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The Scarlet Arrow

Chapter One

Pain Pain Go Away


The girl layed there. Pain coursed through her veins making her feel powerless in the cold world. Her red hair rustled in the freezing cold evening breeze. Once again she tried to move only to scream out in pain. She lost track of how long she had been pinned under that pile of trees. She was starving, dehydrated, and injured. This girl is named Tayuya and this is her first time failing a mission. Tayuya struggled slightly beneath the log. She felt abandoned. Her team mates did not come in search of her though she doubted they would anyways. Orochimaru hadn't contacted her or even tried to. She would've felt it in her cursed seal. Suddenly she wasn't alone. She struggled to look into the darkness of the night to make out who was by her. She made out the figure quickly. A pack of wolves stalked their way up barring their teeth. They were hungry. Tayuya felt her face become wet. She suddenly realized she was crying. Was this how it was going to end for her. Alone in a forest trapped between a few trees food for mutts? She closed her eyes as she heard them get closer.

"Just fucking kill me!" She screamed into the night, "I've got to be the most unlucky girl in this whole fucking world! Beaten by a bitch with a fan and turned into dog food!" She tried to sound aggressive to scare off the dogs but couldn't even sound like her usual mean self. Instead her voice came out as a helpless sob. Soon she could feel the tongue of a wolf tasting her blood. It growled and bit into her arm. Suddenly it yelped and she heard the wolves grow rabid in their growling. She opened her eyes. The wolf who had bit her had an arrow in it's neck and lay kicking. Another wolf lunged at her but a huge object collided into it breaking it's neck. The object leapt up from the corpse of the dead wolf. Only four more wolves remained. She tried to make out the figure that was saving her life and a stray beam of moonlight poking through the trees aided her. It was an abnormally large bull dog. It growled it's warning at teh wolves who charged forward not willing to let the scru,ptious meal go so easily. The bull dog proved to be more powerful than the wolves expected tackling one of the wolves in mid flight and crushing its head with his powerful jaw. The last three wolves yelped suddenly and fell to the ground twitching each with an arrow in its head.

"Good boy Buster!" came a male voice. Tayuya groaned. Was she now at the mercy of some strange man and his mutt. She shuddered at the mental image of being raped by some man and then eaten by an ugly dog. The dog barked and ran over to Tayuya and licked her face. A man soon showed up next to the dog. "What did you find boy?" the man asked the dog, "A friend of yours or something?" The man looked over the broken girl. He assessed her wounds. She was in horrible condition. Malnourished, bleeding, and broken. It was a miracle she was still alive and he was a man who believed in destiny.

"Leave me alone you stupid fucking dog!" She groaned and swung weakly at the dog. She connected but it was like a pebble bouncing off a stone wall. She was too weak to drive the mutt away. She began crying even more and soon blacked out again like she had been constantly doing the past four days she had been trapped under the trees.

"She gots a mouth on her eh boy?" the man murmured trying to budge the trees. He threw all his might into it and was rewarded with a little movement. "Well are you just gonna stand there you useless mutt?" the man questioned the dog. It barked and threw it's weight at the tree easily moving the large object. Soon enough the girl was freed from the weight of the massive tree. The man knelt next to the broken scarlet haired girl. "My my you poor thing you." The man gently wrapped his arms around the girl picking her up bridal style as gently as he possible could Tayuya stirred in his arms opening her eyes slightly.

"Put me down you perverted asshole," Tayuya managed to say weakly struggling slightly in his powerful arms. She cried out in searing pain.

"Calm down, I am not going to hurt you. Relax a little," the man said casually. Tayuya blacked out again.

Tayuya's eyes shot up, she was drenched in sweat and her head popped up from a pillow. She yelled and struggled. Soon two strong hands pushed her onto her back again. She was in so much pain. A man stood next to her. She could feel a softness under her. She was in some room. Tayuya was having trouble focusing.\

"I need you to open your mouth a little," the man said.

