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The blonde slows their pace as they descend down a short hallway that ends with a door. Brittany's fingers squeeze Santana's in her own, tightening her grip on the other girl's hand and she turns to face her. She brushes some hair from Santana's neck and smiles sweetly, her hand comes to rest on the Latina's shoulder.

"They are going to love you." Brittany assures the other girl, adding a nod for good measure. She lifts the back of Santana's hand to her lips, soothing it out with her thumb of her other hand. "Are you ready?"

She nods and smiles back at the blonde because she is ready, even though somewhere in the back of her mind she is telling herself to turn around and book it. It's just nerves, she knows this. So, they squeeze one another's hands and Brittany scrunches her nose as she lifts her other hand up to push the kitchen door open.

The voices that come out of the room are foreign but, at the same time, oddly comforting. As the blonde leads her in she glances over her shoulder to give the Latina an encouraging and a reassuring grin that everything is going to be fine. The two occupants of the room turn to look at the door that has flung open, eyes falling on their daughter and the girl she is tugging along with interest as well as welcoming and warm smiles.

"Hey mom, hey dad." Brittany announces their presence even though her parents are already beaming. "This is Santana." She motions to the girl beside her proudly, bouncing from heel to toe.

"Hey pumpkin." Mr. Pierce greets, he waves a bit but is quick to bring his hand back down to kneading out the pizza dough. He pushes it out firmly and then pats it, looking down briefly to admire his work and with a sort of grin nods to himself before he wipes his hands onto the front of the apron he has on. He quickly moves away from the counter and only stops when he is just in front of his daughter. "You must be Santana." He smiles at the young girl beside Brittany and he wipes his hand once more before extending it out to her. She smiles back at him, finding her name being said with his accent kind of amusing and she places her hand in his own. "It's so very nice to finally meet the girl who makes my Britts eyes twinkle like the stars." He winks and gets an embarrassing giggle out of his daughter.

"Oh Robert." Mrs. Pierce comes out from the other side of them and playfully slaps her husband's arm. "Please don't mind him honey. The British have a strange way of saying 'hello'. I believe they outright mean to embarrass." She chuckles at her own little joke and Brittany nervously laughs along with her mother, shooting Santana curious glances.

"It's fine." Santana jumps in quickly. "I'll take that as a compliment." She looks towards her girlfriend's father nervously and he smirks back at her.

"That you should." Mr. Pierce tells her, nodding his head in agreement at her assessment. "You girls got here just in time." He claps his hands together enthusiastically and turns back to the pizza dough sitting out on the counter top. "We were just getting the crust ready." He motions towards the two balls of dough sitting on a pan on the other side of the counter, across from his work station. "Your mother and I got started already. We were excited for pizza." He winks at his daughter who giggles at her father's excitement and drags Santana over towards the counter.

"Brittany loves her father's pizza." Mrs. Pierce explains as she starts spreading out the pizza dough in front of her. "Though I have to admit, I'm partial to pizza without marshmallows and cotton candy." She mutters towards the Latina who finds herself snickering at the thought of candy as a pizza topping.

"Hey!" Brittany whines, pouting her lips and giving her mother her best puppy dog look. "I was seven." She defends which only causes laughter throughout the kitchen.

"Seven or not, you will never live it down." Mrs. Pierce smirks in her daughter's direction and winks at Santana who is still smiling as she plays around with the pizza dough in her hands.

"I've never made pizza before." Santana admits, rolling the dough back and forth between her fingers not quite sure what to do.

"It's easy." Brittany tells her softly and moves to stand behind the girl. She brings her hands up and over Santana's, showing her how to push and pull the dough in the proper directions. "Now just spread it out, this way we can put the sauce and cheese on after we bake it a bit." Santana nods, her smile still intact even though her brow is furrowed with concentration. "Yeah, just like that." Brittany says after removing her hands and she places a soft kiss to Santana's cheek, who blushes at the display of affection in front of people she's just met.

"Thanks." Santana grins at her girlfriend who tosses the Latina a wink over her shoulder as she saunters around the counter to work on her own pizza dough.

"So, Santana," Mrs. Pierce breaks her focus of staring down at her girlfriend's ass and over to her girlfriend's mother instead, trying to not look guilty of her leering. "As per our daughter's instructions, we've picked up some black olives and root beer." The older blonde woman announces as she pulls out a liter the soft drink from their huge stainless steel refrigerator to show the girl. Santana's eyes widen and she is sure her mouth is watering at the sight of her favorite soda to drink with pizza.

