Hello everyone.. here is another random chapter about 6x05... I hope you find some enjoyment in it. Thanks for having a look! :)

Okay. Bad idea Dean. Really, really bad idea. You should have called instead. Just, just walk away before she wakes up.

Shit man. Too late.

No, please Lisa, stay where you are. Let me just say what I have to and then you will be safe. Without me. This is how it has to be. Please, don't come closer. Don't. I can hear the steady rhythm of your heart and I feel my body ache. With desire. For blood.

Or, maybe you should. Come a little closer.

No. Stand up now Dean!

I feel like I can't breathe, I try to convince her it is for the best, that she will be better off without me but she doesn't listen. She steps closer and the hitch in my breath notches up.

Wait. She. Her heart. It pounds in her chest. Her blood. Flows so fast through her veins. She wants me to stay. She does not want me to leave. Look at her, she is practically begging me not to go. Her lips are moving but I can't hear, the blood drowns out every other noise. Her neck, it taunts me. I can not take it, I need to touch her, to taste her, to feel her essence flow within me.

I can feel the darkness, it burns right through me. She just, she smells so damn good, the sweat of fear starts to roll off of her as I hold her confined against the wall. Her blood, it sounds so good. She wants this. I know she does.

She doesn't know what I am doing. And neither do I. I inch closer to her lips but I have to avert my eyes so they can narrow in on the prize. To her neck. To the throb of her pulse, the succulent fluid housed inside, close enough I can almost taste it. Her heart. It thumps so loudly that I find it hard to concentrate. On anything.

Oh God. She is so scared. Terrified. Utterly and completely. Of me. Because the Dean she has known, has loved is gone, taken over by a monster. With every moment that ticks by I come that much closer to the point of no return. I can feel the monster within start to take over more and more of my body, of my thoughts and I am ready to let go. To give in. To the vampire.

NO! I can't do this to her. To Ben. To me. To Sam. To everyone who has ever meant anything to me. I must not. I CAN'T!

I turn just as the urge overtakes me and can feel my new teeth escape their confines. I am out of control and although she speaks to me I can not make sense of the words, I can not respond. I do the only thing I can to stop myself. I run.

Ben. No. Please. Stay away. Don't look at me. Don't touch me. Don't come any closer. I am so close to the edge. I feel myself slam the boy up against the wall and can feel the bore of his and his mother's eyes upon me. I look once to him, once to her and as I see the horror, the pain stricken looks each of them wear I know that whatever we once had is over. I bury my face in my sleeve and send each of them a silent and heartfelt goodbye.