In the space colony's abandoned research lab, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Rouge the Bat, Mr. Tanaka, Christopher Thorndyke, Dr. Eggman, and his robotic assistants all had their eyes focused on the battle going on just outside the window, as was everyone down on the Earth's surface. Following its battle with Shadow in the core of the ARK, the Biolizard used Chaos Control to fuse itself with the Eclipse Cannon, keeping the colony on its collision course. Together, Sonic and Shadow summoned the energy within Chaos Emeralds, after they had been temporarily disabled by the Master Emerald, to transform and stop the creature's last attempt to fulfill Professor Gerald's revenge.

The massive lizard roared at the two super-powered hedgehogs, firing three pink colored beams from its mouth at them. Both Sonic and Shadow stopped for a moment before flying towards it, gaining speed as they got closer. They then struck the creature's life support system at roughly the same time, the system still damaged from the earlier fight. It gave off one last seemingly hate-filled roar as it was engulfed in the resulting explosion, not a trace of it remaining.

But it was not over yet. The creature's defeat wasn't enough to divert Space Colony ARK off of its collision course, the entire station being surrounded by a burning red aura as it began to get closer to reentry. Both Sonic and Shadow flew in front of the colony, both of them stopping and holding their arms out towards the colony, Sonic saying, "We'll stop it right here!"

Both hedgehogs strained under the force of the space colony, but refused to give in. They had to do something to slow the space colony before they used Chaos Control or it wouldn't go back into a stable orbit. As they continued to hold on, they could hear the voices of their friends in their heads.

"You can do it, Sonic!"

"Give it all you've got, Shadow!"

"If you fail, the entire planet will be destroyed!"

"Tough it out, you guys!"

"You can do it!"

"We know you can!"


"Shadow!" This one was a voice from the black hedgehog's past, from the girl who had been his friend and who he had made a promise to. In his mind, he could see her face and hear her plead, "Those people need you, Shadow!"

For a second, Shadow seemed to hesitate, but his gaze then hardened as he said, "I am Shadow! Shadow the Hedgehog!" After saying this, he removed the rings on his wrists and socks, his body unleashing a white light as he brought out his full power. Without turning to Sonic, he asked, "You ready?"

The blue hedgehog called over to him, "You bet!" He brought his arms down to his sides, a yellow light coming out of his body as he brought out his full strength; as he did, he said, "Here we go!"

After a second, a sphere of yellow light surrounded both of them, growing bigger and causing the aura around the ARK to dissipate. They each then held an arm out, a beam that was colored white being fired directly towards the space colony as they shouted,



A white light struck the space colony, growing in size until it had engulfed the entire station. After several moments, the colony disappeared and reappeared with many sparkles surrounding it. The station had stopped its descent and was now back in a stable orbit around the Earth after being less than a minute away from impact just seconds ago. Before it reappeared, one last voice could be heard.

"Maria… I did it… for you."

Present day, G.U.N. HQ Medical Ward

Shadow was sleeping in what appeared to be a cryogenic capsule, his hands pressed together over his chest and several wires attached to the top of his head as he slept. The tube was giving off a light blue glow from within, the capsule itself being hooked up to various machines. A small screen suddenly popped out of the side of the capsule and moved over Shadow's body, the image of a quarantine officer's face appearing on it; the officer spoke, "Okay, Shadow. Everything's normal."

Shadow's eyelids twitched for a moment before they opened, his red eyes beginning to register the world around him. The capsule suddenly opened, the wires in Shadow's head detaching and a slight mist being given off as the lid slid out and up. While it was doing so, the black hedgehog thought to himself, "That's right. I was having a dream, reliving a moment from my past. Thanks to the Chaos Emeralds, Sonic and I were able to destroy that ugly prototype and save the Earth, the planet Maria loved." As he brought his arms down to his sides, he thought, somewhat mournfully, "Maria…"

The officer spoke, bringing him back to reality, "Let's try sitting up. Slowly now." As directed, Shadow began to shift his weight, pressing his hands against the capsule as he pushed himself up into a sitting position. Seeing that he was sitting without much difficulty, the officer asked him if he could stand up, the black hedgehog responding by pressing his legs against the bottom of the capsule and shifting his weight. He then carefully stood up, making sure of his balance before stepping out of the capsule.

As he stood up straight, Shadow noticed two other quarantine officers in the room, standing behind a long computer panel. One of them spoke, "All right, Shadow. You're needed next door." Shadow stood there a moment before giving a slight nod and began walking towards the door the officer had directed him towards.

The door emptied out into a virtual reality training room, the perfect place for new or recovering soldiers to test their skills. Shadow walked along the dark green floor, eyeing the blue walls before stopping and looking up at the window in the room. Behind the window were the head quarantine officer and the quarantine officer that had directed him to come to the room in the first place. The head quarantine officer spoke, "Right, let's get started. See if you can defeat all of the holograms."

