'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the castle

Not a creature was stirring, there was not any hassle

The gifts were bought and placed by peoples' beds

So when they wake up, happiness will fill their heads

Everyone was asleep, awaiting the new day

And so were the muggles, far, far, away

With the teachers gone home

And I dreaming of Rome,

I woke up from my sleep

For I heard a 'beep!'

I dashed to window and looked through the glass

It sounded like a muggle electronics class!

I saw two shapes, on the lawn

And they had a chess piece, a giant pawn

Who could it be, but the Weasley twins

Once again committing mini-sins

I ran to the spot, my mind not on toys

I knew I must stop them, stop the noise

When I reached them, their faces showed

Not fear, or cold, but purely glowed

They'd brought out a giant chess set

And made a bet

As to whether or not they could make

The loudest sound ever to enter this place

I yelled out 'Stop!'

And summoned a mop

They thought I would beat them

But no, for then the death eater named Lem

Showed up to kill

And boy, did he need a mental pill

I simply blasted him to another land

With a flick of my wand

And I brought the boys inside

All the while hiding my pride

I asked them what they were doing

They said 'we were creating

An electronic chess set

And we had bet

How much noise it would make

And if it could spit out cake'

Just another of their silly jokes

I shooed them to bed, and drank some Cokes

Then I refilled my mechanical pencil's lead

And I got into bed