Author's note:

Second part of my twoshot! This one ended up quite long - almost twice the size of the first part. Enjoy everyone, and merry Christmas!

Dedication and Discipline

Part 2

By AtrumMaximus

"Draco, do you feel ready to get up now?"

Malfoy sniffled a little, but nodded. He climbed awkwardly off Snape's lap drying his face with one sleeve. Snape snorted and handed him a handkerchief.

That's about when Harry noticed the erection poking out underneath the long white shirt.

His incredulous stare was directed at Malfoy's face. Then down again. Then to his face, and then down. That was definitely a stiffy and a very prominent one too. Did Malfoy enjoy it? That's sick!

Malfoy apparently felt his gaze and looked over at him. Noticing where his stare was located, he got a little red, but only raised an elegant eyebrow, pointedly looking down at Harry's own crotch. Harry flushed and looked away.

"Draco. You took your punishment very well, and I'm sure you'll think twice the next time you're tempted to interfere with someone's privacy. Now, I have thought about your reasoning for coming here tonight, and I would like to extend you an offer. If you wish to, you can stay while I discipline Mr. Potter, but only if you stay completely subservient to me at all times. If you stay I will give you commands and you will follow them. If you do not think you can do that, you are free to leave now."

Malfoy's face practically lit up with joy. Sick little bastard.

Harry felt like hell just became a couple of degrees hotter.

"I'd like to stay sir." Malfoy said looking like a puppy wagging its tail.

Snape nodded shortly and turned to the table where the stuff from before was still lying. With his back towards Malfoy, but face still in view of Harry, Harry could clearly see the disturbing half smile and the unidentifiable sparkle in his eyes as he said: "Very good. Now, take off your shirt too. I want you naked and on your knees. "

Harry's eyes grew to an impossible size. Malfoy's mouth fell open in a shuttering breath as he unbuttoned his shirt, letting in fall to the ground. As Snape turned back to look, he fell elegantly to his knees. Harry had a feeling he was staring just as much as Snape was, though he hoped he didn't look quite as hungry. Snape face was practically screaming 'cat that got the canary'.

"Good boy. Stay there and watch as I make the preparations for Mr. Potter's part."

Here, Harry felt it prudent to protest.

"Look, it's all fair if you guys wanna, I don't know, get off on weird stuff together, but you are not spanking me!" In the silence following his statement he added as an afterthought "Sir."

Snape gave him a malicious sneer. Harry felt he had somehow not gotten his message across.

"You are correct. I am not going to spank you."


"I am not going to spank you, because you do not deserve such lenient a punishment. Draco understood that he had done something wrong and accepted his punishment; therefore he did not need more than a reminder. You, on the other hand, have yet to accept your own mistake. Before you can be probably disciplined, I am afraid I will have to get through your defenses. So no, I am not going to spank you, because a spanking would not break you. And I am going to break down your defenses firstly, and then I am going to break you. Only when you are broken can you be fixed." Snape said all this without once betraying anything on his face – the amused little smirk stayed on his lips even when the most horrible words left them.

Harry was scared. He was scared shitless.

"Yo- YOU CAN'T DO THAT!" Harry trashed against the cuffs for the first time since Malfoy entered. No way was he letting the greasy git touch him or hit him or… or break him whatever that meant.

"Ah, a typical Gryffindor reaction to fear. Anger."


Harry felt the skin on his left wrist break, and a trickle of blood ran down his arm.

"Do not worry, Mr. Potter. You might even enjoy it." Snape smirked. "Draco, I think we'll start with the gag. Will you hold his mouth open? Make sure he doesn't bite."

Malfoy was crawling over. Harry tried to kick him, but he dodged and got on his feet after a nod from Snape.

Malfoy was a little taller than Harry and this close he was rather intimidating, even naked. Harry could feel the boy's undiminished erection brushing his hip. Oh god, Malfoy was getting off on this.

With sure hands Malfoy reach to his jaw, succeeding in grapping it even when Harry tried his best to dodge and bite at his fingers. It somehow seemed he had tried this before.

Snape came over with the leather ball from before. "Open him up" He commanded, and Malfoy forced two of the fingers grapping his jaw into each side, in between his teeth. Involuntarily his mouth opened a bit, and before he could close it again the other hand went in with three fingers and forced his upper jaw up and his mouth open.

Snape took the opportunity to press the ball in. It felt strange and smooth against his tongue, even as he tried with all his might to push it out. Snape tied the strap together on the back of his head, and Harry could hear the click of a lock.

