I saw Roman. He was tied, kneeling, to the wall. I turned around and saw a dark figure. Not entirely sure who it was, I got scared. "It's OK, Ever," said the voice. I would know that luscious voice anywhere. It was Damen. He seemed to be standing in front of a door. In the firelight, I could hardly see anything but shadows. Roman kneeled in front of me, hands bound. "Fine!" he yelled, "I'll give you the antidote!" "That's better," I said, calmly. Damen stood behind me, making sure Roman would not get away this time. In my mind, I was glad we could be together again, yet I couldn't help but wonder again whee Ava ran off to. I turned around. Damen's dark ensemble made him look nearly invisible against the of the dark walls of the room. My heart fluttered. The room looked like a wine cellar besides the fact that there were no shelves for wine. "I think that in order for him to make the antidote, we have to unbind his hands and bind his feet to something so he can't run." I said, smirking. "What about a manifested pole in the middle of the room," Damen whispered in my ear, mischievously. I looked up into his deep, dark eyes. "I think that'll do it." In a second, there was a tall metal pole that went from floor to ceiling. I hooked up Roman's feet to the pole, and untied his hands. Damen manifested all the things he thought Roman might need. "I hope you make the RIGHT antidote," I said.

"Well, I kinda want to get out of this hellhole, so of course I'll make the right antidote."

"Do you know the actual ingredients and everything to make the antidote, Damen?" I asked. "Yes, I would've made it before, but I'm not allowed to make it for myself. It's against the rules for this potion."

"So if you know how to make it, then you can supervise him and make sure he does it right. Right?" I asked. "Of course. I wouldn't let him poison me again, after all." He replied, smiling. I gave him a big hug. "Of course, you wouldn't." Suddenly, my vision blurred and I felt a large pain on my head..

I was in my room. Where was Damen? Where was Roman? Why am I on the floor? I called Damen. "Hello?" he replied drearily. "Hey. Um... Did you bring me back home?" I asked confused. "Um... no. Last time I saw you, we were at the coffee shop." "Oh... well then I guess it was all a dream. I dreamed we had Roman trapped and he was going to make the antidote right in front of our eyes." I explained. "Well, that's a nice dream, but I doubt that'll really happen. He might really struggle a lot." He chuckled. I laughed with him. Down the hallway, I heard footsteps getting closer. "I have to go. Sabine's coming to check on me. Love you. Bye." "Bye" Dial tone. I hung up, and lay in my bed, pretending to sleep. "I could've sworn I heard you laughing in here, Ever." I didn't reply. Hoping she was talking to me in my "sleep". "What am I going to do about you?" She asks quietly to herself. She was right. I always interrupt her love life. Since she is dating my English teacher. And since my English teacher knows I'm psychic and Sabine doesn't. He's bound to tell her eventually.

In the morning, I made myself an omelet, got in my car, and drove to Damen's house. The gate guard immediately let me in without question. Damen had put my name on a list to indicate that I could come whenever I want and the gate guard didn't have to question my presence. In front of Damen's house, in my car, I marveled at the beautiful house he managed to obtain. It never ceases to amaze me. I walked to his doorstep, still marveling at the architecture. He was immediately there waiting for me. I smiled, gently. He immediately returned the gesture. "Are you coming in?" He asked, since I wasn't moving. I didn't reply so he just swept me up in his arms and carried me inside. I gave him a long kiss as he set me down slowly, holding on to the moment. I smiled. Romy and Rayne bounded down the stairs. "Ew." they screamed at the same time, gagging. We both laughed and got up. "Thank you. Riley appreciates it too." Romy said. Riley. At the mention of my late sister, I begin to cry on the inside. "Riley, if you're there, I miss you, and give me a sign. You promised." Immediately, an R was imprinted on the palm of my hand. "Thank you." I whispered. I buried my face into Damen's chest and began leaking tears from my eyes. "Riley says don't cry," the twins say simultaneously. I show a soft smile their way where Riley most likely would be floating or standing or whatever it is ghosts do. "Tell mom and dad and Buttercup I say hi," I say to the air. Though, I know Riley heard me because Romy and Rayne begin laughing and start stating Riley's reply. "Will do. They love you! And I do too! Even though you arguing with me was the-" The twins stopped. "What just happened," I asked looking at Romy and Rayne's pale faces, with a face of shock laying across their faces. I turned to Damen. "Are they frozen?" He observed them a bit longer and hesitated to answer me. His eyes said, "No, they aren't but you don't need to worry about them." His mouth said, "Yes, they are absolutely fine. They just had some problems reaching Riley."

I knew he was saying that to make me feel better about Romy, Rayne,and Riley but I couldn't help but feel queasy. I dragged myself over to Damen's couch, specially imported from Italy I might add. Damen immediately rushed to my aid. "Are you OK?" "I'm fine, Damen. Just a bit dizzy and queasy. Shouldn't you be worrying about the twins?" He looked up to their place on the stairs. I glanced over. Romy and Rayne seemed to be frozen, but it seemed like they were fighting to be unfrozen again, like picking at the ice surrounding them. Me and Damen blinked, and the twins were back to normal and laughing. I turned to Damen, eyes wide. I never thought I could be so happy to see the twins normal. I didn't feel queasy anymore so I rushed over to them and squeezed them really hard. Grunts of protests came out of their little beings but they stopped fighting and hugged me back.

"So back to business!" I exclaimed.