As Roxas watched the glass fly straight at him, only one thing ran through his soon to be unconscious mind.

Purple manatees.

Now, why would Roxas be thinking about purple manatees instead of his own life? This is a question best saved for his twin brother, Sora. And why was there glass hurtling straight at Roxas' face? That question is for Axel to answer. And it all started at the very beginning of Roxas' crappy day.

"ROXAS! THERE'S A FIRE! HURRY AND GET OUT OF THE HOUSE!" Roxas heard his brother, Sora, yell from outside of his room. He shot up from bed and ran towards the door in a haste, not even thinking twice about putting some pants to cover his boxers on. As Roxas reached the door and yanked it open, a bucket-full of water greeted his face to tell him 'Good morning!'

Roxas stood there for a minute to take in what just happened. His half awake mind was still buzzing about the fire but soon realized that it was obviously a joke when the water droplets started dripping down his back. Roxas' blue eyes looked at his hand that was now squeezing the gold out of the knob of his door. Then he turned his view to Sora—who was hysterically laughing, sprawled on the floor.

"What's going on you two—Sora. What the hell did you do to Roxas?" Another voice called out from behind Sora. The voice belonged to their not-so-happy father, Cloud Strife.

Sora attempted to reply to Cloud's question, but ended up clutching his stomach as tears started pouring down his face as another bout of laughter came on.

Roxas was going to get Sora back somehow. Someway. But first he had to get out of his wet clothes and dry off. He slowly turned around and walked back into his room, closing the door on Cloud, who was now shaking Sora and trying to get an explanation out of him.

After Roxas took a hot shower to get rid of his anger, he got dressed and gelled up his damp blonde hair. He headed downstairs and walked into the kitchen. Cloud was talking to Sora about what he was going to do today and was just about to answer when Roxas came walking in.

Sora grinned evilly and looked back at his dad, "I'm going to make Roxas' day a living hell!"

"UGH!" Roxas threw his arms to the air and fell to his knees, "Why me? Why do I have to have the brother who is the King of Pranks?"

"Flattery won't get you anywhere~," Sora sang tauntingly as he got out of his chair and flung his empty plastic plate into the sink.

Roxas sighed heavily and got off his knees, realizing that there was no way he could stop Sora's antics, he turned to his father and gave him 'the puppy-dog eyes.' Cloud had been frowning at Sora but realized his other son was looking at him. He then looked at Roxas, having their eyes caught for a moment before Cloud chuckled and shrugged his shoulders in a silent 'Sorry can't help you' look.

Roxas heaved a deep sigh again and went to get his breakfast. He ate in silence with his father until Sora came waltzing in with his backpack on and Roxas' in his other hand. Roxas eyed the bag that was now being offered to him, before regretfully accepting it. He slowly got up and also put his plate into the sink.

Sora walked out the door, waving goodbye to his father, an impish smile on his face. Roxas stared and silently wished that the door would hit his brother on his way out. But alas to no avail. Roxas walked out the door. But when he took a step outside, the door decided to close on his backpack. This caused him to stop short as he was bungeed back into the door.

Sora—hearing the loud thump of Roxas hitting the door—turned around and started laughing his ass off at Roxas' stuck backpack.

After a bit of wrestling with the bag, it finally came loose, thus of course, Roxas was also not prepared for. The sudden release of the backpack caused Roxas to fall on his own ass. Sora was now also on the ground from all of his laughing.

Roxas huffed and pulled himself off the ground, wiping his butt off as he walked past his dying brother. Sora then realized that Roxas was leaving and calmed his laughter enough to get up and run after his brother.

When the two finally got to school, Sora was pulled into his swirling mass of sport jockeys. Roxas heard Sora already start telling his best friend Riku about his stupendous prank.

Roxas walked past them, ignoring all the students around him until he got to, what he could call his group of 'friends'. They were all sitting around the picnic tables outside of the lunchroom. This was where they usually hung out together.

Namine, a sweet, silent blonde girl, was busy listening to her boyfriend Marluxia, who was, as Roxas believes to be, a gay in disguise. Seriously, what pink-haired guy is NOT gay? The answer would be Marluxia.