"Don't panic now Potter. You won't get it out no matter what you try."

Harry felt like panicking anyway. He couldn't breathe! He was being choked, and they were just standing there, and it was their fault, and Malfoy was probably enjoying it and-

"Breath through your nose you fool."

The cold disdain in his voice broke Harry free of his panic attack, and he took a shuttering breath through his nose. It worked. He gave a disgruntled sound through the gag, which was meant to mean something in the line of 'I wasn't panicking, and what do you care anyway'.

Snape was looking at him appraisingly, and was apparently satisfied with Harry's new 'no sound'-look.

"Fits him nicely don't you think?" Malfoy nodded slightly. "Though something is missing to complete the look… ah"

With a flick of his wrist and a nonverbal spell, Harry was as naked as the day he was born.

He gave a startled sound and tried desperately to cover himself but only succeeded in wriggling around a bit. Snape looked on in amusement.

Malfoy's gaze immediately travelled down to Harry's now limp cock. Snape, of course, saw this.

"Draco, I think it's time for you to be on your knees again. And with the amount of interest you are eying Mr. Potter's cock with, you might as well make your position useful. I will take care of the rest while you two are preoccupied."

Draco gave a quick incredulous glance towards Snape, but looked away when he saw that the man was serious. Harry tried to say something clever that would make Malfoy stop his descend, but couldn't really get it out past the gag.

When he got on his knees in front of Harry, Malfoy hesitated a moment looking at the cock laying limp between his rivals thighs. Of course the thing took this chance to twitch in response to Harry looking down.

Apparently this small show of interest was all it took for Malfoy to gain the confidence he needed to lean in that extra inch.

Harry gave a muffled whimper when he first felt the hot tongue on the tip of his cock. The wet muscle was giving tentative licks all over the head, making it grow once more. Probably the quickest erection Harry had ever gained.

Harry fought with himself not to press closer to Malfoy. He wouldn't give him that satisfaction, not even when that flexible little tongue wormed its way against his slit and down and oh god right there and really it was the most amazing and oh a-little closer ohpleasedearMerlin-

When Malfoy finally took the head fully into his mouth Harry thrust his hips forward, moaning against the gag. Malfoy took it easily, and Harry could feel his chuckle against his cock only adding to the sensation.

His balls were crawling up already, and he felt like he could come any minute. So of course Snape chose that moment to gently tuck Malfoy off his cock completely.

"Very good Draco. Now move away a bit."

Malfoy backed away just enough to give Snape space. Harry had never felt so disappointed and so embarrassed at the same time, ever. He looked at Snape disgruntled but apprehensive. The ugly bat was not touching him.

Not that Harry could do anything to stop him when he grabbed Harry's cock. Harry gave a sound meant to be disgust, but turning out more like a moan. He tried to pull away, but Snape ignored him, lifting his erection upwards, in a clinical way, to slip something underneath it. It was from one of the boxes from before. A broad string of leather with metal embeddings. It was a little too long when Snape wrapped around the root of his cock, but as soon as the metal was locked, it magically fit itself tightly. It was very very uncomfortable. It was also successfully keeping him from coming, when Snape gave him a few teasing strokes. Damn the man!

"That will do. We can't have you enjoying your punishment too much, can we?"

Harry glared at him.

Malfoy was watching intently, eyeing Harry's cock now and again. It was purpler than could be healthy, Harry thought.

"Draco I won't need your assistance for the next parts. You can go kneel by the fireplace."

Malfoy sulked, but crawled over to the rug next to the fireplace. Harry envied him quite a bit.

Snape had picked up one of the other small boxes. This one was all silky. Still black though – maybe Snape didn't own anything in other colors. Inside it were some small metal somethings looking too small to do any real pain. Thank god.

He heard Malfoy gasp in awe when Snape took one up so he could see from where he sat. That couldn't be a good sign. Was there some cruel ability hidden in those little thingies?

Harry felt his apprehensive spike drastically when Snape aimed directly for his chest. He whispered some Latin spell word or such, and the innocent little metal thingies turned into not quite as innocent moving metal snakes.

Harry shivered as the cool metal slithered across his skin. Was it some kind of sensory torture or something? But no, they weren't just moving around randomly – they were moving towards his nipples. They were moving very determinedly towards his nipples, from either side of his chest, and they were also opening little fanged mouths that had absolutely no business anywhere near any part of Harry's anatomy. Especially not his nipples.

