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Now, for something you can actually read (I'm sorry!) a Role-Play when Jackson's 20 years old.

Jackson folded up his cane and tucked it in his trouser thigh pocket, hopping on an old swing and pushing off, chuckling as the breeze played with his hair. He knew most people considered him 'too old' to be swinging, but he still liked the wind on his face, and the lurch in his stomach when the swing would fall, or on the few occasions he'd jumped off.

Lee apparated with Medea in his arms underneath the slide. They fell, he was laughing whilst Medea was scowling. "Don't do that again." She scolded, trying to wriggle out of his arms.

Jackson slowed as two people apparated with a pop. He checked his wand in his sleeve, just in case, but didn't stop swinging. They probably just wanted to have some immature fun like himself.

Blaire appeared on the sidewalk with her black cloak around her shoulders and the hood over her head. She sighed and looked around and spotted someone who she hadn't seen in awhile.

Medea finally managed to escape. She stood up, completely unaware of the person behind her, and straightened out her clothes. "You-You can't just take me out of work!"

Lee wasn't listening as he drew his wand out, spotting the boy behind Medea.

Jackson smirked, it sounded like a lover's quarrel. He swung higher, past horizontal, falling for a moment before the swing chains tightened again, his stomach protesting.

"Medea." Blaire called, smirking behind the shadow of the hood.

Medea snapped round, hearing her name, all she saw was a person in a black cloak. She drew her wand and stood protectively in front of Lee, the word 'Deatheater' rang out in her mind.
They would kill a 'Mudblood' without hesitation.
She froze as she saw where Lee's eyes were fixed. Another one?

Jackson cocked his head to the side. Medea. The name was familiar, as well as the voice, but he couldn't place either one. He slowed, trying to listen around the wind in his ears.

"Are you seriously going to try to push a spell at me? Really Medea?" Blaire asked pulling back the cloak hood some so they could see her face.

At the word 'spell' Jackson took action. He grabbed his wand from out of his sleeve, leaping from the swing and landing in a crouch. It hurt a bit, but was much faster than stopping the swing.

Medea ran towards Blaire, grinning. "Blaire!" She laughed as she hugged her old friend.

Lee stayed put, raising his wand as he saw movement. "Freeze." He growled quietly, making sure that Medea was still in the corner of his eye.

Blaire hugged her back letting her hood fall back and smiled at Medea.
"Hey hey," Blaire laughed. She pulled back and looked at her.
"You haven't changed much!" Blaire chuckled and then looked at the guy with his wand raised.
"You need to chill," Blaire laughed.

"Calm down." Jackson said, standing. "I won't attack if you don't." It sounded like 2 females and one male, the girls were vaguely familiar, preoccupied with each other, and the boy was likely pointing a wand at him.

Lee's wand lowered slightly. "How do I know you're not a Deatheater?" He asked.

Medea turned to Blaire, "Sorry but we've been constantly haunted by Deatheaters."

"I guess you don't, but I doubt they'd have much use for a muggle-born blind guy barely out of school." Jackson kept his tone even. There was no way to prove whether he was or wasn't a Death Eater, and this guy seemed on edge.

At the mention of Muggleborn, Lee's wand lowered to the point that it almost seemed as if he was about to pocket it.

"We cool?" Jackson asked, not hearing anyone talking or stepping towards him.

"Be right back." Medea groaned and apparated beside the platinum-haired guy, still with her wand in her hand. "Who's this?" She asked Lee cautiously.

Lee shrugged and cocked his head towards the girl in the black cape. "And her?"

"An old Hogwarts friend." Medea said, still keeping her eyes on the guy in front of them.

Blaire apparated next to Medea.
"So, Death Eaters are after you?" Blaire asked skeptically as she looked at Medea.

Jackson moved a foot backwards at the sudden sound of disapparating and apparating. He scowled inwardly, only kids apparated such a short distance needlessly. It couldn't have been more than 8 metres.
"I'm Jackson Smith." He told the girl. "I believe your name is Medea?"

Medea broke into a grin. "Wow… Jackson? You look more... different".

Lee, seeing that Medea was ignoring the other girl, turned to her. "They've been chasing me after the first incident." He ran his fingers through his hair...

"What incident?" Blaire asked. She glanced up at the boy who didn't seem out of the ordinary. Blaire lowered her hood all the way so her now white blonde hair shone.

Apparently Medea recognized him, hopefully her boyfriend wouldn't attack him unarmed. Jackson stuck his wand back up his sleeve and grabbed his cane out of his trouser pocket, easily unfolding it.

"When I decided to visit Medea during her work-shift." Lee said casually, pocketing his wand.

