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Chapter Twenty-one

Leaning back against the soft head rest, Jane smiled, eyes closed, still clinging to Maura's hand. Bringing their twined fingers to her lips she whispered hoarsely, "That's my girl."

The rest of the drive to Brookline was filled with silence, their fingers still in a quietly fierce tangle with Jane dozing in the passenger seat, confirmed by the doctor's frequent glances to make sure the experience was real and everything was okay. Stopped at a red light, Maura took a practiced deep breath to try and calm herself, her eyes traveling over the woman sleeping next to her, emotions swirling and colliding, fighting for dominance. Frowning and clenching her jaw in the glow from the windshield, she couldn't seem to stop the crackling thoughts of what might have happened if she'd lost Jane. Nor could she stop the simmering anger that they were once again in this position; injured in the line of duty. While not life threatening, she couldn't stand for Jane to be hurt under any circumstances. This wasn't necessarily new to their relationship; she had felt the same throughout their burgeoning friendship. Sighing, she laid her head back against the supple leather headrest for a moment before recognizing the green light and accelerating forward trying to steady her shaking hands.

Five more blocks and Maura found herself in the same position; trying to wrap her mind around the events of the day. Yes, she was angry but it wasn't directed at Jane. Allowing her eyes to slip shut and smiling slightly, she knew that Jane had only done what was asked and more and that passion for justice was one of the qualities she had fallen in love with early on. Frost's words returned to her. "Somehow, she just knew." She understood that the detective took her calling very seriously and would do anything to protect the innocent but throw in someone she loved…all bets were off. Furrowing her brows slightly at the gleaming white butterfly sutures covering the thin red gash above Jane's brow, she was startled by a distant horn. Shaking her head to clear her mind, she returned her efforts to getting them home safely.

Pulling into her garage, the door lowering behind them, Maura glanced over to her sleeping companion, an affectionate smile growing as she studied her favorite profile. Reaching over, she gently brushed a lock of hair back into place. Not one to ever wake gently, Jane startled and jumped. "What?" Maintaining a soft caress, the doctor's smooth hand moved to a sculpted jaw, stroking tenderly. "Shhhh. It's okay. We are home." Intense eyes found hazel green and the tension melted away immediately. "Sorry. I…uh…think I slept the whole way." Leaning across the console to peck firm lips, Maura smiled into the kiss. "Your body is reacting to the enormous stress of the day and the evacuation of adrenaline. Let's get inside." Before she could move away, the detective's sure hand had made its way into her hair to rest at the back of her neck, pulling her closer and deepening the kiss. Jerking away and trying to cover her mouth, the moment ended on a harsh cough much to Jane's frustration. "Ugh! I probably taste like an ash tray. I sure as hell smell like a chimney." Swiping a delicate finger through the soot smudged across the detective's cheek, Maura laughed softly. "A hot shower will be beneficial for you on several fronts." Jane waggled her dark eyebrows weakly and smirked. "Are you propositioning me Dr. Isles?" Rolling her eyes in response, the doctor exited the car and rounded to the opposite side to help the slightly battered detective to her feet.

Hand in hand, Maura led Jane to a bench outside of the door leading into the house, banked by lockers and hazardous materials bins as was practical in the Medical Examiner's line of work. Turning to face intense chocolate brown, she stepped closer, reaching around and pulling the Velcro fasteners on the bullet proof vest free. Laying it carefully to the side, she took in the sight of sweater sleeves marred with random bloody slashes that were also present along trouser legs. Quiet for a moment too long, she felt strong hands around her waist and was reassured by a voice that had acquired an extra deep scratch. "It looks worse than it is, I promise. Just scrapes from all the glass broken in the explosion." Furrowing her eyebrows a little she nodded and continued with her task, hands sliding under the sweater against warm skin to pull it off, throwing it into a red bag marked with the appropriate black placard. Carefully removing Jane's firearm and shield with a snap, her fingers flew over a key pad on one of the smaller lockers, the door popping open with a whoosh. Depositing both items, she slammed it shut, her gaze returning to her partner's. Pulling Jane's belt free, she placed it on the bench before working on the button and zipper of her slacks. Sliding them easily down narrow hips she smiled when she realized that boots had already been kicked free. Socks last, she stood and disposed of the ruined clothing with one simple toss into the same bin as the unfortunate sweater.