Roxas walked over to his friend Zexion, another silent person with sleek blue hair that dipped across one eye. Zexion had been scolding his boyfriend, Demyx, for forgetting his homework again. Demyx is a perky kid with a Mohawk…Mullet. Demyz looked up and saw Roxas walking towards them, ignoring Zexion, he ran towards Roxas and swept him up in a bear hug. Roxas learned that fighting against it was futile. Demyx was extremely strong. Roxas was soon let down to the ground thanks to Zexion and was then bombarded by questions.

"Hey Roxas! Why is your hair all wet? I thought you hate taking showers in the morning?" Demyx asked as he looked over Roxas and played with his hair trying to mimic it into the style he is known for.

Roxas swiped Demyx's hand away and shook his hair back into place and said, "I was woken up by a bucket of water. Courteous of Sora."

Of course, this brought about a giggling frenzy from Demyx. Zexion slightly lifted the corner of his mouth into what could be called a smirk. Namine noticed Demyx's laughter and walked over to see what the commotion was about.

Roxas sighed and ran his hand through his cold hair as he told the three of them about his shitty morning.

As Roxas started to tell his story, he was rudely interrupted.

"Yo, Demyx! Did you see Sora yet? He did the most hilarious thing this mor— Oh! H-Hi Roxas," A tall man with red hair, which splayed in all directions, said when he noticed the very person he was talking about was standing right in front of him. The red head looked at Roxas and started snickering, which pissed Roxas off some more.

"Tch," Roxas scoffed in irritation and started to head to his first class, ignoring Demyx's calls and Axel's now hysterical cackling.

Roxas had a history—if you would like to call it—with Axel. Two years ago, when Roxas and Sora first moved here, Axel was Sora's first friend. The two of them would team up on the clumsy blonde and play pranks on him. Riku joined in a little later. In short, Roxas pretty much hasn't forgiven Axel for everything he did to him.

Roxas went along with the rest of his day like normal. All of his classes were boring to him yet he excelled in them without even trying. So it was no surprise to him that today went by in a blur for him.

That is until lunch.

Roxas slowly walked to the lunchroom knowing this was one of two periods of the day he had with Sora. Roxas quickly walked to the lunch line and grabbed the first thing he could get his hands on. He quickly paid for it and walked outside to the picnic table.

As he walked towards the table, he saw Namine walk off with Marluxia chasing after her. Demyx had a guilty look on his face as Zexion, looking up from his book, glared daggers at him. Three people sat on the other side of the silent couple.

A smiling Sora, a smirking Riku, and a grinning Axel.

Code Name—The Retarded Threesome.

Roxas sighed and knew he should follow Marluxia's disappearing pink hair to find out if Namine was alright, but his feet just kept walking towards the table.

Roxas walked up to the table and sat in front of Sora.

"I thought you hated pizza?" Sora asked while eyeing the food on Roxas' plate. Roxas looked at his plate and saw that he had indeed gotten pizza for lunch.

"Damn it," Roxas cursed under his breath as he pushed the plate away from him and sent a death glare towards its crust.

"Can I have it?" Axel asked as started reaching over Riku to get to the tray of uneaten food.

"No," Roxas said bluntly while he got up to throw out his lunch. He smirked inwardly when he came back and saw that Axel was pouting.

Roxas sat in his seat again and set his backpack on the table. He was about to open it to do his homework when he was alerted to the sound of the people at his table erupting in laughter. Although the only ones laughing were 'The Retarded Threesome'. Zexion looked unhappy and Demyx had a worried look on his face. Roxas was about to ask what was going on when Demyx pointed towards his backpack.

When Roxas finally looked at his bag, he could do nothing but stare in horror. On the front pocket of his backpack was a giant glob of bright pink paint. Sora must have put it on at breakfast.

Roxas felt heat rise to his cheeks but kept his emotions inside himself. He was never one for emotions. He never cried, not even at his mom's funeral two years ago. He rarely smiled and when he laughed… he can't remember the last time he actually had a good hard laugh. He was Roxas—the clumsy quiet kid.

