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Tejara looked out the window and sighed. Just another day in the same office, in the same town, on the same planet, she thought. This is what happens when you dream all your life of traveling the galaxy.

"Hey Tejara, I need you transfer this to the other office."

"Okay, I'll get on it right away." She walked down the stairs to get to the reception room to get to the data-sender.

"Hey Tejara, can you watch the desk for me? I have to get something from the back for Briant."

"Sure I have to get this transferred and sent anyway." She began to transfer it and accidently nocked over the pen holder. She picked up the pens on the desk and then bent to get the one that fell on the floor. Someone touched her back and she squealed.

"TERI! Don't do that." She couldn't believe she didn't sense that. She must have force cloaked herself.

"But it is so fun to do," the Human replied. She was 5' 9" tall, with brown hair, pale skin, and teasing green eyes. Then Tejara noticed the Togruta standing next to her. The Togruta was probably 5' 4" tall. With all the normal features of a Togruta, dark red skin with white patches all over her skin and around her eyes, head-tails, montrals, and baby blue eyes. Tejara smiled shyly at her.

"This is Britessa. Britessa, this is Tejara."

"Hello, how are you? You seem rather busy so we shant stay long," Britessa said.

"Do you have plans for lunch?" asked Teri.

"No, I get off right after lunch," Tejara replied. "Why don't we meet at Garden Square?"

"Okay-dokay, see ya then, bye," said Teri. After they left Tejara thought to herself, I never did get that pen.