Jane watched every move the doctor made while undressing her. She was gentle and confident, precise and comfortable in her movements. Returning to a standing position, Maura smiled lightly before turning to pull Jane toward the house only to be stopped short. Strong fingers settled on her shoulders kneading the tense muscles from her deltoids inward as thumbs smoothed out the knots along her shoulder blades. Dropping her head forward on a sigh of contentment, she felt warm lips brush against the back of her neck. "Not so fast, Maur. It's your turn." Pulling their bodies firmly together, Jane reached around under the t-shirt to find the drawstring securing pants in place as the doctor leaned back into her embrace, their bodies a comforting fit. Tugging the knot free, her fingers gripped the hem of the scrub top and pulled it up and off, tossing it into the bin designated for the cleaning service. Resting her chin in the crook of Maura's neck, she sighed and tightened her hold. "All I've wanted, all day is to be here with you…have you in my arms." Placing a gentle kiss to her favorite spot, she deftly removed the long sleeved shirt throwing it into the same container bound for the cleaners. Turning the petite doctor in her arms, eyes locked with hazel as she skimmed the black cotton down marathon toned legs to the floor, smiling when Maura placed a hand on her shoulder for balance as she stepped out of the pants and kicked off her flats. Making sure everything had been placed in the appropriate receptacle; Jane stood and tucked the shorter woman into her arms, resting her head on the crown of loose curls. Another stabbing cough pushed them apart. "Dammit! This is as bad as Ma and Frankie combined for ruining the moment."

Maura smiled sympathetically and took her hand, lacing their fingers and heading for the door. "The steam from a shower should help that somewhat but since it really isn't congestion at root, you will just have to wait it out." Leading Jane through the kitchen, up the stairs and into her master bath, she dropped her hand and stepped toward the massive walk in shower, adjusting the outside controls with a slightly shaking hand. The soothing sound of water spraying from several nozzles filled the air, echoing in the enclosed space.

Jane didn't miss the small tremble and closed her eyes against the wave of guilt. Knowing Maura as well as she did, she knew that the last five or six hours had to have been an emotional tornado for someone who was much more comfortable with well defined parameters. Hell, it had done a number on her own seasoned, hard shell when she realized after everything that went down that her primary concern was getting through to Maura, an intense need that she had never felt in her life. Opening her eyes to find concerned hazel green, she was consumed by the desire to feel alive and to prove the same to her love. Stepping forward, her eyes darkening slightly, she muttered, "C'mer." Wrapping her arms around a slender waist, she captured waiting lips in a passionate kiss, one that left no misunderstanding about her intentions. Trailing her lips lower to suck on a racing pulse, she walked Maura backward into the shower unhooking her bra on the way. Not expecting the sudden sting as hot water from the multiple nozzles trailed over her numerous cuts, Jane flinched with a hiss.

Using the interruption to her advantage, Maura smiled up into coal black eyes. Deftly removing their remaining clothing and tossing the items aside with a wet plop, she coaxed Jane down onto the built in terracotta bench, their quiet gaze never breaking. Placing a dollop of shampoo in her hand, she stepped between outstretched legs and proceeded to carefully comb her fingers through dark locks, acutely aware of possible glass fragments, as she gently massaged Jane's scalp. The detective's roaming hands only added to the fire building between them; starting low on her hips and grazing up and down her sides, teasing higher and higher with each pass. Applying body wash to a soft cloth, she carefully ran it over Jane's battered frame, paying special attention to the cuts on both arms. Temporarily pushing her desire to the side, she focused well trained eyes on each laceration, ascertaining quickly whether or not any would need further care. Administering the same attention to long legs, she pulled the detective up under the spray to rinse; satisfied that additional medical treatment was unnecessary.

Meeting dark eyes with her own, she reached up and pulled Jane into a searing kiss, tongues sliding feverishly as her desire spilled over. The need she felt was almost overwhelming and painful, the intense emotions of the day melding together, culminating into one: want. Guiding the detective back against the tile wall, her free hand traveled down to knead and play with a taut nipple. Moans echoed inside the shower as her lips moved roughly lower, trailing hot kisses down an exposed neck to rest temporarily on the detective's clavicle. "God, Jane. I want you," she breathed hoarsely against damp skin, biting down and scraping her teeth along the length of the bone. Long fingers in her hair encouraged her movements, "Maur…please." Taking in that tight bud, she sucked and licked, amazed that under the spray of water, she could still taste that unique combination of flavors. She smiled as Jane's body arched forward into her mouth seeking satisfaction, a groan of pleasure reverberating around them. Maura hummed against puckered flesh while her hands traveled lower, "MMmmm, I love you."