Roxas grabbed his bag in silence and walked off, again ignoring everyone's insistent calls. When he got to the bathroom he ran some cold water over it and started rubbing away at the paint.

"Hey Rox, you okay?" Demyx asked as he walked into the bathroom and up to his friend. When he reached out to help him with his backpack, Roxas turned away slightly and wouldn't let him help. Demyx was hurt but knew he was guilty.

"I'm sorry Rox, I tried to tell you earlier but by the time I saw it, you were walking away to class," Demyx explained.

Roxas turned back a little and eyed Demyx, who awkwardly splashed the water around in the sink. He let out a sigh and reluctantly let the man hold the bag while Roxas scrubbed the paint off. By the time the bell rang the paint was gone but the backpack was soaked. Roxas sighed in defeat but Demyx hit him on his back and said not to worry about it.

Demyx parted with Roxas saying at least his day couldn't get any worse. Roxas almost smiled at that but quickly pulled his face back. Demyx of course noticed and ruffled the blonde's hair bidding him goodbye and walking off to his own class.

Roxas also continued on his way to his last class of the day.


This was Roxas' least favorite class. Why? Because two-thirds of the 'The Retarded Threesome' were in it.

Roxas showed up to class and neither of the idiots were there yet. He spotted Namine waving at him with a soft smile directed at him. He walked over to her and their lab area, since today they would have to complete a class lab.

"Hey Roxas. Sorry I wasn't at lunch today. Mar and I had a little fight but we fixed it," Namine explained, "Hey what happened to your backpack?"

Roxas looked at his wet backpack and sighed, he was about to answer but was again interrupted.

"You actually got that stuff off!" Sora exclaimed as he walked over to his twin.

"What the hell was it made out of Sora? Him and Demyx were in the bathroom for at least a half an hour," Axel hinted with an undertone as he walked up behind Sora, smirking.

"I don't know," Sora shrugged, "I got it from Home Depot. They said it was 'heavy duty' or something like that."

"Alright my little Minions of Darkness! Let us begin our fun! With Science!" A voice boomed out from the front of the classroom. Roxas turned and saw his teacher, Mr. Xemnas—or Mansex as Axel calls him.

"Today we are going to be working with highly poisonous chemicals, so make sure you wear your protective goggles, Darkness," Mr. Xemnas instructed with his arms above his head, "I want you all in groups of four! No less! No more! Yes Axel, do you have a question?"

Axel had raised his hand to ask, "Yes, Mansex! Are you aware that you just made a rhyme?" When Axel called Mr. Xemnas, Mansex, the whole class bursted out laughing. Even Namine was giggling at Axel's choice of words. Roxas did nothing except think about how stupid Axel was for even asking the question while insulting their teacher.

"Axel…," Xemnas started to say, but realized that the kid was used to getting detention, so he just sighed and ignored the red head.

After all the laughter died down, everyone got into their respective groups and got to work. Namine, Roxas, Sora, and Axel made up their group. Namine and Roxas did most of the work while Sora and Axel just talked about irrelevant things. This went on as usual except for the fact that they were using burners. This of course got Axel riled up and he started mixing things together to see which would be combustible.

Roxas ignored this and went on with his work alone. His burner was right across from Axels', and Namine's had hers farther away, but still next to them. As did Sora. They continued their work until Sora piped up.

"Purple manatees"

"What?" Roxas and Namine say.

"Look," Sora said as he moved the science textbook he had been leafing through over so everyone could see.

"It looks green," Roxas stated. Sora looked up at his brother and chuckled.

"That's because your goggles are green, chicken-wuss!" Sora said.

Roxas noticed this and took off his goggles to get a look at the picture. It was an ordinary picture of manatees but the ink must have run out because they were the color purple.

"Wh—" Roxas was about to ask why but was interrupted by Axel's frantic yell.

"Roxas, look out!" Axel said as he ducked in cover. Axel must have turned the heat too high and combined a certain amount of chemicals, or something like that, because the glass beaker had broken into thousands of pieces and all these pieces were heading straight towards Roxas' cerulean blue eyes.

As Roxas watched the glass fly straight at him, only one thing ran through his soon to be unconscious mind.

Purple manatees.

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