"Hey," Brittany calls from across the counter and nudges her shoulder into her father's as she giggles. "A little drool there babe." She motions to her own mouth when Santana looks over at her and playfully rolls her eyes.

"You really didn't have to." The shorter girl tells the blonde's parents, feeling like they have gone out of their way for no reason. "I would have been fine with anything you already had."

"Oh nonsense." Mr. Pierce waves his hand in the air, causing tiny bits of mozzarella cheese to fly from his finger tips making his wife chuckle as she tosses a dish towel towards him. "You are our guest." He tells the young girl with an ear to ear grin. "We don't get many of Brittany's friends over."

"Well, honey," Mrs. Pierce walks up to her husband and rests her hand and cheek onto his arm. "They're not just 'friends'." She reminds him, but it's obvious in her tone she is being playful and according to the bright shade of red on Brittany's cheeks, thoroughly embarrassing their daughter.

"Oh." Mr. Pierce's eyes widen and a silly smile comes to his face as he glances between the two girls. "That's right." He snaps, then brings his arms across his chest and knits his brow as he jokingly narrows his eyes at the Latina. "I guess during dinner I am going to have to have that, 'what are your intentions' and whatnot aren't I?" He raises an eyebrow at the young girl who nervously flickers her eyes over at the blonde who is chuckling in mortification and shakes her head.

"Dad, stop it." Brittany slaps her father's arm then grabs the dish towel from him to wipe her hands. "Don't listen to him Santana." She tries to focus on grabbing her spread out pizza dough and walks it over to the oven ready to put it in, hoping this will distract her and make her blush go away.

"Britts, how are we supposed to know if we like her if we can't tease her?" Mrs. Pierce prods, shooting her daughter what Santana realizes is a patented Pierce pout. "She can take it." The older woman waves her daughter away and turns back to Santana who is trying to stare at her pizza dough as she spreads it and control her nervous breathing. "I thought you said this one was a tough cookie?" She tosses over her shoulder at Brittany who rolls her eyes as she shuts the oven door.

"What?" Santana laughs out softly, finally looking up from her tiny self sized pizza pie she is creating and her eyes land on Brittany. "Tough cookie?" She snorts out with a quirked eyebrow and watches the blonde make her way to her.

"Well," Brittany smirks and shrugs her shoulders as she sidles up beside Santana. "You are kind of badass." She winks and then grabs Santana's pizza stone and walks back towards the oven. Santana smirks and she stares at the way her girlfriend struts around the counter.

"Okay, maybe she said badass." Mr. Pierce interrupts as he steps away from the counter with his and his wife's pizza stones in his hands and Santana glances over at him.

"But tough cookie goes with how sweet she says you are." Mrs. Pierce winks at her daughter's girlfriend.

With the pizza crusts in the oven warming up, the Pierce's lead Santana over towards the table just a few feet away from where they had been preparing the first part of their dinner. They all sit down and Santana notices the table set up with those heavy duty paper plates and she lets a small smile come to her lips. These people are rich, like stinking, filthy rich, but they are like normal people too.

"I have to say," Mrs. Pierce speaks up, playing with the paper napkin by her plate and getting everyone's attention. "It's so nice to finally meet you." She smiles widely at the young girl sitting beside her daughter and rests her arms on the table. Mr. Pierce nods in agreement with his wife and reaches over to take her hand.

"It's nice to meet you too Mrs. Pierce." Santana replies politely, and Brittany squeezes her hand with her own under the table.

"Oh please," The older Pierce woman waves her off with a hearty laugh. "Call me Ronnie." She tells the girl, who sends her a tight lipped smile and a nod.

"Nobody calls you Ronnie, except dad." Brittany interrupts with amusement, leaning her body into Santana's as she crosses her legs under the table.

"They used to." Her mother tells her as she flips her hair, and bats her eyelashes over at her husband.

"It's true Rabbit." Mr. Pierce says to the young blonde across from and smirks when he sees Santana grin at the pet name he has for his daughter. "Way back when, 'Ronnie' was the word and everybody knew it."

"We were 'Bobby and Ronnie'." The older woman affirms with a nod of her head and a bright smile.

"Still are, Ron." Her husband reminds her and presses a kiss to her forehead.

"Uh, enough about how your girlfriend's parents used to be the best couple since 'Bennifer'," The girls chuckle. "How about you tell us about yourself?" Ronnie leans forward, resting her elbow to the table comfortably and places her chin in her hand. She and her husband smile at the girl who now has the conversation spotlight on her.

