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Thank you, Shairo-danna, for pointing out what would happen if certain Akatsuki members play board games. I don't own the Akatsuki, just their random antics. ^^

Pein locked the door and looked at his subordinates.

"Now... what to do for game night..."

Tobi held up a box that said 'Twister' on it. "Can we play this game, Leader? Pleeeease?"

"Sure... what's the worse that can happen, un?"

5 minutes later...

"DAMMIT, TOBI!" everyone shouted. Pein, Deidara, Kisame, Hidan, Tobi, and Zetsu were playing Twister and... well... Hidan was on top of Pein; Pein's butt was in Deidara's face; Kisame had to do a split to reach his dots; Zetsu was criss-crossed; while Tobi was... fine actually. It was like he was going through everyone.

Konan spun the wheel. "Left arm, green."

Tobi easily reached his hand to green. Zetsu finally gave up and fell to the floor. Kisame was forced to stretch his arm, despite the fact that Deidara's head was blocking him. Deidara's hand ended up on top of Hidan's, which made the immortal feel sick all of a sudden. Pein felt crushed since Hidan had to lean forward to reach a dot.

"I surrender, un!" Deidara shouted. "I can't move anymore, un!"

"Me neither! And I'm pretty sure my 'guppy' can't take anymore of this!"

"Yay! Tobi wins!" Tobi magically jumped out of the mess and started running around.

"Now what?" Itachi asked.

"Monopoly?" Kakuzu asked.

"Can't be worst than Twister." Pein stated.

1 hour later...

"I WAS WRONG! I WAS HORRIBLY WRONG!" Pein cried as he landed on Kakuzu's hotel.

"Stop whining and pay up." Kakuzu said expectedly.

"Why the hell didn't you tell us you're a pimp in monopoly?" Deidara asked.

"I'm not a pimp." Then Kakuzu pulled on Hidan's leash. "Go get me lemonade."

"For the last f_ing time, this is a f_ing game. I don't really owe you money, goddammit!" Hidan rawred.

"What about the legal damages for-"

"Fine! I'll get your damn lemonade!" Hidan got up and left.

"Now what will we play?"


In about 7 minutes...


"Who in the hell suggested Risk?" Konan asked.

"SILENCE, FALLEN GREECIAN! Now help me conquer Turkey!"

"NEVER, UN!" Then Deidara dropped a mini-bomb onto the table.


Several minutes later...

"Any other brilliant board game ideas?" Pein hissed at his subordinates in front of the destroyed base.

"No, sir."