"Danny, I just want you to be more thoughtful!"
try Sam! But you can't expect me to change from one day to the next!"

"Well, I've heard that excuse several times."
"OK, try seeing it from my point of view! I'm ghost enemy number 1 in the eyes of all ghost hunters; I don't want the populace to think that as well!"

"So what you're saying is, is that while you go gallavanting off, avoiding being caught making a mess, you leave Tucker and I to play "Clean-up"?"
"Yes! I mean, no! Sam, I-"

"Listen Danny, if you could just get a grip of yourself..."
"Sam, I'm really stressed with school work and-"

"Now he's making excuses."
"Right, that's
it Sam! I'm not going to listen to your continous bragging all evening!" Danny snapped, transforming into his alter ego.

"Where are you going?" Sam demanded, getting infuriated, that Danny was about to leave her without her permission.
"As far away from you as possible!" Danny snapped, then flew off in a random direction, turning invisible at the same time. Sam screamed out of frustration, she yelled "And DON'T COME BACK!"

"No... No... Danny!" Sam screamed. She woke up and found herself staring at the ceiling... Her bedroom ceiling. Sam relaxed slightly in her bed, realising she just had another bad dream. "No more coffees for me before bed..." Sam thought to herself, turning over to see the time. Five a.m. To late to go back to sleep, to early to get up.

She sighed and took out a book she was reading, switching on her night lamp. She didn't really read it, seeing as she never turned a page. She was thinking deeply, the dull lamp lighting the room dimly. Her thoughts were in the past, remembering the last thing she had ever said to Danny.