Danny blinked in surprise, his hand flinched back.
What was that? He thought, massaging his hand carefully.

He looked at the door in front of him, blinking. He didn't know why, but he felt... Different?

Is that possible?

He noted that he felt a somewhat familiar weight around his neck and when he looked down, he found one of Clockwork's medallions hanging from him.

He held it in his hands and looked around, realising that time had frozen. He also realised he could remember and, out of habit, changed into Danny Phantom, worried about any ghosts being around.

He saw Sam and Tucker at the doors, staring at him with wide eyes, frozen like statues of course, since time had stopped...

But these were not his friends, they were adult Sam and adult Tucker...

How did he know they hadn't changed?

Dani and Valerie were running up to the two, having obviously noticed something big was going on and wanting to find out.

He blinked and then finally noticed the ghost clad in a purple cloak, holding his staff in his hands and flying nearby.

"Hello Danny." He said, looking up, a neutral mask on his face.

Clockworks form shifted to that of a child, a sign that he no longer was the Ghost of Future, but the Ghost of Time, no longer sharing his duties with two other ghosts.

He was Clockwork again.

Not that Danny knew this, of course.

"Clockwork?" Danny asked after a moment and Clockwork nodded in response.
"What... What happened? I mean... Oh... Oh. I remember... Wait... Wait a sec, this is all your fault! You're the reason I disappeared in the first place!" Danny snapped, but Clockwork didn't flinch, much to the hybrid's annoyance.

"You didn't leave me any choice Danny. Amnesia did tell you enough times, that if you didn't come with her, the consequences would be a lot to bare.

You lost the chance to finish growing up with your parents, to be at your sister's wedding, to be there, the day your nephew was born, you lost your first love, you lost your brother and you lost your second love and daughter.

You were forced to abandon Amity Park for longer than necessary, your so called cousin suffered because you were gone and Valerie, if it had not been for the ghost cops, would have ended up jobless and homeless."

Danny rubbed the back of his neck, in both guilt and frustration.

"Yes, but if you had told me I woulda gone of my own free will."

"If we had told you, you would have told Sam and Tucker. Those two would have gone with you and the consequences of that would have been far worse." Clockwork explained in a dull tone. Danny frowned and looked away.

"Why are you here though? I've already lost everything I can possibly lose and I'm not a kid any more. I do not need lecturing."

"Because, though I made you go through ten years without Amity Park... You can still go back to being fourteen if you wish."

"... Wait, what?"
"You have seen me rewind time before. Or better said, tamper with time. Onpris is designed, so that everything that happens on it can only happen once, you cannot mess with the time on Onpris Island.

However in the Ghost Zone and your World, you can change time as much as you like. Whatever happened here will still have happened, but outside, everything could have changed.

This is why all Ancients, apart from me, lost their immortality. They lost it here and I cannot tamper with time to give them their immortality back on Onpris Island." Clockwork explained slowly.

"And what does all this mean?" Danny asked impatiently.

"It means that îf you go back to being fourteen, the monster in this prison will still be trapped here for another thousand years." Clockwork explained. Danny looked surprised, then turned his head to gaze at Sam and Tucker.

He would like that... He would like going back to being fourteen. He sure as heck didn't feel like reestablishing himself as Danny Phantom and would like to have a... relationship... With Sam... without having any painful memories...

Such as his Maxy...

Who was dead...

What happened to her in the real world?

"If you had gone with Amnesia when asked, Maxy would still be alive. Admittably, she would be in England, but alive non the less."

Danny chewed his lip. Clockwork, despite what he had done and what had happened, was offering him a second chance to fix what he had messed up...


"What about Lilac? And Skyler? If I never meet Maxy, they'll never exist... It would be like... Murdering my own kids... And since I'm the one that makes this decision, I'll remember them always..."

"You would say 'no' for the sake of two children who were never supposed to exist?" Clockwork asked, however, no surprise was evident in his voice.