Pressed against the expensive Italian tile by Maura's weight, Jane tried to focus as the onslaught of sensations overtook her body, leaving her weak in the knees. Her right hand slapped blindly against wet ceramic as she searched frantically for anything to help keep her in an upright position. Finally settling on the showerhead above her, she grasped it with a white knuckled fist. Eyes blinking open, she felt those luscious lips abandon her breast at the same time she saw them blazing a fiery trail lower across her quivering abdomen, biting and sucking a prominent hip bone, intent on leaving a mark before moving further down to join skilled hands. "Maur…yesssgod…pleeeease." Groaning with pleasure and the effort of forming words, she barely managed to choke out, "Love you." Reduced to gasping she gave up on speech indefinitely.

Kneeling and taking a moment to look up into shiny black eyes, the doctor smiled while lifting Jane's right leg and placing it over her shoulder. "I know." Their gaze held for a moment before she closed her eyes and inhaled, relishing the thought of what she was about to do and enjoy. Taking a long swipe with her tongue she was rewarded with a loud hiss of breath followed by profanity that echoed off the shower walls and throughout the house. Apparently speech had returned but at a very rudimentary level. "Fucksssoooggood…sssooo…ffuck!" Going to work in earnest, her right hand made its way up to massage and tease a needy breast while her left became further involved in her ministrations. Sliding fingers into slick heat with a building, curling rhythm, Maura pulled the swollen bundle of nerves into her mouth, sucking hard, using her tongue and teeth as she felt Jane's hips jerk and legs tremble. "Maur…ah…shi…ohgod!"

Watching Maura between her legs and feeling every sensation sent Jane over the edge, pleasure ripping through her body, her legs giving way. Trying desperately to hold herself up and not crush the kneeling woman to the floor, she attempted to speak, only to find that the part of her brain devoted to oral response and forming words had left early for the day out of respect for more current, pressing oral activities. In her current state of euphoria, the realization that the doctor was otherwise engaged in helping to prolong the ecstasy crossed Jane's mind slowly like the flicker from a 40's movie screen. Jane's eyes rolled back in her head as she grunted with the effort of maintaining a partially upright position, the muscles of her left arm twitching and burning from the strain. Licking her lips in one last ditch attempt, she choked out, "Stand…ing," as her eyes slipped shut again, giving in to the tremors pulsing through her body.

Hearing that broken word and feeling that she was supporting most of Jane's weight, Maura withdrew and carefully stood, her arms wrapping around and sliding up slick skin while using the length of her body to keep the detective from falling to the floor. Burying her nose in the place she had come to think of as her spot, she smiled when Jane's head dropped to her shoulder, hands dangling loosely at her sides. Placing light kisses against available skin, the doctor's fingers skimmed along the detective's back, waiting for her love to return to her. It didn't take much longer before scarred hands settled at her waist, thumbs tracing random patterns as a low rumble vibrated between them. She could feel Jane smiling into her skin before placing a reverent kiss to her shoulder, lips lowering to her clavicle before those gorgeous brown eyes found hers. Smile fully in bloom, Jane kissed her, taking her time and humming her approval. Strong hands pulled the doctor closer, as a well known smirk appeared. Nuzzling Maura's cheek with her nose, her warm breath tickled over sensitive skin. "Have you been practicing that without me Maur?" Her grin widened as she brushed light kisses over the doctor's eyebrows, down her cheek, along her jaw, ending on smiling lips. Indulging in one more languid kiss, she moaned at the taste of their mingled flavors and ever changing nuances, finally leaning back to stare into sparkling hazel green. Smiling slightly, she pulled Maura closer, her strength fully restored. "Hey." One word; full of all of her love and complete admiration and awe was all that was needed.

