Here is a challenge to authors that are bored. I have begun this story and will leave it for another that wishes to continue it- or perhaps it can be a collaborative effort among many. Hope you guys think this would be as fun as I do! One rule though, Fear MUST become an obsession of Naruto.

In the Hokage's office a four year old teary eyed Naruto sat on Sarutobi's lap. "Why do they hate me, old man?" the young boy all but cried out.

The old Kage sighed as he looked down at Naruto with tenderness in his gaze. "It is human nature to fear what we do not understand." Sarutobi sighed once more as he looked down at Naruto's wide-eyed gaze with pity.

Naruto stared at the old man while he processed this. "Fear?" Naruto asked, then he paused and looked down in deep thought. "Fear…." he repeated, this time in a firmer voice. "If I want people to like me I have to understand….fear…..and to control it." Naruto thought. It seemed the perfect solution in his mind to find out about fear and to learn to control it. Then and only then, he decided, could he be loved by the village.

Snuggling deeper into Sarutobi's lap, Naruto spoke. "Old man, what tells a person to fear things?" Naruto had to knew finding the answer to that question would be the first step into knowing and understanding fear. Naruto would find out all he could about fear, then he decided he would find out a way to control it.

"Well that is a little bit of a strange request, but I guess it would not hurt anything." Sarutobi said as reached around Naruto to light his pipe and begin smoking. "Well Naruto, simply put it is the mind that tells us what to fear and the chemicals that are in the mind….does that answer your question?"

Naruto was thinking about what Sarutobi said and he knew what he wanted to do. "Old man, you once told me about people that are ninjas, but they also check out other ninja's mind stuff…I want to be one."

Sarutobi's brows rose in surprise. This was the first he had heard about Naruto wanting to be a psychologist-ninja. P-Ninjas were rare as they had to both be able to treat other ninjas psyche and still keep up as a regular ninja…but there were infinitely more useful as they could give a psyche evaluation right on the spot when the other ninjas would need it the most. The P-ninjas were nearly as prized as bloodlines.

Naruto was thinking about how to accomplish his new goal. He already knew he would need to study chemicals and he would also need to study how one's mind worked as well.

Unbeknownst to the both of them this conversation would start a destiny that will unfold over Naruto's lifetime.