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Summery: Hardison is teasing Eliot and Eliot was only looking for his missing phone. Just some fun dialogue that takes place toward the end of season two. ((One-shot. Not slash.))

Hardison looked up from his laptop in irritation, as Eliot came in and started noisily moving trash and looking under furniture in frustration.

"What's with you?" Hardison asked.

"I can't find my phone!" Eliot growled back, opening and closing a draw with a bang and a slam.

"Oh." Hardison's eyes rolled guiltily down to the cellphone sitting by his computer. Eliot's blue eyes turned stormy as he followed the hacker's gaze.

"You took it? Damn it Hardison! That's my private phone." Eliot swept down to snatch his phone from Hardison's table. As he did, his hair swung into Hardison's face and the blue and silver beads Eliot had tied in it clacked against the computer screen.

"Dude, the only thing that's still private in this world is space and you're invading mine!" snapped Hardison, leaning back with a scowl.

Phone in hand, Eliot growled into the other man's face, "Stay away from my stuff!"

"I didn't take your phone. Parker did. I just found it in the refrigerator by the orange soda and guacamole."

Eliot didn't find that excuse worth responding to and just glared, before stuffing his phone back into his pocket. As he turned away, he pushed his hair out of his face, the silver beads catching the light with a brief twinkle.

"Man, why do you have jewelry in your hair?" asked Hardison, "Wasn't it girly enough before? Siriously I'm embarrassed for you, Man. Your hair is more girly than a girl's."

"Shut up Hardison!"

"Oh, oh, tender point! I see. I'll stop. Wouldn't want to hurt your sensitive feeling or anything. I just don't under-"

"I have it long for a reason," Eliot snapped.

Hardison blinked. "And that would be...?"

"Almost all professionals have short cuts of one kind or another," said Eliot, "You can recognize a lot of guys by their haircuts." Saying no more, the hitter walked into Nate's kitchen and got out the guacamole.

Hardison frowned after him. "Well it's all explained now," he said sarcastically, "All clear as mud."

Eliot let out an exasperated sigh, as he took the corn chips down from the top shelf of a cabinet. "It puts people off guard, Hardison. Military forces and hitters don't have long hair. They see me and expect an amateur."

"Oh, so your girly hair gives you an edge?"

Eliot gave a grunt that could be interrupted as either affirmation or just impatient annoyance.

"I still don't get the beads," Hardison continued, "And even if your hair does cause people to underestimate you, it's still stupid."

Eliot rolled his eyes and shook his head. "You don't get it," he growled and turned to march out of the room, taking the last of the chips and guacamole with him.

"You know what I think?" Hardison called after him, "I think you just like looking all pretty!"

Eliot slammed the door.


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