"Oh, well, umm…" Santana fidgets in her seat, wriggles her fingers between Brittany's and clears her throat. "I'm from a small town in Ohio and moved here with my sister to go to school." She shrugs her shoulders because that's pretty much the gist of her story, thus far anyhow.

"Santana goes to NYU with Rachel." Brittany chimes in and receives a grateful smile from Santana who seems to be oddly struggling with the English language. The older couple nod their heads, glance at each other and chuckle when they look back at the younger girls.

"Ah, Rachel Berry." Robert Pierce drawls out, amusement evident in his tone. "She's…"

"Annoying?" Santana interjects causing the Pierce parent's to fall into a fit of laughter. The dark haired girl smiles with uncertainty and glances over at the blonde next to her.

"She is a bit much isn't she?" Ronnie adds as her giggles subside, wiping her brow as though she's worked up a sweat from laughing so hard.

"That's a nicer way to put it." Brittany says and nudges her girlfriend's shoulder with her own and shakes her head at the way her girlfriend just says it like it is.

"She's always been, umm," Mr. Pierce presses his finger into his chin and looks up to the ceiling as though looking for the right words. "A bit eccentric." He says softly but with a grin on his face.

"More like ego-centric." Santana mumbles and gets a light jab in the ribs from Brittany's elbow.

"Hey, that's my best friend." The blonde chides her girlfriend, but still unable to wipe the smile from her face.

"Yes dear, we know." Ronnie Pierce says to her daughter and giving her an apologetic look.

"Mom!" Brittany yells in defense of her friendship with the tiny diva. "You love Rachel." She points out and the older woman concedes, nodding at this truth.

"I do, I wasn't saying that." She puts her hands up in defeat. "She is a little much at times."

"But that's why we love her." Mr. Pierce adds, making sure to get across that they do in fact adore the little starlet who plays a big part in their daughter's life. "Brittany's told us that your sister?" He tilts his head unsurely, but Santana nods at his words and for him to continue. "That she and Rachel have been seeing each other as well, right?"

"Yeah." Santana nods, pulling Brittany's hand that is laced with her own into her lap. "They've been dating for," She looks over to the blonde questioningly. "How long now?"

"Umm, like a month or two longer than us." Brittany tells her girlfriend with a smile.

A ding pops from the timer on the oven and Mr. Pierce pushes himself up and away from the table, leaving the girl's to continue their conversation so he can pull the personal sized heated pizza crusts from out.

"Do you have any brothers and sisters back home?" Ronnie inquires brightly, excited to hear more about her daughter's girlfriend and where she hails from.

"She's got a gang of Lopez's in Ohio." Brittany announces with a chuckle.

"Oh really?" Mrs. Pierce smiles at the two girls, sparing a glance at her husband who is setting up the pizzas to be prepared with sauce and toppings.

"Yes, gang is definitely the way to put it." Santana shakes her head at the pack of kids back home. "I've got four brothers, and one sister." She adds the 'sister' part, remembering she's already told them that Quinn is her sister who is dating Rachel.

"Wow." Robert bellows from a few feet away as he shuts the oven door. "That must have been fun."

"Not when you're in the middle." The Latina huffs and rolls her eyes, remembering how life was before Quinn was fully emerged into the Lopez clan. "My brothers can be a bit overwhelming at times. But, I guess it's nice."

"Okay kids." Mr. Pierce claps his hands once the oven mitts are off, getting the girl's to look his way. "Time to create your dinner." He beams over at his wife and daughter who share his expression and quickly move to the counter, Brittany tugging Santana along with her, to start putting the fixings on their soon to be feast.

"Where am I supposed to start?" Santana asks, her eyes scanning over the various containers of toppings, sauces and cheese on top of the counter. Ronnie chuckles and motions with her hand towards the sauce where four spoons poke out.

"First, we do the sauce." Robert tells her, doing his best New York accent making the three women giggle because his British accent is so thick.

"Here, like this." Brittany says softly, showing Santana how to spread it out evenly on her own pizza in front of her. The dark haired girl nods, bites her bottom lip and follows direction easily enough.

The three Pierce's and the lone Lopez make small talk, mostly about their pizza preferences, as they finish up making their dinner. They take their turns washing their hands at the sink while Brittany's parents set the nearly ready pizzas back into the oven. Ronnie suggests her daughter gives her girlfriend a quick tour of their home while the pizza cooks, seeing as they will have more than enough time to get to know her further when they all sit down to eat.