Suddenly, a holographic Buzz Bomber appeared behind Shadow, firing its laser sting at him shortly after materializing. Shadow quickly sensed the shot and dove to the side, rolling on the ground. He then turned around and went into a Spin Dash, hitting the hologram before it had a chance to react and breaking it down into particles. More holograms of older Eggman Badniks began to appear afterwards, as well as some of his more recent robots. These included EggRobos, Crabmeat, Caterkiller, Egg Pawns, and Egg Gunners. Although the officers were putting pressure on him, Shadow took it all in stride and took them out one by one.

Eventually, the holograms stopped appearing and the head quarantine officer spoke down to him, "Impressive, Shadow. Especially considering what you went through a short while ago. I couldn't see any human holding up as well as you have so far." Shadow didn't respond to that, so the officer said, "Right then, Commander Tower wants to see you about your mission. He's waiting for you in the Briefing Room; I gave you a bit of a polish while we were looking you over. You should be at least somewhat presentable." He adjusted his glasses after saying that, smiling to himself as he did.

Shadow nodded and turned around, leaving the training room and the Medical Ward. As he headed for the Briefing Room, his thoughts turned to the dream he had been having. It had been a long time since he had last dreamed about his past. For some reason, it made him feel a tad uneasy, but he pushed it into the back of his mind as he came across the entrance to the Briefing Room.

As he stepped inside, he was greeted by Rouge. "Hey, Sleeping Beauty! Did you enjoy your little nap?" she asked him.

Shadow replied, "I wouldn't know." It wasn't entirely a snide remark; while he hadn't been frozen or placed in suspended animation inside of the capsule, he didn't exactly fall asleep normally either. He then glanced around to see that, in addition to Commander Tower, Topaz and her commander were also present.

Commander Tower spoke, "Rouge. That will do." The bat stepped aside after a moment, allowing Shadow to come inside. Once he was standing in front of the commander, they saluted each other before Commander Tower asked, "Are you feeling well enough to report on your mission to the Power Plant Zone, Agent Shadow?"

Shadow nodded, "Yes sir."

Flashback, hours earlier, near the former site of Eggmanland

A burst of white light appeared at the entrance to the large Power Plant Zone, soon fading to reveal Shadow. He looked up at the building, which was to serve as Eggmanland's emergency power in case something went wrong with the energy from Dark Gaia, for a moment before using a Chaos Spear to create a hole in the front of the building, leaping through it to get inside.

Most of the zone appeared to be made of shuttle loops, half-pipes, and walkways. Not that it was any problem for Shadow; he activated his air shoes and took off through the building, coming across Orbinauts and Rollbugs as he ran through. Eventually, after running through a series of shuttle loops and leaping over a half-pipe, the black hedgehog went through a pair of automatic doors that led to what seemed to be a small generator room. As he looked around it for a moment, he heard the sound of footsteps and looked on top of one of the two generators to see a familiar blue hedgehog. Upon seeing him, Sonic called, "What's up, Shadow?"

The black hedgehog shook his head as he muttered, "Can't I go anywhere without you showing up?"

Sonic shrugged, "Nice to see you again too."

Shadow looked at him as he asked, "What are you doing here, anyway?"

Sonic leapt down from the generator and replied, "Tails and Chuck were going over some maps earlier and managed to locate this dump. I figured it had something to do with Eggman's old park or center of his empire or whatever he called it, so I came to check it out. Didn't expect it to be populated by his old Badniks, though."

Shadow was about to mention his mission when a sound caught both of their attentions. A hidden door in the floor opened, revealing a larger Orbinaut that had electric spheres swirling around it. At first, it moved along the floor, trying to ram into them or make them hit its swirling orbs, but after both hedgehogs had hit it a few times, it suddenly put on an angry face and began to float in the middle of the room. When Sonic spun into it, one of its orbs turned into a regular Orbinaut that tried to attack him from behind. Shadow saw it coming and fired a Chaos Spear at it, destroying it. They continued to attack, dealing with the smaller Orbinauts it released, soon hitting it from opposite sides and causing it to explode.

As he looked down at the parts littering the floor, Shadow muttered, "So that was the so-called 'King Orbi,' huh?"

Suddenly, Sonic spoke up, "Hey Shadow!" When the black hedgehog looked up at him, he continued, "Look, I don't know exactly why you're here, but I think it's pretty clear that we both want to destroy this place. Wanna work together on this?"

Shadow crossed his arms and said, "Forget it. I'm not working with you, so you might as well just go home. I can handle this myself."

Sonic replied, "Sorry Shadow, but I didn't come out all this way for a social call. Since I doubt I can change your mind about working together, I'll race you to the main generator room! Just like old times!" With that, the blue hedgehog turned around and dashed deeper into the Power Plant Zone. Shadow glared in the direction he had run for a moment before giving a respectful "hmph!" and chasing after him.

As they both raced through the zone, they came across more shuttle loops, Orbinauts, and Rollbugs, as well as rotating platforms, spikes, springs, and electric objects from Dr. Eggman's Scrap Brain Zone back on Mobius. None of it was anything that either hedgehog had had trouble with in the past, and they both quickly made their way through the zone, eventually arriving at the main generator room after Shadow helped Sonic defeat the two Orbinauts that had sealed the doors.