Feeling those strong arms wrapped around her, supporting her with that lean body; Maura felt like a balance had been restored to the day. Resting her ear over Jane's steady heartbeat, she circled her arms around a narrow waist and squeezed as tears filled her eyes again and enormous relief flooded through her body as the events of the last half day hit her at once. Noticing the subtle shift in Maura's stature and the resulting shiver, Jane held her closer, whispering into her hair anything she could think that might be comforting and sincere. She usually sucked at comfort but she would be damned if she failed now. "Maur, it's okay sweetie. I'm here. You're okay. I love you…I love you so much. We're okay." She repeated the litany over and over until the shaking subsided and watery hazel eyes lifted to find hers, a shy smile in place. Lifting up on tip-toes, she kissed Jane's worried lips. "I'm okay." Hands mapping the familiar toned skin, Maura found her ground again. Smiling reassuringly at the anxious detective, she squeezed strong shoulders. "Why don't you dry off while I finish my shower and wash my hair? We can get something to eat if you'd like."

After searching the doctor's eyes for any signs of distress and deciding that she seemed to be okay, Jane placed one last, lingering kiss on soft lips. Turning to leave Maura to her bathing ritual, she grabbed for one of the plush towels carefully draped on antique hooks outside of the shower, hearing the doctor's playful tone echo against tile as she dried her arms. "You really will do anything to get out of wearing a dress won't you?" Shooting her best glare over her shoulder she couldn't help but smile at the sight and her good fortune.

Knowing what she wanted to do for Maura, she hurried to get dressed, tugging on a soft short sleeved t-shirt and yoga pants, hopping into her socks. Racing down stairs, she grabbed Maura's cell and punched in Frost's number while igniting the fire in the fireplace and racing to the hall closet outside of the guest bedroom. When he answered, she tried to keep her voice at a normal level, checking in to make sure he was okay while depositing her bounty on the sofa. Sprinting to the kitchen, she maintained a steady conversation, accepting his apology for upsetting Maura even though she had no idea what he was talking about. The pop of the cork on one of the doctor's favorite wines probably gave her away as he quickly excused himself from the call, thanking Jane one last time for having his back. Stopping mid stride, she took a deep breath to answer him. "Frost, you had my back today as good as any partner I've ever had. It's only fair that I do the same for you. You got me?" Hearing him practically smile on the other end, she grinned as well. "I hear you partner. And don't worry." His voice took on a slightly teasing tone. "Korsak never has to know." Rolling her eyes, she laughed and dropped the phone on the rug next to the sofa and set to work on her surprise.

After turning up the hot water in the shower to make it more of a sauna, Maura went about her nightly routine of bathing; taking her time to wash and condition her hair, shave her legs and unwind under the various pressure points of pulsing hot water. Sighing in deep satisfaction she palmed the off button on the shower wall and reached for a plush Egyptian cotton wrap in the steamy fog filled room. Toweling her hair and body, she finally noticed the glass of red wine placed on the vanity alongside her sink. Next to it was a pair of folded silk pajamas and a simple note on paper torn from a notepad she kept in her kitchen drawer. "Picnic downstairs. Take your time," signed with a drawn heart and a 'J.' Swiping her towel across the steamed mirror, she caught a glimpse of her smile and it widened in acknowledgement. Hurrying through the rest of her typical grooming habits, she was anxious to spend time with Jane. The day was certainly a study in contradiction. While it left her both emotionally and physically drained, she found an unnamed source of energy that pushed her forward with anticipation; she just needed a return to normalcy, their normalcy.

Padding into the kitchen in her slippers, her brow furrowed when she found she was alone. Hearing a faint cough from the den, she smiled, making her way down the corridor. She couldn't help the gasp that escaped her lips when she finally entered the great room. Her hand made it to her chest as she took in the sight before her. Every candle that she probably owned was set aglow along the mantel and on all available surfaces, a roaring fire in the fireplace set as a back drop. Her eyes finally settled on Jane as the detective was still trying to stifle that annoying cough standing in the midst of her handiwork. Still unnoticed, she took a sip of her wine and studied the amazing fruits of fast and apparently determined labor. There was a tray of cheeses, crackers, strawberries and grapes assembled next to a bottle of her favorite Pinot Noir. Jane had also covered the plush rug before the fire with a blanket and several pillows that she recognized from the guest bedroom.

