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The most important queston

There was a small knock on the door, a petite woman with strawberry blonde hair wiped her wet hands on the dish towel, her husband looked up at her from the daily Konoha news paper. "I wonder who that is?" the woman said, honest wonder entered her voice, they usually didn't have visitors except their daughter from time to time.

The woman opened the door, and on her doorstep stood a tall, handsome, charcoal haired man. "Hello Mrs. Haruno," The man's voice was like velvet, stopping the older woman's voice in her throat. "My I come in? I want to talk to you and your husband."

Mrs. Haruno moved out of the doorway, letting the man enter into her house. A fan symbol was stitched in the navy blue fabric that fell over his back. Her thin eyebrows knitted on her wrinkled forehead.

The man made his way into their kitchen, sitting opposite Mr. Haruno, who had folded his newspaper in half and laid in on the wooden table beside him. He raised his green eyes to look at the black haired man who sat across from him. Mrs. Haruno scurried in after the newcomer, scooting her chair closer to her husband and she sat, also looking down at the other man in the room.

"What do you want Uchiha?" Mr. Haruno spoke first, letting his elbows fall so that his arms crossed across his thick chest.

Sasuke ignored the contempt that laced the other man's voice. He sat quietly for a few moments, wondering if he should even ask or do what he wanted anyways. He opened his mouth as Mr. Haruno opened his to tell Sasuke to get a move on. "I want to ask for your permission and blessings to marry your daughter." His soft voice was low and calm, as if it were a simple question, one that didn't involve him taking their daughter away.

Both sets of eyebrows raised in surprise across from the last Uchiha. He sat quietly, hoping it would be quick so he could leave. He felt the small box in his jeans against his leg. It made his heart jump and beat to a new rhythm.

After the initial shock passed through the room, a new feeling entered. One that wasn't nearly as comfortable as the young Uchiha had hoped. The small woman across from him opened her mouth but her husband beat her to it.


Now it was Sasuke's turn to be surprised. His black eyes darted to the man's face. Sakura's father met Sasuke's intensity, not dropping his green eyes away. Sasuke's dark eyebrows narrowed slightly, his anger hidden from the adults in front of him.

"Why?" Sasuke gritted out. Anger welled in him, he didn't like no's. Sakura told him no the first time he came back and asked her to date him. He didn't like that. He pursued her until she realized he was being serious, and by that time she had fallen madly back in love with him.

"I don't like it that my daughter is even dating someone like you." The man said, "You left the village, you broke her heart once, I won't let you do it again. She deserves so much better than you."

"I did the village a favor by killing Itatchi and Orochimaru," Sasuke said. "They were both planning on attacking the village, and I killed them, I left but I did them a favor."

"No one trusts you." the man said. "You hurt my daughter before, I'll be damned if you do it again."

"I'm a ninja again, I'm doing missions for the Leaf. Sakura trusts me, Tsunade, Naruto, they all trust me. You're the one who doesn't trust me. I left because I had to!" the younger man's voice began to rise.

The man across from him shook his head. "No, you didn't. No one forced you. You left on your own. What will stop you when you decide to leave again? What will my dear Sakura do when you leave her again?"

Sasuke sat there, his mind and insides were raging with anger. A fire enveloped him. His blood was boiling in his veins and he wanted to break something. Specifically the idiotic man in front of him.

"Besides, I'd never let her marry a goddamn Uchiha. Your whole clan was worthless, its good you're the only one left. Hopefully you'll be the last carrying that filthy blood." Sasuke's teeth gritted together at the man's snide words.

"She'd be adopting blood that's purer than yours." the raven haired man stood, the legs of his chair grated off the floor, screeching in all of their ears. "It is a disgrace for someone like her to have your clan's name." Sasuke said darkly, angry blood ran up Mr. Haruno's neck, painting his face a flush red. Sakura's father reached for words to say that was a greater poison but he found them too late, Sasuke was already out of the door and away down the dirt road.

The black haired man entered into his home, his legs had carried him there within minutes. His anger hadn't diffused at all since he had left his girlfriend's parents'.

They had said no. He asked them one of the, if not the most, important question of his life.

And they had denied him what he wanted most.

His midnight eyes almost incinerated everything around him as he let his glare linger on his possessions.

'They said no. They said no.' His breathing was uneven as he paced along his hallways like an agitated animal.

"I'd never let her marry a goddamn Uchiha."

Sasuke's skin crawled as the words rang through his skull. They knocked into his brain and threw punches at his blood.

"I didn't have to fucking ask you!" he yelled at his empty house. Letting his anger control him for a moment, relishing in the seconds of hatred. He hadn't felt anything like this since Itatchi and Orochimaru. He hadn't felt anger consume him for years since his return. He had just left his 22nd birthday a month previous, meaning he had been home for 5 years. Five years full of missions, regaining lost trust, rekindling the relationships he had cut, and here he was.

Ready to get married, wanting to marry her, wanting to start his clan with her.

He didn't have to ask them, it was only courteous, he didn't actually care if they were okay with it or not. His clenched and unclenched his large hands a few times before he walked back into his bedroom, digging his hand into his pocket he withdrew the small black box. He flipped the tiny box in his fingers a few times, turning it upside down, inspecting it for any flaws.

Sasuke knew it was fine, he had looked at it at least ten times since he had bought it, every time it made his heart beat a little harder. Finally after a few minutes of turning the entire black box around in his hands, he carefully opened the lid.