The right one reached the little bud first. Harry whimpered loudly through the gag as it bit down, the little fangs piercing a bit on each site, squeezing tight. It hurt, damn it hurt.

The other one made him have to choke back tears – it was so so sensitive and it really hurt. So bad. But he refused to let Snape – and Malfoy – see him weep like a little boy. Snape wouldn't break him, not ever.

The worst thing was that his cock was still hard. The cock-ring was making it impossible for this erection to diminish, he knew that, but it was still humiliating being hard and straining in front of his enemies, while they hurt him.

Snape stood back to watch his handy word. Small trickles of blood were running down from where the fangs pierced, and he cruelly wiped it off one of them with a finger. Harry's oversensitive nipple throbbed with pain, and Harry gave a choked sound of half agony, half fury. Snape smirked and twisted the snake (that had now gone rigid and very not-moving again). Harry screamed.

Or tried to anyway, it came out rather muffled, but Snape seemed to appreciate it all the same. Fucking bastard! Fucking sadistic and pedophile bastard!

Harry could feel tears gathering in the corner of his eyes no matter how hard he tried to keep them at bay. Snape reached to his left wrist, just underneath where the cuff was, and Harry steeled himself for the next horrible thing the man could do.

Instead of hurting him, Snape efficiently clicked the cuff, making them both release Harry. Before he could do anything though, Snape pointed his wand at Harry and intoned: "Mobilcorpus" manipulating his now amenable body to turn around. Harry felt decidedly bad about how Snape and Draco were now looking at his arse.

"Paralysicus totalus" Snape said calmly, stopping Harry from moving as he bend down and did something to the stone wall a couple of inches to each side of Harry's feet. He stepped back again, leaving Harry with the eerie feeling of not knowing what would happen next, then he used a spell Harry didn't know. ´Ligechorous´ or something like that. It made his body snap out to from an X, the cuffs from before locking around his wrist again, the other way this time. The things in the wall had apparently been some sort of manacles that also secured his ankles in a way that spread his legs just a little too much.

Harry tensed; more scared of not knowing what would happen than he had been when Snape was where he could keep an eye on him. Now he could just hear the sounds of the man moving around quietly, and the heavy breathing from Malfoy, where the little voyeur was perving.

Malfoy actually moaned then. What the…? Snape didn't respond, but Harry could hear little whooshy sounds coming from where he was, like something going through the air fast. It wasn't very loud, more trying. Like he was warming up for something bigger. Something like Harry. Fucking shit.

"Prepare yourself Mr. Potter. This is going to hurt." Snape said, and Harry could hear the malicious amusement in his voice. There was also the hungry quality from before, the one he had used with Malfoy.

This was killing Harry, not being able to do a thing, knowing what was coming(at least somewhat), knowing it was going to hurt, and even worse, knowing that the two people he hated the most - except for Voldemort himself - were getting off on it.

Harry closed his eyes tightly and tried to be prepared. It didn't work, and as the first sharp smack from the metal cane hit he screamed against his gag. It felt like a branding iron had been laid across his arse; the pain was white glowing, hot and cold and so all encompassing that he felt like he might pass out.

He didn't.

Instead he tried desperately to breathe through his nose, holding back the sobs that were on the verge of breaking through. He choked on the scream when the next hit came, it came out half sob. The tears were running freely now, and Harry gave up on stopping them. It hurt so much. It hurt, and he could feel the blood running down his thighs, and then he could feel himself crumble.

He stopped counting the smacks after the fourth when everything became a read haze. There was this whooshing sound in his ears and the only thing he could hear was his own pathetic sounds, muffled screams and sobs that shook his body in the restraints.

The strokes where starting to cross each other now, igniting even more pain. The first ones, who had been fading to a steady burning, flamed again, and Harry's entire arse felt like raw meat. He had never hurt so much, not even when the basilisk bit him or when Madam Pomfrey had him drink the horrible bone mending elixir.

And yet he felt light somehow. It was as if the punishment was taking away everything, everything good maybe, but also the bad. There were only the physical feelings, and as the strokes finally stopped, the pain raw and burning, Harry could feel the warmth as something other than hurt. It was a pain that, though horrible, also made him feel somewhat… free. Maybe even aroused in a strange detached sort of way that had really nothing to do with his cock. The ache on his back was almost pleasant in way Harry could never have imagined.

He didn't have the energy to be ashamed.