Feeling Maura as acutely as she had back at the warehouse, Jane turned to find amused hazel green watching her over the rim of her wineglass. Smiling, she reached her hand out for the doctor's, "Join me for a picnic?" Playing along, Maura grinned widely with flare. "Absolutely, Detective." Lacing their fingers, Jane pulled the doctor in and buried her face in the crook of that freshly scrubbed and moisturized neck. "Mmmmm." Dropping a kiss on warm skin she smiled as her free hand traveled under silk to rest at the curve of Maura's waist. "You smell really good." Eyes closed, she could feel the resulting giggle bubble between them as she breathed in that intoxicating scent. With their bodies pressed together surrounded by candle light, the detective almost forgot her original intention of pampering her girl. Leaning back a little she kissed a freckled nose. "Come on, let's take a load off." Lowering herself onto the blanket and reclining against the pillows, she pulled Maura down to sit between her legs, leaning her back to rest against her chest, her right arm curled low across the doctor's stomach. Situating the platter of food and her own wine glass within reach, she grabbed a British strawberry and placed it against parted lips whispering, "I know Bass isn't the only one partial to these." Watching that supple mouth take in the ripe fruit and the resulting moan of pleasure made Jane chuckle, shaking them both. "Told you."

Time passed at a leisurely pace until the tray was empty and they were left with the remainder of the wine; both enjoying the silence and comfort of the moment. Holding the woman she loved so fully in her arms, Jane felt the encroaching weight of her job and the events that had transpired earlier in the day seeping in between the cracks. While part of her hated to bring the topic up, was terrified actually of a negative reaction, she wanted to be fair to Maura and needed to know that she was still okay with everything. Propping her chin on the doctor's shoulder, she looked down to watch a well manicured nail trace invisible lines between the scratches on her forearms in a sort of macabre dot-to-dot. Tightening her grip slightly, she placed her lips against the soft skin of Maura's neck, breathing in for encouragement. Her voice was low and raspy, worn from the day and the smoke. "When I left you today, I didn't know that I would be leading the assault or I would have told you… I'm sorry." Her fingers continued to stroke the smooth skin of Maura's toned stomach while the doctor's hands stilled. Taking a deep breath, she barreled forward, "I guess I just need to know that you still…you know, want to be with me…give us a try…for the long run even though my job can be dangerous as we…well, today. I know we've talked about it before but…well…I know today kind of brings it all home…and I just…I guess I just don't want you to feel like you have to stay…Shit, I'm not saying any of this right." Running a hand through her hair in frustration, Jane tried to regroup. The doctor's prolonged silence unnerved her. Shit. I've SO so fucked up royally. "Are you angry with me?"

Turning in Jane's arms, she motioned with one hand, "Scoot down." Doing as told, the detective swallowed hard as she watched Maura deliberately cover her body completely, head propped up on her chest. Sculpted eyebrows furrowed a little, "Jane." Shaking her head, the doctor tried to organize her thoughts. "Of course I'm not angry with you." Leaning up, she brushed their lips together to hopefully assuage palpable anxiety. "We both have jobs that place us in close proximity to the worst criminals. I fully understand that every time you report for duty, there is a chance that you will encounter…" Clenching her jaw and pursing her lips for a second, she continued. "…lethal force. I'm very aware of the dangers and have always been so." Dropping her eyes, she took a deep breath and idly traced her finger back and forth across a smooth prominent collar bone, her voice falling to a whisper thick with emotion. "I've been in love with you for quite a while but I've loved you for almost the length of time that we've known one another. Your friendship has changed me in so many ways that I never knew I was capable. I'm not alone anymore." Feeling strong arms pull her closer, she placed a kiss over Jane's steady heart. "When I first realized that I might have feelings for you outside of traditional friendship, I weighed the variant risks and certainly the danger that is inherent in your job is an important factor only in the sense that it could result in loss." Taking a deep breath, her watery eyes found unwavering dark brown as she smiled with intent, her voice a throaty whisper. "But none of that matters; nothing else matters. I know now that being with you… being able to love you… for even a moment…far outweighs the certain and complete devastation of ever losing you."

The detective's smile was immediate as her own eyes became glassy, her voice quiet and shaky. "Yeah? We're okay?" Off of the doctor's affirmative nod, she closed the distance and captured trembling lips with her own, deepening the kiss with a passion that released all of her insecurities and fears and solidified their bond. Feeling short nails scrape across her ribs, her eyes found deep hazel as Maura continued breathily. "I'm in this with you, Jane. All the way." She couldn't imagine a better response but at the moment she couldn't really think a whole lot. Rolling them completely over with her love underneath, she propped up on her elbows staring down at a beautifully flushed face, eyes dark with desire, hair tousled and sexy as hell. Her voice was low and extra scratchy with the slightest hint of honey. "I love you Maura Isles." Closing her eyes and shaking her head before returning her stare, her words full of awe. "So SO much." Her left hand began undoing the buttons of the doctor's pajama top with practiced skill as her lips followed suit. Moving lower, placing hot open mouthed kisses to exposed ivory skin, both participants jumped when Maura's cell blared on the rug next to them.

