so i got inspired by some small words i had heard and my mind just went into a spiral of ideas. i went to my computer and this came out. to be honest i have no clue (semi lie cause i have a small idea) where i am going with this in the long run but i needed to get it out of my head.

Summary: Through random acts of kindness two strangers meet and find something completely unexpected.

i clearly do not own the characters but this is completely AU here.

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Santana didn't really want to go out tonight but seeing as she has been, well according to Quinn, mopey and extra bitchy as of late so she sucks it up and figures she'll humor her friend. Besides she doesn't really like the idea of Quinn going out with those stupid sorority girls she's been hanging out with these days. They always make her drink way too much that by the next morning Santana is the one holding that blonde hair back while her buddy is hugging the toilet.

It has been a year or so, more like a year and two months but it's not like she is really keeping accurate count of it, since she broke up with her girlfriend. She had dated Jenn for almost two years until the two were fighting so much that there just didn't seem that they were fighting for anything anymore. After several conversations with Quinn she had realized that she and Jenn were just not meant to be. She had thought she was in love with the girl but as bad as it sounds she probably simply filled a void for Santana.

But all of her past is irrelevant seeing as she has been trying to move on forward since that break up. It didn't break her heart whatsoever in fact she could possibly be seen as the one that would be bound to break someone's heart. But again regardless. She's just been trying to just be herself and do her own thing because that is what is really important to a 19 year old right now. It's not much of a change to the type of person she has always been which Quinn always likes to point out more than once a day, but still she's at least in a relationship with herself so it's okay.

"Can you try and be nice tonight." Quinn mumbles while they walk arm in arm up the block a few feet away from the entrance of the club. Santana rolls her eyes and huffs looking ahead of them and seeing a few of the girl's that Quinn hangs out with from her sorority.

"I am nice." Santana spits out and even she chuckles.

"Seriously S." Quinn pleads tugging on her friend's arm and Santana takes in a deep breath and nods.

"Quinn." One of the girl's shouts and runs to Quinn pulling her from Santana and hugging her.

It kind of irritates Santana that Quinn invites these girls to a place like this. These preppy, wanna be red carpet, uptown snots that only care about their stupid sorority were always annoying when they went to places like this. They are the type of girls who kiss their girlfriends when they get drunk and for guy's attention. Santana knows these girls all too well. Once upon a time she pretended to be one of these girls. She would act like she was hammered just so that she could make out with a random cheerleader at a high school party claiming that it was for show for the guys. It wasn't until senior year that she finally realized that she didn't want to do it for the guys on the football team. After she had come out to her best friend Quinn she was shocked to find that her best buddy had also felt the same feelings towards the same sex.

"Santana good to see you again." The girl forces out and Santana laughs. In the back of her mind remembering the time that the girl had walked in on her and some girl going at it in a bar a few months ago. It was classic.

"I bet." Santana winks and makes a kiss face to the girl who blushes and awkwardly turns to look at the doors.

The Latina always finds these types of girls super interesting. She doesn't want to get with her but in a way it is the chase and the challenge that is so appealing. But she also finds that girls like this are always the type to become very clingy. But she will totally make out with this chick given the chance because there was no denying this girl is hot. Quinn elbows her in the side to get her to stop flirting with her straight girl friends.

They head inside paying the ridiculous $15 cover to get in and are bombarded with flashing lights, loud music and very sexy lady waitresses, guys walking around in underwear and bartenders. Santana eyes the room wondering where she is going to end up by the end of the night. Quinn walks up beside her and grabs her hand giving it a squeeze in a way of saying to her be nice, have fun and please please don't get into any trouble.

"Awe you two are so cute." This little gay boy says walking passed the two of them. They look at one another incredulously and then shake their heads. But before they can deny it the boy is already across the room dancing his tiny ass off.

"You seriously need to stop looking at me with bedroom eyes." Santana jokes ripping her hand from the blonde's grasp and Quinn sticks her tongue out at her.

"You wish Lopez." And then she lightly slaps the back of her head before heading off to the dance floor where the rest of her friends went. "Oh babe get me a vodka tonic." Quinn says turning around and batting her eye lashes. Santana laughs and rolls her eyes pretending to be annoyed.

Every Wed night here is the same thing with the same faces. It was simple repetitive things such as this that makes Santana hate going out with Quinn. Yeah it is a nice place to let loose, have a drink and be who you are without judgment. But this is NYC so judgment pretty much flies right out the window anyway. Yet here they are spending another Wed night at a club with the same circle of people for the past year. It doesn't go unnoticed by Quinn that it iss the same crowd every single Wed and any normal lesbian would want to branch out and find a new place, no wait a minute, they don't as Santana likes to joke.