As they stepped inside, a door opened in the middle of the floor between two generators, an Orbinaut even larger than King Orbi rising out. "Oh great. This thing's back for another go, huh?" Sonic sighed.

"Don't let the similar appearance deceive you, Sonic. This Orbinaut is known as Gorbichev; it's still just a nuisance more than anything, but it'll probably put up more of a fight than King Orbi did." After he said that, Sonic took another look at Gorbichev and took note of the blue orbs surrounding it, seeming to act like a shield.

Gorbichev began to float around the room, attempting to attack Sonic and Shadow at times. It definitely proved to be more challenging than King Orbi; Gorbichev was invulnerable to their attacks at times and would release smaller Orbinauts every time it was hit. It was also able to manipulate the orbs surrounding it, making them swirl around like a tornado or bounce on the ground, and was seemingly able to teleport. Still, both Sonic and Shadow managed to survive its tricks and attack without getting in each other's way, and soon, Gorbichev seemed to explode and fell to the floor, defeated.

As Sonic and Shadow turned to leave, however, they heard a sound come out of the destroyed robot and turned to see it rising up off the floor, despite the fact that it seemed to be exploding inside, as there were small explosions shooting out of its body. After a moment of looking at them, it began to gravitate towards them, both Sonic and Shadow turning around and running away from it. As it attempted to chase them, it suddenly hit one of the generators in the room, causing a chain reaction in the other generators.

Seconds later, both Sonic and Shadow were running for their lives as a wall of flames began to chase after them. The chain reaction started by the destruction of the first generator was spreading throughout the whole building, and it wouldn't be long before the entire Power Plant Zone exploded. Even as fast as the two hedgehogs were capable of running, they couldn't put much distance between them and the wall approaching them. At several points in their running, they could even feel the flames licking across them, slightly burning their fur.

Still, they kept going, and after nearly being swallowed by the flames after running through one last shuttle loop, they ran through a straight tube that led straight outside. As they got closer to the opening, Shadow called to Sonic, "Ever tried skydiving without a parachute before? Because it looks like we'll be doing something similar in a moment!"

Sonic called back, "No problem, Shadow! I've got it taken care of!" He then reached under the wrist of his right glove with his left hand and pressed a few buttons on what appeared to be a wristwatch. As they neared the opening, Sonic called, "Jump!" Both hedgehogs leapt into the air as the flames came flying out underneath them, the rest of the Power Plant Zone on fire and exploding. As gravity began to pull them down, the Tornado 2 suddenly appeared and got under Sonic and Shadow, Sonic landing in the pilot seat while Shadow landed in the passenger's seat. Sonic then piloted the biplane, getting them away from the Power Plant Zone, which soon erupted in an inferno of flames.

Despite his usual attitude, Shadow commented, "Nice job, Sonic. Having your plane come and pick us up like that."

Sonic nodded, "Yeah, I'm sure glad that Tails installed this remote startup on it. Great for situations like this. Hey, as long as you're here, want me to give you a ride home?" Shadow nodded after a moment, looking himself and Sonic over afterwards. They both got cut up a bit and had a few patches of fur burned during their escape. He figured Sonic would be fine, but he'd probably have to stop by the Medical Ward before reporting to Commander Tower. He then turned around and looked back at what was left of the Power Plant Zone as Sonic set a course for Guardian Mountain.

End of flashback

"The mission was completed successfully, Commander Tower. The Power Plant Zone was completely destroyed, along with all of the doctor's Badniks," Shadow concluded.

Commander Tower nodded, "Excellent work, Agent Shadow. Dismissed." The two saluted one more time before Shadow turned and left the Briefing Room, heading for the Recreation Room. Behind him, he could hear Rouge and Topaz talking, no doubt heading for the same room.

As he walked, his thoughts once again turned to his dream. He wondered why he had dreamed about that specific time and why it made him uneasy. As he thought about it, he suddenly had an idea of why it made him uneasy. "Could it be a warning?" he asked himself.

Hey guys! Yep, I've decided to start a new story. It's been in the back of my head for a while now, so I decided I would at least get it started.

This story will roughly follow the plot of "Metroid: Other M," but it will have its differences. It'll probably be shorter too.

Anyway, on to the actual chapter notes.

The flashback of the battle against The Finalhazard is based on the fight in Sonic X episode 38 "Showdown in Space." All spoken dialogue during the flashback comes directly from that episode.

The capsule Shadow is resting in is based on the ones he was kept in in both the Sonic X anime and comic.

The second flashback is based on the fangame "Sonic Boom" by SÆGA.

If anyone has any questions regarding the timeline, by all means ask me. I'll try to clear it up for you.

I hope everyone who enjoyed "Sonic Fusion" also finds this to be enjoyable! I'll do my best to find time to update with new chapters, so for now, I'll see you guys later!