"Oh." Blaire replied. Blaire then looked at Medea, looking at her curiously.
Guess she didn't join the DE's. Blaire hissed to herself.
"So where do you work Medea?" Blaire asked.

"Borgin and Burke's." Medea smiled, pocketing her wand herself.

Blaire laughed.
"Not in one but still in with the dark arts." Blaire whispered laughing to herself.
"So how have you been?" Blaire asked.

Jackson sat on a swing, thinking. How did he know Medea and Blaire? Borgin and Burke's was the most well-known shop in Knocturn Alley, so they were likely Slytherin. He remembered in his first year Johnny didn't get along with Blaire, declaring her evil, and Medea had a raven that ran away.
Getting that cleared up, he folded his cane and stuck it back in his pocket, swinging gently. If they wanted him, they'd get his attention.

Medea frowned playfully. "I couldn't get a job anywhere else."

Lee stepped towards the boy, noticing the cane, he asked "You're blind?"

"You could do what I do." Blaire smirked evilly.

"As a Healer? I don't think I'll manage." She laughed, knowing full well that Blaire was a Deatheater.

"Yeah." Jackson replied. "Completely blind since birth. Jackson Smith, by the way." He stuck out a hand towards the boy's voice.

Lee grinned and took Jackson's hand. "Hmmm...Jackson? Pleasure."

"Same." Jackson smiled, the boy had a firm grip. "What should I call you?"

"Lee, Lee Summerson." He grinned. "So you went to Hogwarts?"

"That I did, Lee. Yourself?" Jackson noted that Blaire and Medea had stopped talking. Watching the boys?

"Who is he?" Blaire muttered to Medea.

"Unfortunately he's my boyfriend." Medea whispered playfully.

"Sure did." Lee grinned "Graduated eleven years ago I think, was sorted into Ravenclaw, parents nearly died of shock." He laughed.

"Awww, does he come in pureblood? I'm even lowering my standards for half-bloods that were in Slytherin." Blaire teased.

"Bloody hell, I only finished 3 years ago." Jackson chuckled. "Your parents Slytherin?"

Lee laughed. "Nah, they're Muggles".

Medea sheepihly grinned, knowing how much Blaire hated Muggles.

"Can see why you'd be wary of Death Eaters, then. Blimey, you're brave, I steer clear of Knockturn Alley and you visit your girlfriend there." He shook his head, smiling. "I'd say any muggle-born willingly in Knockturn Alley probably has a death wish."

Lee laughed. "I managed to take down two last time."

"Bloody hell." Jackson repeated, grinning. "Anything for love, eh?"

Lee smirked. "You could always say that." He ran a hand through his hair.

"You're a mudblood?" Blaire hissed.

"Heh. Was she scared when you told her about the 2 Death Eaters? Angry?"
Jackson's head snapped over to Blaire's voice. "Look, I'm not sure who you're talking to, but that's not a fight you want to get into." He said evenly, a little coldly. 3-on-1 wasn't good odds, even for a Death Eater.

"Stay out of this youngin'." Blaire hissed.

"Just stop and think." Jackson said, standing. "There are 3 people here who are alright with muggleborns. Do you want to take on 3 people for the sake of blood purity?" His brow hardened, hopefully logic would work and it wouldn't come to a fight.

"You're pretty bold, scum, but that doesn't mean I can't call for back-up." Blaire hissed.

"Look, just-" He sighed and rubbed his forehead. "Why does this matter to you? We're the same people we were 5 minutes ago. Blood purity has nothing to do with whether or not you'll be friends with a person."

"She was...pissed" Lee laughed, punching his girlfriend playfully on the shoulder, however he stiffened as he heard the word 'Mudblood', his wand was out within seconds.
"You little pureblood arrogant bitch-"he growled.

Medea however pushed against his chest, holding him. Her glare was cold. "-Hush." she hissed.

"It matters because I grew up with this and of course it matters." Blaire said.
Blaire turned toward the boy, a cruel smirk lighting up her features.
"Don't you point her wand at me little boy." Blaire hissed. She grabbed her own wand from the bun in her hair and pushed the tip against his chest.
"I suggest you lower your wand." Blaire threatened.

Jackson didn't have his wand out, so Blaire must have been talking to Lee. Jackson grabbed his own wand from out of his sleeve.
"It's not worth it, Blaire." He said seriously. "Medea's your friend, and I doubt you can call for backup before we can hex you."

Blaire smirked.
"Who needs backup when I can have it already." Blaire muttered.
"Come here pretty" Blaire hissed and her snake from 7th year came out of the bushes.

"P-Please stop it both of you" Medea's voice was desperate yet Lee just casually pushed her aside.