Now that the haze of pain had somewhat fainted, Harry could hear the hard breathing of Snape behind him. It seemed the man had become more than a little breathless by the whole exercise. Or maybe excited, who knew.

Then Harry heard the sound of fabric being ruffled and the soft thump when Snape's knees hit the ground. It strangely wasn't submissive at all when Snape was the one kneeling, because in the act he was giving no control to anyone. He didn't do it as a gesture. He just did it for himself.

And this time he did it so he could lean in and lick the blood running down Harry's thigh. Harry moaned half in pain and half in some desperate arousal that he wasn't even sure he felt, but everything was physical right now. The tongue lined out one of the thick welts left on Harry's arse, and Harry could feel his eyes roll back. Dear Merlin.

Snape got up again without a word, and no one spoke as he cast the Paralysicus totalus on Harry again. He felt almost grateful since he was sure he would have collapsed when Snape uncuffed him, had he not been frozen in place.

Snape turned Harry around to face him again. Harry felt it almost strange to look at him after what the man had just done. Not because he was angry, but because he wasn't.

Snape had an almost tender look in his eyes when he looked at Harry. Harry didn't care.

The Professor reached a finger forward catching a tear off Harry's chin, licking it off. Harry followed the motion with his eyes, finding a special intimacy in it. The tears and the welts where the proof of a punishment served. Snape was tasting it, enjoying it, approving of the evidence left behind.

Slowly the professor took off the gag. As soon as the leather ball was back on the desk, he released the spell keeping Harry in place. He was there to catch him when Harry's knees gave out.

He lowered them both to the floor where Harry kneeled half on his lap.

"So, Mr. Potter. You took that very well. I think perhaps you understand now. Which is why I would like to extend you an offer as well. Draco will be staying for a little while longer, but you are free to go now. If you choose to go, I will not heal you. You will need the reminder for the next couple of days if I am to believe that you will abide to the new behavior I have installed in you. "

Snape took off his glasses and laid them on the desk. Then he dried the tears and snot of Harry's face with a handkerchief. Harry let him, listening to the words the man spoke. None of them paid mind to the boy's erection that was still straining, trapped between them.

"You could also choose to stay. I believe you have had a taste of more than just punishment, and you might be capable of feeling the satisfaction this discipline can give you. You need this Mr. Potter, do you not? And if you stay, I will make it pleasure. I will take away your pain and give you a new one. A better pain. Do you see? I will take care of you not just in affection, but in keeping you in place."

No one else does. It swam unsaid in the air.

It was true.

"Child…" Snape was whispering now, he sounded tender, and Harry was upset. Everything was confusing, and he wanted to cry again. He wanted to sit in Snape's lap and cry. And he wanted Snape to comfort him, just as he had punished him. But could it really be? Snape had always been cruel. He was the evil potions master - right?

But how come Harry wanted to be taken care of by him then. How come he wanted Snape to discipline him when he did something bad? Was he sick, like he'd said Malfoy was? Or was it really okay to – to want this?

"Child… Harry. Be mine." Snape said it with affection. He said Harry's name, and it was with affection. Harry wept again. He also nodded.

To hell with it all then.

Snape held him for a couple of minutes, but Harry could feel when the atmosphere shifted again. He had made his choice – now the consequences. Oh well he was done crying anyhow. His erection had been wanting his attention for some time and it was becoming more and more insisting. Cock rings were an evil sort of torture, now that Harry thought about it.

Snape let go off him and sat up more straight. "Harry, go kneel in front of Draco. Face him."

This was the first time Harry had thought about Malfoy since before his punishment. It just occurred to him that the entirety of the private moment between Snape and him had been witnessed by the boy. And strangely, when he looked over at him, he didn't mind. Malfoy's cheeks were flushed, his eyes glazed over, and he was looking at the pair of them almost reverently. Harry went a little red himself, but crawled over easily, settling himself as comfortably as possible in front the boy. Malfoy's gaze was questioning. Harry wasn't sure what the question was, but it didn't really matter. He nodded anyway.

"Harry, I want both of you to call me and each other by first name when you are with me in here. Draco already knows me by first name, but you, Harry, must understand that the level of intimacy we share calls for more than titles. I expect you to call me Sir or in special cases Master, but only when we are playing. It all depends on your comfort level. "

Harry nodded calmly. "Yes Sir. I understand"

Snape looked pleased. He turned to look Malfoy – Draco – in the eye. "Draco, I cannot in good conscience take you in as a pet alongside Harry. You will be welcomed from time to time to play, but you and I both know that your loyalty and ownership lies with someone else. Let us stop it at that yes?"