"This is where that party was." Santana muses, looking around the huge room and remembers that night she caught the beautiful blonde on the staircase. Brittany is leading her towards said staircase as Santana's eyes flicker around the massiveness that is only a 'tiny' part of the Pierce residence.

"Come on, I want to show you my room." Brittany tells her softly, tossing a quick glance and a smile over her shoulder as they reach the bottom step. The shorter girl grins, it's weird to imagine how long they have been together so far and that she has yet to actually be in her girlfriend's bedroom.

They make a right at the top of the steps and Santana is greeted by a long hallway that is delicately lit up. There are picture frames hung up on the walls, it reminds her of the ones at her home back in Lima that lead up the steps to her own room. Brittany slows their pace, noticing Santana looking around the walls and she smirks at the way her girlfriend 'awe's' a few photos of her from when she was younger.

"You were a cute little baby." Santana informs her, pointing over at a black and white picture of the blonde with pig tails and cotton candy in her hand, some of it on her chubby cheeks. Brittany blushes and lets her eyes flicker at the picture of her smaller and chunkier self. "Oh my God, you were a hefty one." She chuckles getting a playful slap on her girlfriends arm and pulls her further down the hallway.

"Here we are." The blonde stops them in front of a closed, wooden door and presses her hand against it. Santana smiles anxiously, unable to imagine what the room looks just on the other side. Brittany slowly pushes the door open and reaches around the wall to flick on the lights.

"Wow." Santana breathes out, her eyes widen and she tentatively takes a step forward. Her head whips around, trying to take it all in at once, but there is so much. "This is your room?" She asks in disbelief. This has to be the master bedroom or, like, another home. The blonde's bedroom, Santana decides, is about the size of her and Quinn's apartment and their neighbors but with all the walls knocked down.

"I know." Brittany mumbles. She's never had many people in here due to its unnecessarily large size. In fact, the only person who has ever really been on the second floor beside her and her parents is Rachel. "I get lost in here sometimes." She says, instantly regretting it because it kind of makes her sound like a snob, but Santana doesn't look at her like that. Instead, the Latina looks over at her with a quirked eyebrow and an amused smirk on her face.

"I bet." She chuckles, making the blonde feel better as soon as she reaches back to grab at her hand. "Your bed is…" She starts, but her eyes are too busy taking in her surroundings to continue.

Brittany's bed is what Santana imagines a princess's bed would look like, she inwardly chuckles as she thinks this, because this is a princess's bed. Sometimes, she almost forgets that Brittany isn't just from a wealthy family, but from a royal one. It's a queen sized, possibly a king sized bed, with tall wooden posts that, although are about six and half feet, are hardly close to reaching the high rise ceiling.

The mattress is high up from the ground, Santana figures it makes sense for some of Brittany's height, but she most definitely would need a step stool for a bed like this. The comforter is silver and white and looks so fluffy and it appears as though there are more show pillows than actual pillows, something her own mother has back in Lima.

"This is so cool." Santana finally says, breaking the silence of her leering and points towards the small bench in front of the large window that has long white drapes covering the glass. Brittany grins and allows herself to be yanked over towards the bench and watch as her girlfriend kneels on the soft pillow covering it and peeks out the window. "I would so sit here all day long if I could." She comments, pulling back from the window and setting the curtain back into place.

"Maybe one of these days we can." Brittany says cutely getting a smile from Santana.

"You should get one of these at your house." Santana points out with an arched eyebrow and her girlfriend giggles as she nods, thinking that's an even better idea. "Hey," She furrows her brow and looks around. "You've got like, a massive T.V. on the wall, a million and one CDs and DVDs around here," She motions around the room and its contents and looks back at the blonde inquisitively. "Where the hell are your clothes?" She asks with a tilt of her head. Brittany gnaws on her bottom lip and jerks her head towards the double doors from where they are standing.

"In my closet." She says softly, laughing when Santana's hand falls from her own and at the way the dark haired girl sprints over towards the doors and yanks them open.

"Holy sh…" Santana's voice trails off, because she is standing in the door way staring into what looks like another never ending room, filled to the brim with clothes and shoes. "I think this is more overwhelming than finding out you're famous." Brittany chuckles, shakes her head and rolls her eyes as she brushes by Santana and into the large walk in closet.