"Fuck you BAKA!" Tayuya said as loud as she could striking out with her arms. She ached so badly and a searing pain creased her forehead. The man gently pushed her arms down and pinched her nose. Tayuya struggled to keep her mouth shut but soon needed to breathe. She tried to force the mans hand away from her nose but couldn't. Her mouth opened wide and some disgusting liquid immediately poured into her mouth. She tried to spit but the man put a hand over her mouth. She struggled but the only way to breath was to swallow. She quickly did so and suddenly a numbness invaded her body easing her pain.

"Wha jou doo," Tayuya slirred her face feeling very numb. A feeling spreading through her body.

"You're gonna wanna pass out again," the man said, "This will still hurt even with the medicine. A lot." Tayuya felt paralyzed but felt no pain. The man's hands were on her legs. She thought he was being perverted but couldn't feel the hands due to numbness. Soon searing pain shot through the bones in her legs followed by loud cracks. The pain sent her into unconsciousness. The man shook his head.

"I am sorry," He murmured. He continued setting the bones in the girls legs. She still yelped in pain even in unconsciousness. The pain must have been surreal. Still he continued about his work. It was the only way to end her pain in the long run.

Tayuya breathed heavily. She tried to move but felt so tired. She cracked open her eyes. A blinding light filled her eyes. Her eyes struggled to adjust. The brightness was sunlight flooding in through the window.

"Where the fuck am I?" Tayuya asked aloud glancing around the room she was in. It seemed to be a fairly large room constructed of wooden logs. She was laying in a large bed. A horrible smell was filling her nostrils. She was disgusted when she realized it was her the smell of her own body. Her hair felt longer than before. She tried to remember what had happened and how she ended up in this strange place. Tayuya's lip quivered. She was freezing. She pulled a heavy blanket up a little more but it was not keeping her warm enough. Finally she made the connection, she had been laying in a forest pinned between trees when... A loud bark roused Tayuya from her thouights. She glanced around spotting a large bull dog standing next to the bed panting loudly. Soon a man burst through the door looking at her.

"Oh my god!" the man rushed over to the side of the bed, "How are you feeling? Can you speak?"

"Who the fuck are you and where am I?" Tayuya struggled in the bed. She felt weak but she wasn't in pain.

"Holy shit, she is actually speaking coherent sentences now Buster," the man said chuckling to his dog, "Maybe she will stay awake for good this time."

"Answer me you fucking idiot!" Tayuya yelled.

"My name is Kai Hei," the man began, "you are in my home."

Tayuya kicked off the blankets and sat up shivering. She looked the man up and down. He had extremely broad, muscular shoulders. His face turned red. Tayuya was about to ask what he was thinking when a draft swept over her body. She looked down at herself and shrieked. Tayuya was practically naked. Her breasts hung out for the world to see and the only piece of clothing she was wearing was her panties. Tayuya swung catching Kai in the jaw. It didn't phase him in the least but Tayuya folded her arms over her bare breasts.

"What have you done with me you fucking pervert," Tayuya screamed leaping to her feet. She took two steps before legs gave out and she began falling helplessly forward. Kai acted quickly throwing himself in front of Tayuya and catching her. She had thrown her arms forward in an attempt to catch herself and ended up pushing Kai into the the floor. Tayuya fell on top of Kai and the resulting position brought a haze to both of their faces as red a Tayuya's hair. Tayuya was laying on top of Kai her arms wrapped around his broad shoulders, her nearly bare body pressed into his. Tayuya wanted to push herself up from Kai but at the same time didn't want to give him another peak at her breasts.

"Look, if you will let me explain I swear this will all make more sense," Kai asked. Tayuya didn't say anything her face still very red as she refused to relinquish her grasp on Kai in fear of baring her body to him again. "Look I found you in the forest, brought you home, and healed you up and that's it I swear!" Tayuya sensed no hint of deception and she would've noticed if there was having been trained by Orochimaru.

