Thanks to Katia Swift and Aurora Lunar 0Love This0 for reviewing. Guys I know I didn't give you any warning but... this is the last Chapter. Actually... it's an epilogue. I am doing a sequel but I'm not sure when I'm putting it up. Probably in the next week. This is kinda angusty and short. You'll find out more when I post.

Tears ran down her face. They had just found out what happened. It had been only 2 days ago that he had left. She couldn't believe he was gone. He was so full of life and so happy. He was the one who found something funny in every situation. She couldn't imagine what She was going through. It was horrible to think about. The fighter had crashed. He was on his way back from a mission. The service was today. They had all sat together and cried. Then at the end of the service all of the Jedi had raised their lightsabers and ignited them. It was a beautiful array of colors: purple, yellow, orange, green and blue. She noticed Del-Tara helping the twins hold their lightsabers properly. She thought that nothing would be happy again.