Getting the bartenders attention is strangely easy tonight but Santana doesn't give it too much thought as she orders two vodka tonics with lime. She glances over her shoulder to check out the dance floor which appears to be pretty happening tonight. Usually at this time of night the club is still fresh and people are just mingling around avoiding the dance floor until they get some liquid courage. But from the looks of things there is a lot of courage tonight going on and the crowd is going crazy.

"$13." The bartender hollers over the music and Santana reaches into her pocket. As she waits for her change she takes a sip from both glasses to determine which one tastes stronger to make certain Quinn was not going to be puking tonight.

Putting her change back in order with the rest of her money Santana feels the presence of someone behind her. They are standing a little too close to be a random stranger but far enough for her to know that it is probably someone that she doesn't particularly want to talk to. After a brief moment of hesitation but making sure to make it seem she is preoccupied she turns around.

"Jenn." Santana breathes out. It had been about 6 months since the last time she had seen her ex-girlfriend and that time was not really a pretty one. They were both drunk at the time and got into an argument about their relationship that had ended so long ago. Perhaps it's Santana's stubbornness or the fact that Jenn had basically tried to mount her that random night in a bar. It was not a good night.

"I thought it was you." Jenn smiles her perfect smile and her eyes lock into Santana's. "You look good." She says bringing her hand up to slide it down Santana's arm. The Latina eyes the hands full motion and shutters at the touch.

"Thanks." She stammers. "You too." Her smile is forced because she doesn't want to let this girl in again. After they had that blow out 6 months ago and had gotten kicked out of the bar the fight continued into the street, up the block, down a few more streets and then somehow managed to wind up in Santana's bed. Though they did not work as a couple there was no denying the sex was fantastic and Santana was definitely in for sex anytime. But perhaps being sober at this juncture she could talk herself out of sexual escapades with Jenn.

"Thanks." Jenn bites her lower lip and oh so obviously checks Santana out from top to bottom letting her eyes linger over her almost exposed chest.

All Santana wanted to do was walk away and go find Quinn and just rid herself of Jenn's presence but her body wouldn't listen to her head so she continued to stand there and stare at this girl eyeing her up.

"How have you been?" Jenn asks her and Santana sips one of the drinks in her hands and shifts her stance.

"I've been good what about you?" She asks in return out of curtsy.

"Oh I've been doing great." Jenn tells her and she sounds rather excited about whatever it is going on in her life. About 2 feet away a blonde girl rushes to the bar and starts tapping her hands on the counter. Santana notices for a moment but only because of how fast the girl had made it up the stairs and to the bar but then her focus is back on Jenn.

"Looking good out there." The bartender says to the blonde girl who smiles and grabs the water offered to her.

"Music is good on Wed. it's the only night they actually change it up." The blonde yells over the music and Santana tries to tune her out because she is distracting the super uncomfortable silence between her and her ex.

"Better get back out there your entourage is waiting." The bartender jokes and both girls laugh.

"I met someone." Jenn breaks their bubble of quiet and Santana can feel her eyes widen. She had not been expecting this especially from the way Jenn had been staring at her these last few minutes.

"Oh." It's all she can say without actually vomiting out random curses. True, she broke up with Jenn but that was because she couldn't take the stupid fighting anymore. And maybe she and Jenn were not meant to be but there was something comforting about having someone there. Santana would never admit it and the only one who would ever know that truth besides her was Quinn who would never repeat that out loud.

"I want you to meet her." Jenn keeps talking and this is a moment in time where Santana wishes she was deaf because no, she does not want to meet the new girl in her ex's life that just sounds weird in theory. She never understood that concept of exes becoming friends no one wins here. "She's right over there." Jenn points to a random corner in the club and Santana follows the direction and spots a very attractive girl waving back at them.

"She's pretty." Santana mumbles to herself not really intending for Jenn to hear but of course she does.

"Yeah I know." Jenn muses about her pretty girlfriend and Santana does all she can not to throw up on her shoes at this moment. "So have you been seeing anyone? Last I heard you weren't but that was like months ago. I hope you're still not upset about our break up I mean, don't worry you'll find someone..." Jenn is still talking and Santana can feel the steam rising within her body. How dare this girl give her the 'it will be okay' lecture. She really didn't need this condescending speech from Jenn of all people. Your exes should not be allowed to dispense relationship advice it's kind of an oxymoron the Latina thinks to herself.