"To be honest I am surpised you could even take one step after the state your legs were in when I found you," Kai murmured still underneath Tayuya. He didn't want to push her off of him not sure how fragile her body was and also not wanting her to feel any more exposed and vulnerable then she already must.

"Well you had better find me some clothes you stupid fuck," Tayuya began, "Before my master finds me like this and kills you."

"Umm I don't think anyone is coming for you," Kai said. "If someone was they probably would've come picked you up a month ago when I found you," Kai explained. The sudden look of shock that came to Tayuya's face made him realize his error. She pushed up from him.

"A m-m-month? I have been here an entire fucking month!" Tayuya screamed at the figure squirming uncomfortable under her. Kai's face was turning red again. Tayuya realized her breasts were showing again grabbed Kai again forcing her body against his to hide her body from his view.

"I', s-sorry," Kai said still flushed. "I have been treating you for a month. Your wounds were extensive. The entire bone structure in both of your legs was completely mush and you were suffering from tons of wounds. When I was treating you, you lost consciousness and have been in and out of it for the past month. I have been getting you to eat and drink whenever I could even if I had to force you to, but for the past month you haven't said a single coherent thing since I brought you here until now." Kai explained the best he could. The girl was still quiet clutching him tightly.

"You stupid asshole," Tayuya whispered her voice cracking. She was crying Kai realized and he had no idea what to do. He just began stroking her bare back as she laid on top of him crying uncontrollably. That was it then, Tayuya realized. If it had been a month then Orochimaru really wasn't coming to get her. She was on her own.

"It's okay you're going to be fine," Kai began, "your legs are completely healed now, and you wounds are long since gone. I used a powerful dangerous healing concoction that is the reason of your coma. It was the only thing I could think of to save you. You're fine now though, please stop crying." Kai was saying whatever he could think of to try to comfort this beautiful mystery girl who lay on top of him drowning him in her tears. Soon she stopped crying and instantly became hot with anger again.

"Why the fuck am I naked asshole?" Tayuya screamed from on top of him striking him weakly.

"How else was I going to make sure I found all your wounds and healed you properly!" Kai snapped back, "I have been sleeping on the freezing cold ground for a whole fucking month, busting my ass feeding you, bringing you water, and gathering wood for the fire making sure you are comfortable and I don't even know your fucking name!"

A frown creased her face. Why would a complete stranger do this all for her? If there was one thing Tayuya was not used to it was kindness. Years in the service of an evil master shields you from things like kindness. Kai was frustrated as hell laying there on the floor with a mess of a girl laying on him. Suddenly she murmurred something else incohrent.

"What was that?" Kai asked angrily.

"I said my name is Tayuya you fucking meat head," Tayuya growled.

"Ta-yu-ya," Kai said slowly as if he couldn't believe the name. It was so pretty and just slid off the tongue so easily.

"Wow you are a meathead," Tayuya groaned snapping Kai from his thoughts.

"I would love to continue this conversation but, me not being a pervert didn't take you and bathe you and quite frankly after a month of not bathing, you smell," Kai explained. Tayuya's face turned scarlet like her hair at the comment. She was speechless as the sudden insult and couldn't think of a retort. "Why don't you let me take you to the bath tub and bring you some cleaning neccesities and make some breakfast. You must be absolutely starving." Tayuya opened her mouth to finally snap back a retort but the words caught in her throat as she felt herself being lifted from the ground by Kai. He lifted her up bridal style and began to carry her off in some unknown direction. Her face grew red when she realized her chest was exposed again and was about to slap Kai when she realized he wasn't looking at her at all. Kai was intent on his destination and was trying hard not to glance at the almost naked body. Soon enough they were in some fairly large room with a huge bathtub in the middle of it. Kai carried Tayuya over to the bath tub and sat her down on the lip of the stone tub with her back to the door to ensure he couldn't see her bare chest. She just sat there shivering as Kai turned the water on and steam began to flood the room as the large stone tub began to fill with steamy water. While the tub was filling Kai brought a towel, a washcloth, and a drawer from his dresser full of his clothes.

