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Classic Snape/Harry, detention goes awry - except with a twist. Kinky and lots of sex. Lots and lots of sex.


Slash, threesome, spanking, BDSM, shota/chan/pedo (13 years old) and dub-con

Dedication and Discipline

Part 1

By AtrumMaximus

Harry looked at his potion again, distraught. It didn't look any better than it had a minute ago. In fact, it might even look worse.

Damn it all.

It was the last class of Friday, and somehow Harry had managed to boggle up the very simple Sight Enhancement Draught. He had been improving in potions class the last few months since the start of the year, but this time fate seemed to be against him. He couldn't fathom what he could have done wrong – add the dried asphodel to boiling water, stir 4 times clockwise. Let boil 5 minutes. Grind some Zingiber and add slowly while stirring. Mallowsweet stalk. Pomegranate juice. Finish off by stirring slowly anticlockwise.

That's it – Harry would swear he did it right!

And still the color that was supposed to be a deep purple was slowly turning blue. Light blue. Not good.

Harry looked up at the others in the classroom. Nobody – not even Neville – seemed to have messed it up. No one except him that is.

Snape was walking down the slytherin side of the room now. He stopped sometimes to correct someone, or even to compliment them. Harry estimated that Snape would reach the gryffindors, and thereby him, in the next 15 minutes. He did not have time to correct his potion (not that he knew how to) and he definitely didn't have time to start over.

He was screwed.

His potion was starting to boil ferociously now. Hurriedly he moved it off the fire. It didn't help. People were starting to notice him.

On the other side of the classroom, Malfoy and Snape looked up. Harry could see Malfoy's smirk from where he stood. He pointedly did not look at the scowl Snape was wearing, flushing in embarrassment already. He hated making mistakes, and it only made it worse to have the two slytherins looking on.

Malfoy looked smug. Harry thought that maybe he had just been played – it would certainly explain his inability to find any mistake in his own brewing. On the other hand, it could also just be his own wish to blame this on someone, anyone, else, to escape the wrath of his potions professor. Who was now making his way slowly (and rather intimidatingly) through the classroom.

"Mr. Potter, what, if I may ask, is this?" He asked silkily.

Harry gulped.

"I'm… I'm not sure professor. I – I don't think…"

He cut himself off. Snape wouldn't believe him anyway – no use giving him more reason to make fun of Harry.

"Really Mr. Potter. You don't think. I must admit to not being terribly surprised – the look of your simple potion here suggests something like it." Snape sneered maliciously at the blue glob now lying at the bottom of Harry's cauldron.

Harry blushed. "Professor, I did everything it said!" He said a bit too loud. Now everyone was listening. And damn, didn't he just decide not to say anything about it?

Snape raised an eyebrow. "Is that so, Mr. Potter? Detention at 5, my office. Don't be late or I'll make you clean that mess up yourself. With your toothbrush."

Harry forcibly didn't say anything. At least the great git hadn't taken any points.

When the class ended Harry left as swiftly as he could. He didn't quite make it out the door before hearing the well-known drawl behind him.

"Well Potter. And here I went and thought you couldn't be any more of a dimwit. "

Harry's shoulders tensed, but he walked on. Malfoy. Of course.

He tried to ignore the urge to hex the other boy while still in the proximity of the potions classroom, since Snape probably had the hearing of a bat too.

Malfoy just smirked at him, but let him go after a couple of taunts and a 'have fun in detention' accompanied by a weird leer. That was odd. Harry shrugged it off as something they had going on down in the snake hole. He'd deal with Malfoy later.

Right now he had to get through a detention with the biggest snake of them all.

Harry showed up 5 minutes early, just to be sure Snape didn't have anything to take points for.

It was really quite weird for Snape to hold the detention in his own office. Normally he would just have the unlucky fellow having earned detention meet back in the classroom for cleaning or writing lines or whatever. Harry had definitely never been at Snape's office for detention before, and he'd had plenty opportunities. He'd only ever seen the office last year when he and Ron had been flying Mr. Weasley's car and Snape had dragged them in here.

