Crack comment fic

"Poor Robin," said Abigail as the outlaw went past. "His neck looks sore."

Her younger sister, more interested in dolls than boys, frowned. "It's gotta bandage on, so you can't see if it's sore."

Abigail was not to be stymied so easily. "I bet he hurt himself doing something really romantic, like sneaking into the castle to see Maid Marian. Or something really heroic, like battling Sir Guy."

Not far away, Robin rubbed at his sore neck.

"Serves you right," Much said with satisfaction as he handed out loaves to the poor. "I warned you."

"All right, Much," Robin snapped, having heard this several hundred times already.

"I told you not to keep trying to flick your hair like that, but you just wouldn't listen." Much shook his head. "It's only a mercy you didn't try that hip thrusting thing Allan was doing at the tavern last night."