"I don't think anything I got will fit you so I brought my whole drawer. Maybe you will find something that works," Kai explained to Tayuya's back. She simply stared at him over her shoulder and he stood there staring back. Kai smiled, "what? He asked.

"Are you going to leave so I can bathe moron?" Tayuya asked. The question was like a venomous barb probing Kai's sudden cheerfulness and making him feel utterly stupid.

"Yes, sorry," Kai said lamely leaving the room and shutting the door behind him. Tayuya removed her filthy painties, sighed, and lowered herself into the steaming water. The scorching water was a welcome feeling against the unusualy cold of the house and the steamy waters caressed her weary body. It felt so good to just lay there. She slowly scrubbed the dirt, and dried blood from her body. She had no idea how long she had gone without a good bath but this had to be the best bath she had ever had. Once she had finished scrubbing her body clean after what had seemed like an eternity she just layed there in the water letting her body soak it in.

Tayuya's eyes shot open. The water was cold and she suddenly realized she had fallen asleep. She had no idea how long she had slept but it must have been at least thirty minutes since the water had grown cold. She struggled to stand using her arms to support her body. She could barely stand and stepped out of the stone tub. She shivered uncontrollably. Tayuya could even see her breath it was so cold. She could hardly stand and sat down on the lip of the stone tub again picking up the towel and drying off her body as she sat there. She felt a little warmer when she was finished drying. A strange scent swam into her nose. It smelled like eggs, bacon, and sausage. Her stomach grumbled loudly and she realized she was starving. Who knows how long she had been without a decent meal. Tayuya had realized her body mass had lost a lot of muscle and was a little on the skinny side. Tayuya rumamged through the drawer Kai had left behind. She was hastily searching for something to wear so she could get something to eat and maybe stop freezing so much. Nothing fit so she compromised with herself finding a big soft shirt.

Kai finished cooking the breakfast his trusty bull dog sitting on the floor behind him tongue hanging out of his mouth like usual. Kai set the plates on the table and another on the floor. Buster, the bull dog, barked happily and began stuffing his face with tha bacon and sausage Kai just set on the floor for him.

"Help!" Tayuya called from the restroom. Kai rushed to the bathroom and opened the door to see a flushed Tayuya sitting on the lip of the tub. She was clad in one of his huge pajama shirts and that was it. It was large enough to cover her all the way to mid thigh. Kai like stated before has very broad shoulders so the shirt was rather large in that area and the collar of the shirt slipped off her right should and slipped down revealing none of Tayuya's personal parts but showing more of her delicate should than Kai could bear. He was blushing madly again. Seeing they girl he had cared for the past month finally clean took his breath away. She was way more beautiful than he first though and he just stood there his mouth wide open. Tayuya blushed under his gaze.

"Well are you going to feed me asshole?" Tayuya demanded.

"You're so beautiful," Kai murmurred. He hadn't meant to say it but couldn't stop himself either. Tayuya blushed under his gaze.

"Shut up stupid, I am hungry," Tayuya said. Kai snapped out of his stupor.

"I am sorry," Kair responded walking over to Tayuya and picking her up again bridal style, "let's get you fed. You must be absolutely starving!"

Tayuya was once again being whisked away by this strange man. She held onto him tightly. She had never felt so helpless before in her life. Nor had she ever been complimented or cared for. Tayuya wasn't sure she liked this treatment and began making a deal with herself. As soon as she was able to walk she was going to get as far from this Kai as possible. Tayuya gripped Kai even tighter. He was oddly warm and it felt good against the freezing cold of the cabin she was in. She layed her head again Kai's shoulder and gave in to her body's weakness allowing Kai to take care of her for now. There was a pitter patter of rain bouncing off the roof. Her mind was filled with Kai's voice singing humming 'Rain rain go away.'

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