It hadn't been very cozy.

Hesitantly he knocked. The door just swung open.

Peering inside, Harry first couldn't see the professor, but then he spotted him browsing the bookcase in the corner, his back to the door.

"Sit down Mr. Potter."

Snape didn't turn around at all while Harry moved to sit at the lone chair in front of the big mahogany disk. It was a hard, uncomfortable wooden chair – undoubtedly to make any encounters with the snarky git even worse for anyone unlucky enough to end up in his office.

Most of the shelves around the office were filled with disgusting things – Harry was surprised to note he recognized some of them. No wonder potions tasted so horrible.

The corner currently occupied by the great git himself was the only one featuring books. Harry wondered what kind of books Snape would be looking at instead of giving him detention work. One had to presume he had bought them himself and therefore knew what they were – surely he didn't need to look at them right now. The waiting was just making it worse really, and Harry shifted nervously in the chair.

It was ridiculous, he had absolutely nothing to fear, the worst Snape could do to him was make him do some disgusting cleaning work or something. It really didn't warrant sweaty palms, nervous twitches and speeding of heartbeat at all.

And yet, Harry did feel more and more apprehensive. Couldn't Snape just get it over with?

Harry could feel himself wanting to go over every possible means of punishment Snape could use (maybe he was looking up torture methods in those books. No wait, he probably knew plenty already), a part of his brain tried to find a way to convince the potions master of Draco's part in the failed potion and a third voice was analyzing escape routes.

Snape really needed to turn around soon.

When Harry gaze once again fell on Snape after yet another quick dart around the room, the man was looking at him. He stood with at book in hand and simply stared at Harry, no emotion betrayed. Harry was unnerved.

Then the potions master walked over in a slow, yet stalking, way that did nothing to calm Harry. What was the deal with Snape tonight?

"So… Mr. Potter. You are now a third year student. And yet, you seem to be incapable of making any kind of contribution to your own education. You had been generally improving since returning for school this year, so I can only assume that you simply do not care about making efforts in my class. I find that disrespectful Mr. Potter. And I will not tolerate any lack of respect from you anymore"

Harry gulped.

Snape hadn't seated himself behind the desk, instead opting to lean against it right next to Harry, far too close for comfort. It was intimidating, and so was his little speech. What could Harry possibly say to escape the man's wrath?

The professor didn't give him the chance to try.

With a casual flick of his wand Harry felt his own wand fly out of his pocket and into the waiting hand Snape was holding out.


Snape silenced him manually, putting a finger on Harry's mouth. It was more Harry's shock at the action than any actual silencing ability that quieted him.

"Don't speak. Don't move. Don't do anything to provoke me further."

There was something very ominous about Snape's voice.

Harry gulped again.

"Mr. Potter, as I'm sure you are aware I went to school with your parents and the mongrel now playing Defense against the Dark Arts teacher."

Harry was in fact not aware of that at all, but since he was afraid Snape would stop talking (and possible kill him) if he said anything right now, he kept his mouth shut. He would have to ask Professor Lupin about it next time he saw him.

"What you are maybe unaware of is the reason for the… rivalry between me and your deceased father and thereby the main reason for my admittedly limited patience with yourself – not that you haven't done more than enough to proof me right in my assumptions. You see, your mother and I were in fact friends before we even attended Hogwarts."

Harry had a tough time believing that.

"We remained friends throughout most of our Hogwarts years. Unfortunately your father fell in love with Lily when he was about your age, and in his bigoted mind no male could befriend a female without being in love with her. Thus he set out to humiliate me, hoping it would raise him in her eyes."

Why was Snape telling him this? It couldn't possibly be true, could it?