All of a sudden a warm hand comes around her waist and another one takes the drink from Santana's hand. Finding herself confused and also knowing that these body parts do not belong to Quinn she whips her head to the side to find the owner of said hands. It's the blonde girl who had been talking to the bartender.

"Hey babe thanks for holding my drink." The blonde winks at Santana and sips the drinks. The Latina's mouth is still slightly open as she watches the girl with Quinn's drink play with the straw. "Hey I'm Brittany." The blonde, well Brittany apparently, extends her hand to Jenn who eyes up Santana and hesitantly shakes Brittany's hand.

"Hi I'm Jenn." She introduces herself her eyes flittering from Santana to Brittany. The blonde girl makes a confused face.

"Hmm, Jenn? I never heard of a Jenn." She turns to Santana leaning her face closer to talk into her ear but speaks loud enough for Jenn to hear. "I thought I already knew all of your friends." Brittany smiles at Santana and then at Jenn. "Well it's nice to meet you."

"Santana is this your...?"

"Girlfriend." Brittany says matter of factly and rests her head on Santana's shoulder trying to snuggle in to her. "Yes." Jenn looks to Santana whose mouth is opening and closing again and again.

"Yeah, she's... we've been dating for a while now." Santana finally comes out of her stupor and decides to go along with this crazy blonde's idea. This was great because at least she didn't have to stand here now and have the 'why I'm alone' conversation with her ex-girlfriend. Thank god for this blonde girl Santana thinks, she is definitely going to have to repay her.

"Oh." Is all that Jenn can come out with and she looks back to the corner where that new pretty girl in her life is. "That's... I have to go find my lady." Jenn tries to make her voice light but it's definitely laced with annoyance and Santana revels in it.

The new 'couple' watch as Jenn all but sprints to that dark corner and vanishes into the sea of people. Brittany lifts her head from Santana's shoulder and grins at her handing back the drink she had briefly stolen.

"There you go." Brittany says and grabs her bottle of water from the bar again. "I'm Brittany by the way."

"Santana. How did you know?"

"I was totally eaves dropping. Plus you looked so uncomfortable with her talking to you so I figured I'd help you out." Brittany smiles and shrugs her shoulders almost like this is something she normally does every day. Santana nods and grins.

"Well that was, awesome." She laughs because it actually really is awesome. To have some random stranger pretend to be your girlfriend and totally get your ex all pissed about it. Fantastic. Brittany giggles and shuffles her feet from side to side.

"I do what I can." The blonde playfully bows and Santana pretends to praise her.

"I definitely owe you." Santana tells her and the blonde winks and leans in and kisses her on the cheek and with that she turns around and vanishes back out onto the dance floor. "Wow."

The night goes on perfectly with no other interactions with Jenn. Santana and Quinn dance the night away until the very last song. Her sorority girls had left a few hours ago after one of them got sick, surprise surprise. They head out into the fall city air and pull their jackets tight to them because the night is so much colder now. Santana pulls out a cigarette and is in the middle of lighting it when a flash of blonde catches her eye and a hand grabs her lighter.

"Hey girlfriend you shouldn't smoke you know." It's Brittany and she is dangling the lighter in front of Santana playfully. She finally gives in and hands it back standing in front of Quinn and Santana with her hands in her coat pockets. "Hey I'm Brittany." The blonde extends her hand for the second night in a row to a complete stranger.

"Quinn." Quinn introduces herself and shoots Santana a perplexed look and Santana only smirks.

"We're dating apparently." Santana jokes pointing between her and Brittany and the two chuckles.

"Umm, what?" Quinn asks confused.

"I saw Jenn tonight and Brittany here was kind enough to pretend to be my girlfriend to make her go away." Brittany nods with a smile when Quinn shoots her a quizzical gaze.

"I'm the best fake girlfriend ever." Brittany sing songs and Santana laughs. A limo pulls up beside them and the three look over at it. "Well, I gotta go." Brittany waves to them. "Nice meeting you two." She turns and then blonde disappears into the darkness of the limo.

Santana and Quinn watch as it pulls away and stand in complete silence between them. They turn their heads and their eyes dart around and then they lock eyes and furrow their eyebrows.

"What the hell just happened?" Quinn asks curiously and Santana raises her eyebrows and shrugs.