sincerely, "Will we ever be able to get the antidote?" "Of course, we will," he said, gazing into the horizon as he leans against my shoulder. "Why did I choose Roman's way? Why couldn't I have listened to Romy and Rayne?" I sighed. "Let's go home. Sabine might wonder where I am, unless she's still on her date." I glanced at Damen. He closed his eyes and concentrated. Finally… "Nope," she's still on her date, he said grinning. "Then let's go to your house for some privacy….Please!" I begged.

Moments later, we were standing at his front door. He unlocked the door. He took one step inside, turned around, grabbed me by my waist, and pulled me close to him, all the while closing the door. He pulled his lips close to mine. I pushed harder, colliding our faces together, or at least that's what I felt like, but it was meaningful. I walked backwards toward the soft couch, just waiting to be sat on, and pushed him down. I loosened our kiss just so we could enjoy our time. I suddenly felt like I was flying…with Damen….in Summerland. I released. Just then Romy and Rayne ran into the room. "Damen, Damen," they exclaimed excitedly. I sat up still clutching Damen's shirt. "Yes," he replied wearily, as he sat up as well. "Well, I think we night have a lead on that antidote of yours," Rayne said calmly. Me and Damen glanced at each other and scurried up. We ran upstairs to see what they came up with.

Scrawled all over the floor were the spell books, potions, scriptures, and ancient carvings. "What's this, girls?" Damen asked gaping at the magic items spread on the floor. "Like Rayne said, it's our research to find your antidote." I gasped. "But I thought you hated me," I said quite surprised myself. "I don't hate you, Romy does," Rayne said glancing at us. "Well, I let up so you could stop hovering over us, Damen, and make out with your girlfriend as long as it's NOT in front of us. Ugh, gross factor of 110!" Romy exclaimed. "Wow, Romy," Damen said, clearly surprised, "You always know what to do to get what you want. I'm proud of you. That'll help you in the future." "What? You're not mad?" Romy asked, gaping at Damen with an open mouth and big, wide open eyes. "Of course I'm not mad. You put your hatred aside to get me and Ever back together so we could get off your backs! That's so wonderful!" He said rushing up and picking them up. As they were being picked up on the ride of Damen, the girls were stunned. I was standing behind Damen with my arms crossed grinning to myself in a happy way.

"Anyways, Damen put us down!" Romy screamed. "We'll only tell you what we found if you put us down!" they screamed. Damen slowly pulled them down from above his head I giggled and walked towards Damen to give him a hug while Romy and Rayne explained what they found. "This is absolutely incredible girls! But I think we should be careful so we don't accidentally call upon Hecate again. Right, Ever?" "Um... yea totally. Don't want to make that mistake again. Ha ha." To me, I thought that was the creepiest thing that has ever happened to me. To others, like Damen, it was downright not right...if that makes sense. In any case, there were things Damen and I were keeping on the down low with everyone. There were things I even kept from him. Even my insane obsession with Roman when I was under Hecate's control. But if I knew what I was doing when I gave in to Roman when he was convincing me that his anecdote would bring me and Damen together again, or when I accidentally summoned Hecate, we wouldn't be where we are now. Stuck in this state of being incomplete until we find the real anecdote. But until then, Damen has found some ways for us to be together without sending him to the dark abyss for immortals like us, the Shadowland. If Damen was sent there, I wouldn't know what to do with my life anymore. He's the only reason I'm still alive and he's the reason I want to remain immortal. But Roman's anecdote had something in it that when me and Damen touch, it would make him disappear into the deep, dark abyss.
But of course, I just had to be a new immortal knowing nothing of Roman's love for Drina, Damen's ex wife, and how he wanted to get back at me and Damen for sending her to the Shadowland. Now, when I think back on it, I want so much to change completely what I did, and if only I had waited for Romy and Rayne, everything would've been perfectly fine right now and Damen and I could be in Summerland somewhere being in complete bliss.
"Ever, Romy and Rayne are going to the park. Let's go somewhere. Your pick." That statement brought me back to reality because he knows how much I want an eternity of alone time with him just to do things that we didn't get to do because of, again, Roman. "Can you take me to the room you stayed in when you were staying with Marie Antoinette?" He chuckled. He had brought me there once before and it was utterly and completely wonderful. "Of course, Ever. I thought about it, too." We sat down, with our legs crossed on the floor, opening the bright shimmering portal to what would become Marie Antoinette's Palace in Summerland.

End of Chapter