Pain coursed through Gabe's skull, numbing his thoughts and reducing them to a mere minimum. All he could think about right now was violence. Pain and violence.
The rain beat down on the grassy landscape outside, the pitter-patter noises driving Gabe insane. His pulse pounded and throbbed against the side of his head, screaming at him to cease the pain, although it wasn't his fault.

He knew Tycho had been in the house playing his PSP all day. Gabe had no idea at this point why he was in the shed, or why his Nintendo DS sat next to him, out of charge.
All he knew was that he wanted Tycho dead, for reasons beyond him. The pulse pounded against his head again, almost as it had been screaming orders.

The black-haired antagonist grabbed at his head, internally begging the throbbing to stop. The rain outside didn't help much either; his headache didn't cease.

Becoming infuriated with the endless stabbing pain in his temples, Gabe's face twisted into that of fury and vengeance instead of one displaying misery and grief. He stood from his spot on the floor of the shed, grabbing a hammer out of a bucket on the ground.

Slamming the door open, Gabe stepped out into the pouring rain to seek his way inside of the warm house that stood in front of him.

Having discovered the front door unlocked, Gabe opened it slowly and withdrew his hand from the knob. The door creaked open, and Gabe locked his eyes onto the figure laying on the couch. It was Tycho.

Only his face remained illuminated by the light of the portable gaming system in his hands as the buttons were held down in some places, fully pressed in the other. Tycho seemed to acknowledge Gabe's presence, however kept his gaze locked onto the game in front of him.

This made the one in the doorway slightly angrier. A newfound rage bubbled inside of his blood as the throbbing and pounding in his head grew louder and slightly more painful, visions of the deed at hand growing more visible in his mind.

Taking a few heavy steps toward the target in question, Gabe's expression grew more vicious and enraged as Tycho looked up at him blankly.

"Hey man, where were you-" Tycho began, stopping when he set his eyes upon the hammer clutched in Gabe's fist.

Eyes widening, Tycho looked up at Gabe in shock. He dropped the PSP heavily on the ground when Gabe lifted the hammer, ready to strike.

"Gabe! Please don't-" He begged, but was interrupted shortly when Gabe brought the hammer down on his friend.

Time itself seemed to come to a grinding halt as the blunt metal object made contact with Tycho's fragile bones.

Blood sprayed and poured out of the open wound, showering Gabe in a coat of dark red as he swung again, hitting near the same place as before.

Tycho fell back into the couch, his body streaming blood and bereft of life. The blue couch was now stained a dark, warm shade of red as Tycho's eyes grew stiff and unanimated.

Gabe broke out in a cold sweat once the throbbing and seemingly-endless pain left his body; he realized what he had just done.

Dropping the hammer to the ground, tears poured from Gabe's eyes as he looked down upon the lifeless body of his best friend.

Dropping to his knees, Gabe buried his face into his hands, ashamed and sobbing.
Almost as if on reflex, Gabe sat up and grabbed the hammer from the floor, beginning to panic. He shivered at the thoughts blasting through his head as he held the hammer inches from his face.

Without a second thought, Gabe pulled his arm back and rammed the hammer into the side of his head, pointed-metal side first.

Gabe grimaced and slumped down onto the floor, dying instantly. Blood leaked from the two as they lay in separate areas, bodies as lifeless and limp as they could get.