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February 2018

25 year old Finn Hudson was waiting outside his apartment building. He watched as the rain fell from the night sky. Finn was living in New York. He had been living there for 3 years now. He seen a taxi stop at the side of road. He smiled as he saw his 24 year old girlfriend get out of the taxi.

"Thank you." Rachel said to the taxi driver as she got out of the taxi and closed the door.

"Welcome home." Finn said as he walked over to Rachel and kissed her on the forehead.

"We're you waiting for me?" Rachel asked with a smile.

"Off course I was. I missed you." Said Finn.

"Aww. I missed you too." Rachel kissed Finn. Finn put his arm around Rachel and they walked into their apartment.

"How was rehearsals?" Finn asked as they stepped into the elevator and hit the button to take them to the 4th floor.

Rachel sighed. "Hard."

"Really?" Asked Finn. "Why was it hard?"

Rachel gave him a weak smile. "It was just a long day."

The elevator arrived on the 4th floor. Finn and Rachel got out and walked down the hallway towards their apartment. Finn looked down at Rachel, feeling a bit worried. Rachel loved rehearsals she never had a bad day at work. He could tell just by looking at her that something was on her mind.

When they arrived at their apartment Finn turned on the lights while Rachel took off her coat.

"I'm gonna go and get changed." Rachel said before going to into the bedroom.

"Okay." Finn said as he walked into the kitchen. "You want anything to eat or drink?"

"No thanks." Rachel called from the bedroom.

Finn went into the sitting room and sat down on the couch. He picked up the remote from the coffee table and looked for something to watch on tv.

Finn and Rachel moved in together 3 years ago. Finn was working as a football coach. While Rachel working in theatre. She was in loads of shows and had the lead role in most of them. They were both so happy together. They loved their jobs.

Finn turned around and saw Rachel walk in wearing her pj's. She went over to Finn and sat down. Finn put his arm around her as she cuddled into his side.

"I'm worried about you, Rach." Finn said.

Rachel looked up at him. "Why?"

Finn sighed. "Cause I can tell there's something on your mind."

"I'm fine Finn. I'm just tired." Rachel said. Finn knew she was lying.

"Rachel, you have been my girlfriend for nearly 9 years." Finn said as he played with Rachel's hair. "I know when your tired and I know when theres something on your mind. Now tell me what's wrong?"

"Okay." Sighed Rachel. "Today we had to rehearse a beating scene. It brought back to many memories."

"Oh Rach." Finn said as he held Rachel close.

"I never wanted this to get in the way of my career." Rachel said as she held back tears.

"Rachel, you went through an awful time in school. It's a hard thing to get over." Finn said.

Finn moved over so he could look into Rachel's eyes. He wiped away a tear that had fallen from her eye. "Do you remember the promise I made to you the day I asked you to be my girlfriend?"

Rachel nodded. "Yeah. I remember."

"I promised I would be there and protect you. That's a promise I'll never break." Finn said as he leaned in and kissed Rachel.

"Thanks Finn." Rachel said.

"Your welcome." Finn said. "You wanna watch a movie?" Rachel nodded.

Finn got up and turned on a DVD. He lay down on the couch and Rachel lay down next to him and rested her head on his chest. Finn put his arms around Rachel and held her close. Rachel tried to watch the movie but her memories were coming back...

September 2009

15 year old Rachel Berry walked though the school carpark towards the main building. It was the first day of school. Rachel looked around to see everyone standing in their groups. The football players were already threatening to beat up some of the other students who were younger or who were in the same year. After Rachel went to the office and got her class schedule and new locker number, she walked down the hallway towards her new locker. She looked at everyone standing in groups.

"I heard Quinn Fabray is pregnant." Rachel heard someone in one of the groups say.

Rachel rolled her eyes. It was only the first day back and there was already rumors going around.

When she arrived at the new locker. Her eyes widened when she saw Quinn standing just 3 lockers away from her. Rachel moaned to herself. She opened her locker and took her school books out of her bag and started putting them in her locker. She prayed that Quinn's locker wasn't near her one. Rachel turned around and saw Santana and Brittany walk towards Quinn. Rachel quickly turned away and continued to put books in her locker. Rachel could hear what the 3 girls were saying.

"Quinn, what am I hearing about you being pregnant?" Asked Brittany.

"This is what happens when you go away for the whole summer." Said Santana. "You miss out on everything."

"So is true? Are you pregnant?" Asked Brittany.

"Yes, it's true." Said Quinn.

"Have you told Finn?" Brittany asked.

"They broke up." Said Santana.

Rachel's eyes widened when she heard Finn and Quinn broke up. Finn had been her crush for the past 2 years.

"Finn is not the babys dad." Rachel heard Quinn say.

"Keep your voice down." Said Santana. "We don't want the whole school to find out."

"Who cares? Their gonna find out anyway." Said Quinn.

"So if Finn isn't the dad then who is?" Asked Brittany.

"Noah Puckerman." Quinn said. Santana and Brittany laughed.

"No way." Laughed Brittany.

The 3 girls stopped laughing when they heard the bell.

"I'll tell you the rest later." Said Quinn.

Rachel put the last of the books in her locker and picked up her bag.

"Hey girls look the dwarf is back." Rachel heard Quinn say. Rachel turned around to see the 3 girls standing around her.

"Just leave me alone." Rachel said as she closed her locker.

Santana laughed. "Why? What are you going to do? Tell your 2 gay dads about us?"

"Just get lost. Cause unlike you I have a life." Snapped Rachel.

"Guys, we're gonna be late for class." Brittany said.

Quinn slapped Rachel hard across the face before walking away with Santana and Brittany. Rachel stood there for a moment in shock.

"She's even more of a bitch now that she's pregnant." Rachel thought to herself.

Rachel got her things and started walking to class. Rachel heard her name being called she turned around to see Mr Schuester walking behind her.

"Hey Rachel." He said smiling. "Good summer?"

Rachel nodded. "It was good thanks."

"You going to join Glee Club this year?" He asked.

Rachel smiled. "Yeah. Off course."

"Okay then. Sign up sheet is on the notice board in the main hallway. Auditions are on Friday. I'll see you there." Mr Schue said.

"Thanks Mr Schue." Rachel said as he walked away.

Rachel's cheek was still hurting from when Quinn slapped her. Rachel sighed as she walked to her first class.

At lunchtime Rachel walked into one of the empty bathrooms and looked at the mirror. The first thing she saw and the red mark on her right cheek.

"Great." She said to herself. She had no make up with her so she couldn't cover it.

Rachel walked towards the main hallway, trying to think of an excuse for the mark on her face. She didn't want to tell her dads she got slapped across the face on her first day back in school. Rachel walked up to the sign up sheet and signed her name followed by a star. Rachel decided to look though the list and see who signed up for Glee this year.

"Mercedes Jones."

"Tina Cohen-Chang."

"Finn Hudson." Rachel smiled to herself when she saw Finn's name.

"Artie Aberhams."

"Noah Puckerman." Rachel couldn't imagine Noah Puckerman being in Glee Club. Then Rachel remembered hearing something about doing Glee Club to make up for the classes he failed.

Rachel's eyes widened when she say the next 3 names.

"Quinn Fabray."

"Santana Lopez."

"Brittany Pierce."

"Are they following me everywhere this year?" Rachel thought to herself.

Rachel sighed as she walked out of the main hallway.