Draco gave a small nod and looked resigned. It was all okay then. Harry strangely liked the thought of him being the only one… owned… by Sn– by Severus. Damn it was weird thinking it. All of it.

"I think you deserve some reward for being so good today. Stand up a little Harry, that's it. Bend over slightly."

Harry was on his knees leaning forwards. Sn-Severus was behind him, and Draco was sitting right in front of him, face level with his chest.

"Now, we are going to spoil you a bit. Draco, your mouth please. Fellatio. I will be taking care of his backside."

Draco flushed, but looked eager this time. Harry moaned lowly. He was glad the gag was gone. Draco had to bend to a bit awkward position, but it worked if he spread his legs out to the sides. He could get a little lower that way.

Harry could feel Severus spread his cheeks, but at the same time Draco took the head of his cock into his mouth, effectively distracting him from the pain of someone touching his skinned arse. No teasing this time then.

He wasn't sure what Severus was doing, and he definitely wasn't sure he was comfortable with people touching him there. But he didn't want to say anything, not when Severus had just, eh, accepted him in or whatever.

He forgot to be skeptical about it at the first touch of Severus' tongue to his hole. A loud moan forced its way out of him, and he gasped for breath as the flexible little muscle wiggled its way around the ring, even dipping inside.

He was being assaulted from two sides, Draco going at it with fervor, up and down on his cock, sucking and slurping. And then the thin, wet sensation Severus' small tongue tasting him everywhere, also where it was dirty. It was licking on the inside even, and Harry was sure he would have come three times already if it wasn't for that damned fucking annoying hateful little leather strap around his cock. Harry was sure he'd never hated anything so much. Screw Voldemort, he wanted to cum SO BADLY!

Draco let his erection go with a last enthusiastic lick to the underside. Instead he bent even lower to have a taste at Harry's balls.

Harry was sure he died. He wasn't sure if he was in heaven or hell though.

The sensations were almost too much, and when Severus inserted a finger alongside his tongue, pushing it up against some special spot inside Harry, the sound that came out of him was more like a scream than a moan.

He could feel his professor's wet chuckle against his arsehole. Oh dear god.

Severus pulled his head away. With a small tuck at Draco's hair, the other boy pulled away too. Harry felt almost relieved but mostly disappointed.

Then he was pushed, falling forwards. He caught himself on Draco's shoulders, hanging unto him. The boy was right in front of him, his nipples almost poking Harry in the eye. Harry very nearly snorted at the funny picture – the only thing stopping him was that he then would have to explain to the others. And he didn't want to pause the proceedings at the moment. Not at all.

"Hold still for a moment Harry. Feel free to lean on Draco."

The sound of a buttons being opened made Harry freeze in place. Was Severus going to…?

He was. The man's hands grabbed his hips in a grip that was sure to leave bruises, but felt just right. "Try to relax."

That was all the warning he got as Severus' huge erection began pushing in his slightly loosened entrance. He moaned in pain, tightening his own grip on Draco's shoulders.

As soon as the head was in, Severus gave a brutal thrust. Harry was pushed forward harshly, his head colliding with Draco's chest. He didn't notice, the burning in his arse taking all his attention. It hurt in a different way than the caning had, but it still hurt. It hurt inside him, deep inside, and yet it also felt good. Severus' cock was scraping against the same spot inside him that his fingers had found, and the haze from before was coming back. His cock wasn't even trying to falter.

Severus gave a few short but hard thrusts, and then he was in to the root. Harry could feel his balls against the sore skin of his upper thighs. In fact most of the welts on his backside were in connection with Severus' body, the fabric of his robes brushing against them. The feeling was strange, hurting but good.

"Support your own weight Harry. Draco is getting his reward now."

Stumbling a bit, his arms feeling weak, Harry got on all fours. Draco pulled back a little more, giving him space. Harry couldn't see his face, but he supposed from the look of the boys cock, that Draco was enjoying this as much as him. In fact now that he was facing downwards he could see a wet spot where the boy had sat before. His face flushed completely red at the thought of the slytherin coming while watching him being punished. Silly really, after what they'd just done, but it seemed he still wasn't completely over his shyness regarding sexual… stuff.