The ring was simple, nothing too fancy, but it was still breath taking. It was a white gold band with a black pearl as the focal point, small white diamonds were embedded around the base of the pearl.

Sasuke's onyx eyes took in the ring, he liked it. He could see it on his girl's long beautiful fingers. Resting perfectly over her skin, it matched her. The simplicity and gorgeousness of it, it reflected his girl well. He just hoped she liked it as much as he did.

His anger abated slowly as he twirled the small object in his hands. Sasuke's mind began to continue in the thought. Imagining the ring over her fingers, and sliding the wedding band on her hand when they would be standing up in front of every one. How they would look together, he in a tux and her in a beautiful ivory gown. He thought of how he would kiss her when she was his wife.

He laid back onto his bed, curling an arm behind his head, leaving the other on his stomach, holding the precious ring in his fingers. He let his mind go in the direction. Going through the wedding ceremony, imagining everyone's reaction at the service after, and finally being able to bring her home with him, to live together.

Sasuke's eyes fell to the ring in his hands. Such a tiny thing to hold such promises and such happiness.

But it all depended on if she said yes.

Sighing to himself, he gently replaced the glistening thing back into its matching tiny container, wondering to himself when his girl would actually be able to give him an answer. When he would finally pluck up the courage to ask her.

"Sasuke," he had just shut the lid as he heard the door open and close in the entrance room. He hurriedly shoved the box back into his jean pocket, getting up from his bed and going towards the sound of his girl's voice.

"Hey babe," his voice was soft and thin, walking up to the pink haired girl and wrapping his arms around her waist. Kissing the top of her head he held her close for a moment before letting her free from his grasp again.

Sakura was still shocked sometimes by his personal shows of emotion to her. In public he was very quiet and to himself, but when they were alone together, he called her pet names and held her close to him. She let her green eyes look up into his black ones as he took her in. He changed a lot since he had returned from Orochimaru.

With revenge out of his system he was more similar to his young self. Before his family was murdered, where he could smile and talk openly. With the weight of his brother and the threat of Orochimaru gone, he was new.

"How was your day?" he asked softly, taking the pinkette's bags from her hands, carrying them into his living room and setting them on the chair.

She followed him into the room and sat down on the sofa, letting her head rest on his chest as he wrapped his arm around her waist when he sat down beside her. "It was long and sort of boring. Tsunade had me try a new jutsu today, the one she and I have been developing. And I had to do a few operations and the normal check ups. So it sort of went slow." Sasuke listened as she talked, looking at her pink hair as the two sat together. "How was your day?" she asked him back, curling her thin legs under neath her butt.

"Naruto and I trained together this morning, Tsunade called me in to go over some ANBU stuff, then after I ate ramen with Naruto and came home." he said, cutting out the episode he had with her stubborn parents. The girl stifled a yawn.

"How's Naruto? I've barely gotten to see him since they upped the hours at the hospital."

"Fine," Sasuke said, feeling the girl growing sluggish in his arms. He moved so that he was leaning back against the arm rest of the sofa and he positioned Sakura so that she was laying over him.

"What are you doing?" she asked drowsily, lifting her head slightly from his chest.

Sasuke shushed her gently, "You're tired from all the extra hours Sakura, I can tell," she attempted to throw in a 'no I'm not' but he ignored her indignant words.

"Just go to sleep," he said to her, petting her hair and running his hands over her back in small circles.

She laid silently for less than a minute, but soon she lifted her head to look at him, "See, I would go to sleep, but you have something in your jeans that's stabbing me in the thigh and it's sort of painful." Sakura said matter-of-factually. She raised a thin pink eyebrow. "What is in your pocket?"

Her jade eyes picked traces of pink lacing their way up the man's neck. "Nothing." he said, "Just shift over that way and you won't feel it."

"But what is it?" Sakura asked again, curiosity was nagging at her.

"My dick, I'm hard okay? Would you stop asking?"

He was blushing furiously and the sluggishness left Sakura as she looked down at him. "That's not your dick Sasuke," she nudged him with her hips, "That is right there," she said talking about where she had just nudged him. "Besides, your dick's not a small square pointy thing."

The man laying below her half laughed, "Can we pretend it is right now? And ignore whatever you feel on your thigh?" he asked her.

Sakura pouted, "But I wanna know," she said, making her jade eyes large and begging.

The man sighed and took Sakura's shoulders and gently lifted her from him. She sat up, but the man got down on the floor in front of her, kneeling on one knee.

"I wanted it to be really romantic for you, and I wanted to make you happy when I did this," Sasuke's voice was soft and thin, a tenth of what it normally was. The girl's brows knitted together on her forehead, not understanding where this was going.

The man pulled a small black box from his pocket and opened it so she could see the white gold ring inside. Taking a deep breath Sasuke met his girl's eyes. They were wide as understanding started to dawn on her.

"I want you to marry me Sakura."

She looked at him as tears filled her jade eyes and she laced her arms down around his neck, kneeling on her own two knees. Yes's were said into his skin as she cried in the crook of his neck. The man gently set the box down on the sofa beside them and he wrapped his arms around her waist too.

Happiness seemed to explode in his chest, and he tightened his grip on the girl. After they hugged, they both let go and leaned back, and Sasuke took Sakura's hand in his and took the band and slid it up her ring finger. The girl smiled widely at him and they leaned together and kissed, the joy flowing openly between the two of them.

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