Chapter 9
End of Quarantine

15th September 2017,

I'm writing this from my apartment in Nastya's outpost. I never thought I'd come back here.

We all got out of that damn cell yesterday. I bet the cleaners had a hell of a work to do. I remember the moment we walked through the barracks to get out of there, escorted by two soldiers.

I can still feel the dry blood and the transpiration on my skin, though I already managed to wash it off. It's weird. My hair was messed up and sticky. I hadn't slept well at all.

I remember all the people looking at us, as if we were ghosts when we walked through the whole warehouse, heading towards Zach's 'office', if we can call it that. They had actually made rooms with cement while we were in Quarantine, but it wasn't great and the room had files, papers, debris of food, and

They should've thought of that earlier.

As soon as we got in the office, we were welcomed by Zach; Dante seemed bored out of his mind and just nodded his head at us. I believe that was when I started hating him.

"Glad seeing you guys are alright!"

Zach started, seemingly happy.

"I hope the victims of this attack will rest in peace."

"I'm giving all of the LR's three days to do what the hell they want; because later, we're going out on missions, and it won't be pretty. So get ready, grab all the necessary things you can bring, and then get back here."

Zach finished, his companion nodded furiously as he walked round and round and round and round and round and round; he was looking at someone else. A girl. He went next to her, and trying to lean against something, went against a few unstable boxes and…Sort of fell on the boxes. The girl chuckled and walked away.

"Shit. I failed."

He snapped. Later, I learned he was flirty all the time, even if he wasn't that clumsy, usually.

"Alright. You're dismissed."

Our leader told us. I walked out, followed by Nick, Amara, Boundary and the others. As I reached the exit, I heard a voice calling me. I turned around and saw my friends, Brandon, Artice, and Wesley, running at me with a few people. Two of them seemed familiar. I recognised Kenneth and Roland.

I rushed towards them and we did the 'bro greeting'. High-five, that is. I would ALMOST have hugged them but in my mind, it didn't seem like the right thing to do.

"What's up?"

I asked, with a bit of enthusiasm.

"Oh, nothin'. We lived peacefully until those grey bastards decided to come to that now lost paradise.

Roland replied, pissed as he remembered it again.

"Vini, Vidi, I lost. It sucked horribly."

His left eyebrow twitched. He squeezed a soda can in his hand so hard the drink started spilling on his clothes.


I slowly stepped back and went next to Ken.

"Mind telling me the details later, bro?"

I whispered to him, so Roland couldn't hear me. But that's exactly what happened. He has a damn sharp hearing capacity.

"NOTHING happened. We shot the fucking shit out of those fucking zombies and fled. I already told you."

He kept on 'explaining' what happened during half an hour, as we went back to the outpost. Those were the only minutes I actually wished I was a zombie. I would have the right to kill him.

Now that I think about it, I could've committed suicide or shot him. The guards that came to get us out of the cell had given us our weapons back, after all.

As soon as I closed my apartments' door, I went to my room, fell on my bed and started sleeping. It had been awhile I didn't sleep correctly.

Today I'm going to buy some ammunition, weapons, and food, since I got a ticket today saying that I had received $7500 on my bank account. Plus, I can sell some of my guns to get new ones.

Can't I?

-Mark Connor