He was forced back to reality when one of Severus' hands left his hip to reach up and tuck on his hair. His head came up. "I will be fucking your arse Harry. Draco here will be fucking your mouth. Open wide, and try not to choke. We will go slowly at first."

Harry really wasn't prepared for that. He should have been, since Draco had just been sucking on his pecker, but somehow he hadn't really thought of retaliating. Draco got up a bit, and Harry could hear his labored breathing, every breathe sounding like small moans. Hesitantly he opened his mouth, and stuck his tongue out a little. How did one do this again?

Draco pushed in a bit, the head slipping in without much trouble. Draco's cock was about the same size as Harry's which was not so big. Not as big as Ron or the twins' and definitely not as big as Severus'. It tasted sorta funny, a bit salty. Harry decided it wasn't bad and licked a bit where he could reach. Apparently that felt really good, since Draco gave a loud moan, thrusting in. Harry tried not to gag on the cock, when it was suddenly in his throat.

Snape clicked his tongue, and pushed Draco out a bit, by the hip. Harry gave a disgruntled sound and didn't let him get all the way out, already trying to take more of Draco's cock in again. He couldn't explain it, but he found he really really liked the feeling of the silky skin in his mouth, sliding against his tongue, brushing the roof of his mouth. His lips stretching around the shaft… It really was indescribable. He even somewhat liked the feeling of the cock in his throat, choking him. He wondered if that was somehow perverted, but then decided he didn't care.

Severus' chuckle sounded pleased if surprised, so it couldn't be all bad.

Draco started thrusting in and out of Harry's mouth, a bit more gently now. As soon as the pace was set, Harry could fell Snape starting to move again, the cock still in his arse. He was much loosened, but the saliva that had lubricated him before had dried, so the only thing lubing him now was the pre-come from Severus' cock. The thrusting was rough, almost tearing him, but he didn't care. Everything felt sorta perfect right in that moment.

A cock hammering in and out of his arse, hitting that heavenly spot right on. Another cock pushing into his mouth, down his throat, making him choke and sputter for breath.

He decided this was heaven. Severus had been right – he did need this. And if he hadn't known before, he certainly knew now that he didn't ever want to not have it again. Even the punishment, the caning, was part of it, and the feel of the welts tearing again, and the blood running freely once more, somehow only added to the perfection of it all.

Draco and Severus matched their rhythm so that every time Severus thrust in, Draco drew out, and every time Draco pushed his cock down Harry's throat, Severus would only have his cockhead left in Harry's tight passage.

The red haze had completely swallowed him, everything was pain and pleasure and pain and perfect and pleasure. He did even really feel it when Severus reached down and released the cock ring and he came. His climax went on forever, but since everything was pleasure, the pleasure in his cock was just a part of it. He was hard again as soon as it finished.

Draco came down his throat, but pulled out in time to spurt some in Harry's face. Harry moaned, loving not so much the taste as the idea. Snape grabbed his neglected cock with one hand, the other pushing Harry down, so his face hit the stone floor. The rest of his body was on the rug, but the feel of the cold, rough stone against his face made him moan again. Severus was thrusting harder and harder, and Harry could feel himself tearing, blood mixing in, making the thrusts both easier and more painful. It didn't matter. Severus was leaning over him, one hand still tugging harshly at his erection, the other reaching down to tuck at the little metal snakes still clamping down on Harry's nipples. He came again, screaming in pain.

Severus flicked the right one off, the spellword coming out strained. The feel of the blood rushing back into nipple, the pain of it, almost made Harry pass out. He sure felt lightheaded.

The other one, the left, did make him black out for a second, but he came to it again quickly. Severus never stopped thrusting. Both hands were back on Harry's hips now, bruising them and touching the welts.

Three more thrusts, erratic and flustered now, and Harry could feel the wet heat of Severus' come inside him. He moaned softly, too tired for much else. His cock was hard again of course, but he didn't need to come. He felt bloody exhausted.

Severus pulled out slowly. He lifted Harry a bit, and lay him down flat on the rug, on his stomach. Draco was sitting beside them, legs crossed. It seemed he'd already cleaned himself up. Harry turned his head and gave a small smile at the both of them. Damn he felt tired, like he could fall asleep right there in front of the fire, naked and covered in blood and semen.

Severus didn't let him. Wandlessly he summoned a towel, using aquamenti to get it damp and some unknown spell to get it pleasantly hot. He started with himself, cleaning Harry's blood and his own cum of his cock. Harry recognized the symbolism in it, but thought it fitting really.