Danny nodded, biting back a remark about how those two kids were his kids.

Clockwork smiled.

"I can remove them from time. That way, they can continue living."
"You mean like with my... Er... Darker self?" Danny asked, recalling what he, Sam and Tucker often named Dan, so as to not mix him up with Danny.

Clockwork nodded affirmatively. "Just without your thermos."

Danny looked at his hands a moment, then at Sam. Her purple eyes looked shocked and were emitting worry that only one can give, if they loved that person.

He looked back at Clockwork and thought of his two kids.

He then gave Clockwork his answer.

"Muuuum! I'm going to Tuckers!" Danny lied, actually going on ghost patrol.

"Alright, be back for dinner!" Maddie replied, as the teenager raced out of the house. Both Sam and Tucker were sent to a supposedly relaxing trip somewhere down South, provided and paid for by Danny (what Danny never found out about this trip, was that it was more stressful than relaxing, since a group of ghosts were haunting the sight they were in).

Since this was exactly a day after he was supposed to have disappeared, he now still needed to make repairs to his best friends relationships...

He still hadn't plucked the courage to ask Sam out... Maybe when he's older... It did take a while with Maxy too. He had started crushing on her when he was sixteen and asked her out when he was nineteen!

So he could probably give Sam and himself some time... As long as she didn't start going out with other guys that is.

He felt glad to walk the streets. He ignored the a-list, not overly interested in the teens and headed, without realisation, to the docks.

He smiled as he thought about teenagers. Since he had turned twenty-four, he often found that he thought a lot more different than your average fourteen year old now.

Sure, his mentality had returned, but the affects of living up to twenty-four, before being reversed back to fourteen year old again, were still there.

He still thought more maturely than the other teenagers and, to his great surprise, he had gotten even better at fighting. He was more calculated and concentrated and if he wanted it to be over quick, he would often skip the banter, that wasting to much precious energy (although he hated skipping the banter... This was one of the things that made him the great Danny Phantom after all!)

He sat down by the docks, noting how a ship had recently docked and a family was getting off.

He did a double-take when he recognised the family. It was the Ingleberts, the family that adopted him...

And if to make things worse, he saw Maxy. She had a smile on her face and was strolling across the docks. He watched her, as she walked around and explored the place a bit, examining everything carefully.

His heart faltered at seeing her alive again and he felt his heart beating fast in his chest. He hurried over to her.

"Er, hi! I'm Danny Fenton, I've never seen you here before, who're you?" He asked randomly, having forgotten that his social skills as a fourteen year old quite frankly suck.

She looked at him confused.

"... I'm Adelisa Inglebert..." She started. Danny smiled, it being big and genuine.

"Well, Adelisa Inglebert, I would just like to say..." He started, then stared into her brown eyes... They completely derailed his thoughts of becoming friends with her and starting over.

He only said what he truly, truly wanted.

"... Have a good life and live it to the fullest." Maxy gave him a confused look again, but smiled this time.

"Will do, Danny Fenton. And you... Learn how to introduce yourself properly... OK?" She asked teasingly and he smiled. After a bit of smalltalk, they parted again. Danny turned around and watched his second love return to her own life, probably soon to forget him.

Never mind. She was alive. And that was good enough for Danny.

As an epilogue, it should be noted that Danny did indeed wait a long time to ask Sam out. He asked her at eighteen and married soon after.

They had one child, but adopted two, that had been mysteriously left on their doorsteps, namely two children by the names of Lilac and Skyler Inglebert.

Per chance, Danny met Maxy again, however, he discovered she had married a good, kind man and both were happy together.

Clockwork smiled to himself.

He felt pretty pleased with himself for figuring out a way for everyone to have a happy end.
"Looks like I won this round." He said, talking to the prisoner on Onpris Island. The Ghost Puppeteer merely snarled tiredly "You just wait Clockwork, you just wait."

And so, the battle between the two last immortal beings was put on ice for at least, to them, a short while.


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