But I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here. Groaning against the soft flesh of a flat stomach, "Nnno. Don't answer that!" Jane had fixed her mother's ringtone on the doctor's phone to 'Creep' a few weeks ago as a joke. Maura gasped as Jane kissed her way back up her body, lips ghosting over an erect nipple. "Jane…oh god!" Fisting her hand in dark curls even as she tried to protest, "She…she…she's just worried about you. I'm sure she's heard from Frankie about today. You should talk to her." Remembering their holiday experience the doctor blurted her concerns. "She might come over here if you don't." Using her tongue to circle and further tighten the delicious bud, Jane murmured against lightly freckled skin, her thoughts a little disjointed. "MMMmm. I'm busy. You answer." The doctor's last spoken words took a second to infiltrate and momentarily hobble her focus. Pulling back with effort she gave her flustered goddess her best smile, "I really can't talk to her right now." Unaware, her long fingers traced patterns on Maura's stomach. "Tell her I'm fine and get rid of her. I can be good, I promise." Laying her head across the doctor's chest, hands up in view, she looked up with the face of pure innocence to prove her point.

Grabbing her Blackberry at the last second before the call went to voicemail; Maura's voice was decidedly higher and breathier than normal as she gave Jane a warning look. "Angela, hello…Yes. She's here with me." It was somewhat surreal to be looking down her nude chest at Jane and talking to her mother. "I've…looked at her injuries and she will be fine." Slipping into doctor mode, "She has several superficial lacerations along her arms and legs as well as a significant cut above her right brow and smoke inhalation…" Trailing off at Jane's negative head shake, "But she will be fine." Smiling down, she was so proud of the job she was doing…until she felt Jane's hand on her inner thigh, teasing its way higher along the silken fabric of her pajama bottoms. "Wha…what…what are we doing now…as in you mean at this moment currently, well…actually…we as in Jane and I are…" Her breath came in pants and her hand on the phone started to shake.

With a flash of speed honed by skilled reflex, Jane snatched the phone from the doctor's quivering grasp before her mother was told exactly what they were doing and raised it to her ear. "Ma! Hey. I'm okay. Yes, I love you. Of course she's taking good care of me. Ma! Listen, Maura and I are just…Oh for the love of God Ma! Really? Really? You would ask that? NO! We are…eeeating dinner and are going to bed early after the long day soI'llcallyoutomorrowbyeIloveyou!" Hitting the end button, she collapsed on top of Maura with a sigh. Feeling warm hands stroke up and down her back, she looked up into apologetic eyes, a smile gracing her lips. "Seriously? You would've told her?" Shaking her head, "We've SO got to work on this 'no lying thing' with you." Resting her nose in the crook of Maura's neck, she felt hot breath on her ear as insistent hands began to roam anew, pulling at the hem of her t-shirt. "Jane." Just the timbre alone sent chills through the detective's body as she pushed up slightly and allowed the offending garment to be discarded. "I believe you were in the process showing me how much you love me before we were interrupted so I would suggest that you…we take up where we left off." Her sweet smile couldn't hide desire darkened eyes.

Unable to resist a patented Rizzoli smirk, Jane leaned in, their lips a breath apart, "So bossy, Dr. Isles." Running her tongue fully around kiss swollen lips, she smiled at the resulting moan and the hands clenching at her shoulders. A surprised umph escaped her lungs however when Maura flipped her back over with surprising strength. Leaning in to kiss her detective with a fury of passion, she finally pulled back a little breathless, a hint of pride playing on her lips. "You like it when I'm bossy." Seeing Jane's dark eyes and smile grow and feeling her heart beating wildly against their joined skin, Maura leaned in close to the detective's ear; her whispered words were hot and moist. "Make love to me Jane." Drawing back, their eyes met in a quiet, intimate conversation.