He then started gently washing off the blood from Harry's back, cleaning the welts with care not to cause too much pain. Harry sighed in contentment.

It could have been done easily with a Tergeo spell. Somehow the fact that Severus was doing it himself and with such care made the new relationship between them that more real. Severus had said that he would take care of Harry in discipline and punishment, but also affection. He'd done the first part. He was doing the second.

Harry felt happier than he had in a long time.

His erection was fading, going away without a fuss this time. It had been allowed to play more than usual anyway.

When Snape had finished cleaning him up, he made to pick up his wand again. Harry grabbed his wrist without thinking, but then let go, flushing.

Severus raised an eyebrow.

"Uhm, sorry Sir, eh Severus, it's just that I'd like you to not heal my back you know – entirely. I'd, eh, like to, you know, be able to feel the – some of it. For a while. That is."

Well that was eloquent. Not. Harry felt like a moron.

Severus fortunately looked amused rather than annoyed.

"I was not going to heal the pain in you anal passage, only the welts left behind by the caning. I would like you to feel me the next couple of days, but I am sure the more pleasant parts of our time together should be more than sufficient. I appreciate that you would think so too, but the next time simply talk to me. I do not like being grabbed."

The last part was slightly chiding. Harry nodded, blushing.

"Episkey." Severus' wand traced the outline of the welts, healing them to faint marks that would fade after a couple of hours. He had to repeat the spell a few times.

Harry wiggled a bit, but tried to keep still. The healing spell really tickled. He looked up at Draco who smiled tentatively down at him. Harry smiled back. Who cared about rivalry when you'd just gotten spanked together by your teacher?

Wow that sounded incredibly bad when thought in full. Harry would have to think about this.

Or he would have to try not to.

He liked it better when he didn't think.

"All done. Turn around so I can heal your nipples. They will be incredibly sore tomorrow."

Harry turned around and sat up. The drowsiness from before had passed, and he felt almost giddy. Happy. Better than he had in forever. He couldn't remember ever feeling as carefree and childlike as he did right now.

Severus' eyes seemed to shine with something akin to fondness, when he looked down at Harry. He used the healing spell on each of the little buds. Harry looked up at him and smiled. He got an almost-smile back.

Severus reached out and traced the shape of Harry's face with a finger.

"My Harry. You will be good from now on, will you not?"

Harry nodded fervently. "Am I really yours? Can I come back? Can we do this again? Can Draco join?"

Severus shushed him. "Yes. To all of it. You are mine now, and though Draco isn't, I would not mind if he joined us from time to time. I do hope this has put an end to the idiotic animosity between the two of you."

Draco and Harry looked at each, and then nodded. It was a deal then, no more fighting.

Harry had a thought.

"Severus, what do I tell Ron and Hermione?"

Severus seemed to hold back a sneer with all his might. Harry thought he might appreciate it. He could also be annoyed.

"Not the truth obviously. But you can tell them that we have reached an understanding and due to things in my past being cleared and talked over, I no longer bear any grudge against you. You have promised to try harder in class – which you have – and I have promised not to be unduly hard on you. Draco will make sure this does not bear too much gossip in slytherin."

Snape here looked pointedly over at Draco, who nodded that he understood.

" When they ask in the future about the evenings you will spend here, tell them that I am teaching you, but that I have asked you not to share what the lessons consist of with them, since it is sensitive information. Even Granger will be able to hold her curiosity at bay when confronted with the direct command of a teacher."

Harry thought it over, then agreed. It would work, at least for a while.

"Now I think the two of you should go to bed. It is almost past curfew, and it has been a very long and eventful evening. You have both missed dinner I am sorry to say, but the houseelves will provide you with something light before bed if you wish it. You can call for one. I will expect you, Harry, back tomorrow evening." Harry beamed at him.

"Goodnight boys. Thank you for a lovely evening, and don't forget the purpose of your punishments. Now get dressed."

As Severus waved them off, Harry had a feeling that this might just have been the most important thing that had happened to him since he found out he was a wizard.

Then Severus smiled at him, and Harry decided it was more important than anything before.


Here it is. Harry will never be the same again! I think I might do a couple of oneshots about them later, since I quite like these characters. And it will enable me to write pure smut. Yay. I'd like to see Ron and Hermione's reactions to the changes in him too – maybe when they finally find out? But that's far ahead in the future.

Does anyone want to see Draco and his Daddy?