"Of course Lily and I were never actually involved nor did I want to be… I discovered my preferences were in another direction entirely already in my second year - thanks to Lucius Malfoy. But we'll get back on the subject of my preferences later. You see one thing your mother and I shared was the passion for Potions making. And that is the true point of my sentimental little story. Youdisgrace yourself and the memory ofyour motherwith your abysmal and careless performance in my class!"

Harry just couldn't believe what he was hearing.

He felt kind of tumbled inside, not only from the kick in the gut it was hearing Snape talking about him disappointing his mother, but also from the complete absurdity of the situation.

And inside of him a small voice kept repeating Snape's Preferences over and over.

Snape grabbed his jaw and forced his face upwards. Harry felt a weird surge in his gut as he was forced to look directly into Snape's eyes.

"Do you understand, boy? Do you understand that you are soiling your mother's memory and your own future by not giving your all in potions, not to mention all the other subjects you are given the privilege of learning? You are given the chance to become something more than the ridiculous label put upon you as a mere babe, and in your ignorance and selfish desires you are wasting it! You truly are your father's son."

For the first time that felt like an insult.

For a long moment Snape just looked directly into his eyes as if he could somehow determine through the eyelock whether or not Harry understood him. The minutes ticked slowly, and Harry thoughts were at turmoil. Was he really being childish in wanting to relax with his friends? He had just wanted to be happy – and he was doing as much as everyone else! Well maybe not everyone, but surely Snape didn't expect him to turn into Hermione. Was it really so bad to just try and fit in? He had been trying more this year. He had.

Suddenly Snape snorted in elegantly and let go of Harry's jaw, causing him to sway a bit in his seat. Without a word the professor took a harsh grip at Harry's upper arm and pulled him up from the chair. Harry gave a small gasp in surprise but otherwise stuck to the relatively safe strategy of keeping quiet.

He didn't stay silent though, when Snape unceremoniously flung him against an empty space on the wall between two shelves, one of the only places free of potions equipment and ingredients. His back collided rather harshly with the stone, and he groaned in pain. Before he could right himself, Snape flicked his wand again, and the top shelves around him suddenly extended metal cuffs out. Harry's eyes grew very wide.

"Carpuscerous" Snape said calmly. Harry's hands flew up without his consent, and the cuffs clicked around his wrists. There were no opening in them at all, the metal had just formed itself in a loop around his wrists and otherwise kept in form – Harry couldn't get an arm loose unless he ripped down the entire shelf. Those shelves where probably imbedded in the stone fundament with magic too, so his chances weren't looking bright.

"Pro- professor…? Wha- why?"

"Be silent child, or I'll silence you myself. I'm sure you are familiar with the silencio spell."

Harry was beyond apprehension now – he was downright frightened. His wrists were hurting for straining against the metal, and the professor was looking at him a very funny way. Funny weird, not funny ha-ha.

"Mr. Potter. I can clearly see that you need convincing that I'm speaking the truth, and that your efforts are truly lacking. I could probably talk you into the right mind with patience and honesty, but I am not a patient man. I am also not a very forgiving man, and I have long been thinking that you were in dire need of some discipline. You are clearly in need of a rough hand to keep you in check, and I find that I'm the only one capable of the job. Hopefully this will teach you to put your best into your work. If not because you see reason, then because you will know what happens if you do not."

Snape finally moved from his spot at the desk. He shrugged off his cloak and draped it over the back of the wooden chair. Then he unbuttoned the neck of his inner robe along with the cuffs. Walking to one of the small cupboards the back behind his desk, he mumbled something that made a doorknob appear. Harry couldn't see what he was doing in there - but he was sure it wasn't anything good. The door had opened between them, and he couldn't move far enough into the room to get full view. He could hear things being moved around and Snape humming thoughtfully.

Snape reached behind him with something Harry didn't recognize, laying it on the desk. Some sort of long thin stick with metal handle…? It was followed by some leather thing with a ball on it, a couple of small leather boxes and a length of black fabric. What in the name of Merlin was all this stuff and - more importantly – what the hell could Snape use them for?