He raised his wand, challenging her, "Let's end it with a duel pureblood"he growled.(a formal one)

Medea paled...surely not in a Muggle playground. "Lee, you're being stupid-"

Slightly panicked, Jackson shot the first spell that came to mind.
"Petrificus Totalus!" He cried, pointing at Blaire's voice.

At seeing Jackson move, Lee ran so he was behind the climbing frame, dragging Medea behind him, firing a barrage of spells towards the black caped girl.

Blaire waved her wand. 'Protego.' She thought quickly. The barrier formed around her just in time to make the curse rebound. She turned toward Jackson and smirked.
"Depluso!" Blaire said as she aimed at Jackson and then she moved back a few spaces and looked towards the mudblood.
"Alright lets." Blaire sneered as she looked at the ground, smirking.

"Wait for your dinner." Blaire hissed.

Lee quickly jumped out, pushing Jackson out of the way...

Medea's head snapped up with shocked eyes. Idiot.

Jackson was knocked to the side by someone, getting up slightly winded. Lee and Medea had run somewhere, he wasn't quite sure where, but they were still in firing range. Running wasn't a safe option for him. He heard Blaire hissing.

Blaire's spell hit the tree behind Jackson and it disappeared. She sighed and glared at the boy.
"Are you ready, mudblood?" Blaire asked. The snake wavered in the shadows and sighed, waiting for her command.

Lee looked up, fire in his eyes. At least the other boy was safe, and so was Medea. He pointed his wand up to the girl. "Stupefy!"

Jackson wasn't sure whether to intervene or not. He trusted Lee not to curse him on accident, but Blaire would likely do so just for fun. Where was Medea?

Blaire jumped out of the way of the spell, not having time to defend herself with a spell barrier. 'Protego.' She thought, before she pointed her wand at the ground.
"Flagrate!" Blaire hissed. A fiery rope erupted from the end of her wand. She felt the heat coming off it and she snapped it close to the mudblood. So close that she hoped he could feel the flame's heat.
"Hope you like fire... 'cause I do." Blaire sneered. Then she glanced at her snake.
"Go enjoy some blind mudblood, my sweet." Blaire hissed.

Lee gritted his teeth as he felt the heat lick his skin. He was not going to lose to some overconfident bitch. He dug his wand into the ground. 'Confringo.' The ground blew apart, shards of heated rock flew into the air...He would bring her down in his death.

Medea widened her eyes, her feet were planted in shock as she lost sight of them in the blurry of heated silt.

Blaire felt the ground shake beneath her and she almost fell over but stumbled and she glared at him. She whipped her flaming rope and aimed it right at his chest.

At the word 'fire', Jackson knew it would be foolish of him to interfere. Where was Medea? He inched backwards, away from the fight, until he felt something coil around his ankle.
"Bugger!" He cried, kicking his leg and stumbling backwards. "Bugger! Bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger!" Oh god oh god he hated snakes, he really hated snakes, why did it have to be snakes? He yelled out and covered his head as the ground exploded and he fell. "Bugger bugger bugger!"

A slither of movement caught his eye. A snake. "Jacks-"
The fiery whip lashed out straight onto his chest, setting his clothes on fire. He clenched his teeth.

The dirt finally settled. Medea was met by the sight of her boyfriend burning. "Aguamenti!" She shouted, dousing him in water...

With shaking hands Jackson pulled out his cane, quickly unfolding it. He could feel the snake still wrapped around his ankle. "Bugger bugger bugger bugger bugger!" He cried, hitting his ankle with his cane. Kill the snake. Kill the snake. Kill the snake. Kill the snake.

"Blood traitor!" Blaire screamed at Medea.
"I grow bored of fighting with you. Defodio!" Blaire screamed, aiming at Lee.
"Bite!" Blaire hissed at her snake.

"You're the traitor, Blaire!" Medea screamed, she grabbed Lee and disapparated.

Blaire laughed cruelly and smirked.
"He's gonna die!" Blaire laughed before she looked at her snake.

Jackson screamed as the snake bit this calf, letting out all the swears he knew. He bashed at it with his cane. The pop of disapparition. Who left? Not Blaire, she was still screaming.

"Come, my precious." Blaire hissed. Her snake slithered over to her and she chuckled.
"Have fun dying, you little filthy Mudblood." Blaire hissed as she wrapped her snake around her arm as she disapparated.

Blaire disapparated and Jackson bellowed in pain and anger. He had gotten bit by a Death Eater's snake, and didn't even kill it in return. He had to get to a doctor. St. Mungo's? Could they heal something Muggle like a snake bite? It was worth a try. He staggered to his feet and raised his wand.

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