Slowly rolling again with Maura settled beneath her, Jane brushed a curling lock of golden hair away from her face before grinning down into darkening hazel eyes, fingers tracing the contours of her face, her jaw, finally settling at her irresistible lips. With a predatory smile and coal black eyes, she recalled a previous conversation. "You do have a valid point, Dr. Isles." Whispering against waiting lips, "I like it when you're bossy." The kiss was hunger and heat, a precursor of things to come; lips, tongues and teeth clashing and devouring. Breaking away, Jane's mouth burned a wicked trail down a willing throat, nipping and sucking, biting the curve of skin where neck meets shoulder; hissing out a breath as short nails scratched low and hard across her back. She scraped her teeth against a pliant lobe before sucking it into her mouth, groaning at the feel of Maura's sure hands slipping under the hem of her yoga pants and her attempts to push them off. Her voice was coarse and low, full of emotion as she pulled back to look the doctor in the eye before things went further. "I love you."

Three words. Three simple and mundane words when used separately but together, a completely different, powerful story. Seeing and feeling every bit of truth in Jane's sentiment, one that seemed to be spoken straight from her soul, Maura's breath hitched and everything stilled around her, five senses becoming hyper-aware. Of course she knew that Jane loved her but it was moments like these that the raw, unencumbered admission struck a chord that resonated deep inside, shining a blinding light straight into the dark corners where childhood insecurities had embedded and taken root. Those three words when spoken by Jane had the ability to banish each of her fears one by one. She felt the sting of tears as her gaze held firmly with those incredibly deep, sincere dark and knowing eyes. Her heart beat a staggered rhythm against her chest and she was consumed by the heat of Jane's skin on her own. She could still taste their last kiss on her lips and could hear the detective's panting breath above the rushing of blood in her ears. She wanted to say something but she couldn't. It seemed that all of the converging emotions were constricting her throat, making it hard to speak and breathe. When words failed, she took the alternate path of action. Tangling both hands in dark hair, she crushed their lips together and poured every bit of love and joy she had into that one kiss, languid and long, moans echoing between them, bodies moving together, grasping hands pulling each other closer. Finally breaking the kiss, both breathless, Maura smiled widely finding her voice. "Jane…god. I love you too."

Propped up on elbows, Jane looked down into clear hazel eyes and smiled, thanking God for her good fortune. Those three words in Maura's voice, the way she said her name never failed to set the detective's blood on fire. Taking a plump lower lip between hers, she left a playful bite before her mouth was on the move again and her hands began to wander, eliciting low steady moans. Slow and methodical, she kissed and licked her way lower, stopping momentarily in the valley between two perfect breasts. Leaving a reverent kiss on either side, Jane's eyes locked on those anticipating her every move and she smiled rakishly. "Mmmm. I'll be back for these." With a wink, her mouth trailed lower as her fingers hooked under elastic and pushed silk down and off quivering legs while trying to wiggle out of her own pants with some modicum of grace. Finally free of all clothing, she settled back down on the bed. Circling Maura's navel with her tongue before briefly dipping it in for a quick taste, she propped her chin on firm abs as she continued, her voice even lower but still laced with a hint of mirth. "So, Dr. Isles. Would you like to tell me what to do or…" her long fingers teased moist curls and she smiled at the resulting gasp and jerk of needy hips. "Or do you think that I can just…oh… I don't know…improvise?" Keeping her hands above the waist, she smirked, drawing patterns on smooth, flushed skin.

Not to be outdone even though her body was screaming for release, hazel eyes narrowed as she pulled Jane back up into a scorching kiss, a 'shot across the bow' so to speak as her smooth hands explored the detective's skin in places experience told would leave her shaken. Drawing back desperate for air, she was glad to see that she had somewhat succeeded if the significantly increased heart rate and hazy stare were any indication. Unable to contain the smirk, her voice came out a sultry rasp. "Jane. You have proven yourself to be quite the imaginative lover so I will defer to your skills." Watching dark eyes finally focus on her own, she leaned up to whisper seductively in the detective's ear. "But I retain the right to give direction as needed."

Coal black eyes challenged narrowed deep hazel, smirk firmly in place, close enough that their breathy pants mingled with an infusion of earthy Pinot Noir. "Oh really?" No sound came out as the detective's lips moved to form the word 'bossy.' "Ow, shit!" The pinch to the bare skin at her waist wasn't surprising nor unexpected. Capturing Maura's giggle with a heated kiss, Jane pulled back and smiled slyly. "You'll pay for that one Isles."

And pay she did…twice.

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