Snape was reaching into the cupboard again when he suddenly stiffened. He took a step back and looked over at Harry, who could do nothing but look back at him, perplexed. He then tilted his head slightly as if listening to something. This time Harry heard it as well. The sound of someone shuffling their feet.

An innocent sound really, but the problem with it was that none of the two present had made it.

Snape seemed to have identified the source as he walked silently over to a small mirror hanging next to the bookshelf from before. Harry could hear the sharp in draw of breath coming from there, even all the way over where he was. No way had Snape missed it. Snape clicked his wand against the mirror. It went see-through immediately. On the other side was Draco Malfoy looking up at his potions master fearfully.

Busted. So very busted.

"Ah, Draco. I see you found the old spy-tunnels. I keep telling the Headmaster to close them down, since they offend my privacy so, but he did not believe my slytherins to be crafty enough to find them. You just proved him wrong. I'm most curious as to what you are doing here. But before I'll be having your answers, I believe I should invite you in."

Snape's wand clicked one of the carvings on the mirror. It sunk into the stone wall, and simultaneously the wall went a bit… foggy. Harry and Snape could now see the entirety of Malfoy's body where he was standing. He looked ready to run, but Snape didn't give him the chance, grapping his arm much the same way he had Harry's. He dragged him right trough the wall.

Harry was panicking a bit. How much had his school rival seen? Would he tell, or would he just taunt Harry forever? And what the hell was he doing here anyway?

In front of him, Snape sat down behind his desk, folded his hands and watched Malfoy. Said boy was standing in front of the desk – not having been asked to sit down – squirming in desperation.

"Explain your presence."

Harry was treated to the unusual sight of a Malfoy blushing and stammering.

"Sir… Well, you see sir, I was… What happened was…I… It wasn't… I didn't mean to-"

Snape raised an eyebrow."Do try to be coherent when speaking to me Draco."

Malfoy took a deep breath and visibly steeled himself.

"I'm sorry sir. I came to watch Potters detention. I found the tunnels by accident a few weeks ago, and while exploring them I found this… window into your office. I'm really sorry, but my curiosity over won my manners and I felt compelled to stay and watch. I… saw you with that who- boy last week. I wanted to see it again."

Snape's face showed no emotion as Malfoy spoke. But Harry could see interest glimmer in his eyes. Boy? What had Malfoy been about to say? Surely not whore. A Hogwarts professor wouldn't bring a prostitute back in the school… And a boy one - no chance. Harry stiffened when his mind chose to remind him of Snape's earlier talk of preferences. No chance.

"And what would give you reason to believe anything of the sort would commence tonight?"

"Well I didn't know that sir, I just… You never hold detentions in your office. And even if you didn't, you know, I'd still like to see Potter's humiliation." Malfoy flushed at the last part – it sounded extraordinarily childish when said to the professor.

Snape considered Malfoy for a moment, then a small smile – an actual smile! – slowly grew on his face.

"Well Draco. You were in fact correct in you assumption regarding my reasons for summoning Mr. Potter here tonight. That doesn't make it any less presumptuous or insulting that you should have the nerve to spy on my private life. I think Mr. Potter here is not the only one in dire need of some discipline."

He stood and walked around the desk again, Malfoy's and Harry's eyes both following him with complete focus. As an afterthought Snape added:" And here I was under the impression that your father took very thorough care of your discipline."

For some strange reason Malfoy blushed.

"I think I'll take care of your punishment first Draco. Mr. Potter will watch. It will do him some good to get it through his mental shields of stupidity, exactly what the purpose of him being here is. He seems to be sadly lacking in experience and understanding of such matters."

Malfoy's face showed a mixture of amusement at the insults to his rival's intelligence, a strange sort of reluctant anticipation towards his punishment and horror that Harry would be watching.

Harry's own face only showed horror.

