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Summary: Set after season 3. Terrible events happened that caused Merlin to be shattered. What happened and why has the young sorcerer turned his back on Arthur? And who has he turned to?

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Chapter 1

The castle was dark, the only light coming from the moon that shone through the open windows. Cold air filled Merlin's lungs. Searching his way through the castle, Merlin was amazed by its beauty.

Large paintings surrounded him as he crossed a large chamber. One long table stood in the middle. It was filled with peculiar looking objects. An old and rusty chandelier, candles that were half burned, old books from which the text inside had already faded.

Merlin let his gaze slide over each object, but there was no time to thoroughly look at them. Pushing open the large wooden doors, Merlin entered the next chamber. Bookshelves stood at every side of the walls. This must be the library. The windows here were closed and three candles were lit, casting everything in an orange glow.

Merlin let the tip of his finger slide over the spines of the books, reading their titles as he passed them. They were about biology, about the astronomy, about every subject that existed in this world.

Gaius would have loved spending an afternoon here, though that would never happen.

Merlin crossed the library slowly until he reached the exit. He glanced behind him once more, not believing that so much knowledge was stored here, knowledge for the witch sisters.

He sighed deeply. Walking through the castle of Morgause and Morgana gave him chills, but there was no turning back. Closing the doors of the library behind him, Merlin heard voices. He had been surrounded by silence for hours, for days even. It was strange to hear something else than his own thoughts.

"You must remain calm, sister."

It was Morgana's voice. She sounded worried, distressed even. Merlin walked towards her voice. He stepped onto a small balcony where he could see the sisters beneath him. They were in what appeared to be the old throne chamber.

A mighty looking chair stood before a large and long table that was covered with candles. Food was placed on it, and wine. Morgana sat on the chair, her long black hair laying over her shoulder. She wore a red velvet dress and her gaze appeared fixated on her sister.

Morgause looked back to Morgana as she paced up and down before the table, fury clearly visible in her eyes and posture. Her long blue robe just didn't touch the ground as she walked. "Everything failed," Morgause's voice was filled with anger, "we have nothing!"

Merlin could hear that the eldest sister's fury wasn't directed towards Morgana, though, but she was clearly upset with someone.

"When our strength has returned," Morgana smiled, "the throne will be ours again."

"Uther still lives," Morgause leaned with her hands on the table. Her blonde curls fell over her shoulders, making it difficult for Merlin to see her face. "Arthur still lives."

"They are weak," Morgana said, rising from her seat, "Camelot is shaking. Soon, we will have another chance."

"I hope you are right, sister," Morgause straightened her back, crossing her hands before her chest, "but there is much we need to take care off."

"Such as?" Morgana walked towards Morgause, placing her hand gently on her shoulder.

"Gaius," Morgause said, her gaze darkening.

Merlin could only swallow heavily. It appeared the sisters did not yet know about his magic.

"He did this to me," Morgause said through pursed lips.

"Your magic will return to its full strength once more," Morgana assured her, a warm smile covering her lips, "Gaius is nothing compared to you."

"I will have my vengeance," Morgause smirked, "one day."

"We must focus, sister," Morgana said, her smile having disappeared, "Uther and his son are our first concern."

"You want the throne back?" Morgause asked. She placed her own hand on that of Morgana's that still lay on her shoulder.

"Yes," Morgana answered, casting her gaze down, "more than anything. Uther doesn't deserve the crown." She looked up, meeting Morgause's eyes. "Neither does Arthur. Magic must be allowed to return to Camelot again."

"And so it will," Morgause let her hand drop back next to her body, "don't worry, sister, everything will fall into place."

"How?" Morgana didn't seem to able to believe what her sister had said. A frown filled her face.

"She doesn't know," Merlin found his own voice to be loud and strong. He could feel the gazes of the sisters immediately drawn towards him, anger flashing in their eyes.

"You," Morgause hissed.

"Guards!" Morgana cried out.

Merlin was surprised to learn that there were actually guards in this castle even though he hadn't seen any. None of that mattered, however. The moment of truth was near and all that mattered now, was how Merlin would handle this.

"Prya surche rea," Morgause's voice filled the chamber, the words echoing off the stone walls.

Merlin could feel her magic heading his way and he was surprised to find it almost...weak. "Dondee," Merlin said, knowing that his eyes had just flashed into a golden colour. As he lifted his arm, a soft blue wave erupted from the tips of his fingers, protecting him from Morgause's magic.

He could hear Morgana gasp.

"Your magic is nothing compared to mine," Merlin simply said.

The doors that lead into the chamber burst open, four guards running in. They had their swords and shields drawn, but Morgause lifted her hand, ordering them to come to a halt. Her gaze drifted back towards Merlin.

"Why are you here?" she simply demanded to know.

Merlin could see a narrow staircase lead from the small balcony to the Throne Room now and so he descended. Arriving downstairs, he found himself standing only a few feet away from the sisters. Their gazes never left him, anger and frustration clearly visible in their eyes.

"You have a nice castle," Merlin said, ignoring Morgause's question, "a little unprotected, but that can change."

"You're a sorcerer?" Morgana asked in disbelief. It seemed she needed Merlin to confirm her thoughts.

He nodded. "Yes," he told her, "I was born with magic."

"And where is your beloved Prince?" Morgause asked. Her words sounded like poison.

"In Camelot," Merlin said, "he does not know I am here."

"And your magic-"

"Is something he is unaware off," Merlin said, looking at Morgana who appeared to have grown paler than usual.

"Why are you here?" Morgause asked again. "Arthur-"

"The Prince," Merlin interrupted the eldest sister. He swallowed heavily, feeling a bile rise in his throat. There was no other way, however, no other road he could take. He had made his decision the day he had left Camelot and there was not turning back. "I no longer serve the Prince."

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