"I'm not famous." The blonde reminds her in a gentle voice and Santana is quick to step up and rub her hand on Brittany's back.

"Britt," She starts and steps closer behind the blonde and wraps her arms around her waist, then rests her chin on her shoulder. "I think you're one of the nicest and coolest people I have ever met." She explains softly into the blonde's ear and smiles when she feels hands cover her forearms. "You shouldn't worry or care about being 'famous' or whatever. Don't be ashamed of it, who cares?" Santana shrugs her shoulders as she speaks, letting her lips move to Brittany's cheek to press a barely there kiss. "I love you because of who you are and because you're kind, to everyone. And because you're kind of like Batman." Brittany giggles as she turns her head to shoot Santana a quirked eyebrow.

"Batman?" She asks curiously and Santana nods.

"Okay, more like Bruce Wayne, but with a dash of the caped crusader." She clarifies with a wink and a beaming grin. "He's totally badass, which you can be from time to time." Santana quirks an eyebrow and leans back as Brittany spins around in her arms. "You do things for people who can't do for themselves," She rubs her nose into the blonde's cheek. "And you're so mysterious, in that very hot and sexy kind of way. And, even though I know so much about you," She shrugs her shoulders. "I'm still learning something new every day, every second really. It only makes me love you more." Santana cheekily smiles and leans in to kiss the tip of Brittany's nose.

"I know," Brittany begins and watches the way her arms lift up to drape them around Santana's shoulders and neck. "That this, stuff is a lot sometimes." She says, glancing away from brown eyes momentarily and swallows quickly the tiny lump in her throat. Santana's gaze flickers over her girlfriend's face, taking in the way her features seem to combat one another. "I'm not easy." It tumbles from her lips and she is quick to clamp her mouth shut and her wife eyes pop up to Santana's. The Latina chuckles, shakes her head and rubs her thumbs into the blonde's hip bones.

"You most certainly aren't." Santana tells her with a quirked eyebrow, getting a giggle of embarrassment from Brittany.

"That's not what I…" The blonde shakes her head and looks down between them to remember what she meant to say.

"I mean, you wouldn't even kiss me on our first date." The shorter girl reminds her, keeping up with the slip up of words. Brittany looks through her long lashes at Santana and gnaws on her bottom lip. "So you're right, you definitely aren't easy." She winks and dips her head to look at those blue eyes.

"I meant that…" The tall blonde tries to correct herself but the girl holding her shakes her head.

"All of that other shit," Santana interrupts her and leans her forehead against Brittany's, watching the way her fingers play with the fabric of the blonde's shirt. "It's background noise." She explains, glancing through her own eyelashes this time to check Brittany's expression. She's smiling. "There's nothing about 'this stuff' that will make me stop wanting you, or wanting to be with you." She nudges her forehead more into Brittany's and the blonde giggles. "Okay?" Brittany nods, their heads rub skin against skin.


"Girls." Mrs. Pierce's voice sounds in the room, but it doesn't sound to Santana as if she is in the room or even in the hallway. She pulls back from Brittany and crinkles her nose, making the blonde giggle. "Dinner's ready." Brittany peels herself from Santana and pulls her out of the closet then over towards a small speaker box beside the bedroom door.

"You have got to be kidding me." Santana laughs out, staring at the speaker box in confusion and slight awe. Brittany looks over her shoulder in amusement as she lifts a finger to the intercom button.

"What?" She asks Santana, before pressing the button. "Coming." She tells her mother, then turns to face a still laughing Santana.

"You have a fucking speaker thingy in your room." Santana announces loudly, in case Brittany may have forgotten, and she even motions towards it with a wave of her hand.

"It's a big house." The blonde shrugs with a playful roll of her eyes and tugs a humored Santana out the door and into the hallway.

"After dinner we are so coming back here." Santana tells Brittany, looking back to the room as they walk towards the staircase.

"Oh really?" The blonde wriggles her eyebrows to her oblivious girlfriend. "What did you have in mind?"

"I'm betting you have a time machine or something in your room." She says, like she just picked one of the random million and one thoughts racing through her mind. Brittany chuckles at her girlfriend's thought process and shakes her head as they descend the stairs.

"Well, how about instead of wondering about my so-called 'time machine'," The dancer laces her fingers through her girlfriends, once more getting her full attention and Santana looks at her. "Focus more on how to respond to my father when he starts his real interrogating." She arches an eyebrow, and smiles to herself at the way Santana's face completely falls and she stumbles a little on the last step.