"Strip please. You can leave your shirt on, but nothing else. "

Malfoy caught Harry's eye for a second and blushed. He didn't protest though as he started to take off his slipover. Harry didn't know what to do or where to look – this was just so very weird.

Snape watched Malfoy's body as it was revealed, eying the creamy thighs appreciatively. Harry tried not to look.

When Malfoy stood in front of the desk clad in nothing but his long white shirt (that hung rather tantalizing halfway down his uncovered arse), Snape took out his wand again, summoning his chair out on the other side of the desk in full view of Harry.

Harry nearly rolled his eyes - of course the wooden chair wasn't good enough for the bat.

This did make him worry if Snape would force him to strip too at some point. Was that his punishment? Humiliation by standing naked in front of his most dreaded professor and now also his rival?

Snape sat down in the chair, and beckoned Malfoy closer with his right hand. Malfoy walked a bit awkwardly trying to cover his groin with a hand. Snape smiled that shocking smile again. Perhaps he smiled when he was with Malfoy? He sure seemed to like the slimy git more than his other students.

"Lay down over my lap, Draco."

Malfoy looked like he knew what was coming. Harry had the dreadful feeling that he should know it too; it was tickling in the back of his brain. He didn't want to though.

Malfoy hesitated half a second, and then draped himself as comfortably as possible over Snape's lap. His shirt glided a bit up his back, exposing the pale globes of his arse entirely. Harry tried not to stare, though Snape didn't even attempt to hide his staring. He looked almost… hungry.

"Now, prepare yourself. I want you to count, and after every single stroke you will say "I will keep my arrogant little nose out of my superiors' business". You are free to weep at any point, and at that I will not expect you to continue counting. I will not stop though, so do not attempt to outwit your punishment with crocodile tears – I know you are capable of them."

Malfoy gave a small nod.

At the word stroke it dawned on Harry that he was about to witness his first old-fashioned spanking. It also occurred to him just what kind of hands-on punishment Snape could use.

Then he forgot to think about it for awhile when Snape's hand first connected with the soft skin of Malfoy's backside. The smack resounded in the room, louder than one would expect. Harry stared in fascination at the red hand-shaped mark forming on the left cheek, contrasting sharply with Malfoy's otherwise unblemished white skin, while in the background hearing the other boy's voice breath out a stunted "O-one." Followed by a deep breath and a rabble of "I will keep my arrogant little nose out of my superiors' business."

Harry found himself anticipating the next smack right along with the other two.

It came just as hard as the first one, on the right cheek, and this time Draco whimpered. His speech almost swam together in one word, but Snape didn't correct him.

Snape kept the rhythm. He would spank the left, Malfoy would say his part, he would smack the right, Malfoy would say his part and he would spank the left. Each time Malfoy's whimpers became a little louder and his words a little less coherent. Harry was entranced.

It lasted until the eighth smack before the first sob came. Malfoy tried to keep it in and even finished his sentence, but when the ninth hit he practically wailed. The tears started running freely, and he was sobbing uncontrollably now.

Snape broke his rhythm and starting spanking at random, one time hard, then soft, and then two hard, never once hitting the same place. He moved around the entire arse area, hitting where it melted into thighs too. Malfoy's arse was a glowing red by now.

When he stopped, he didn't immediately do anything other than slowly caress Malfoy's glowing arse. The sobs were quieting down to a soft weeping when he wandlessly summoned a small jar of some sort of cream and started rubbing it gently into the sore area. Malfoy gave a soft gasp, then a contend sigh. Apparently it was a healing cream or something.

Harry became aware of his own situation again when Snape looked over at him. He flushed crimson.

Oh Merlin. What was the matter with him? Staring at Malfoy's arse getting spanked by his Potions Professor! And (he hated to admit it, really hated) enjoying it! He could feel a very embarrassing erection pressing in his pants. Dear god no.

Snape didn't say anything, but the smile was directed at him this time.


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