The sound of a thump from upstairs resounded throughout the tiny house. Being a three bedroom, two bath, house the couple had bought for half-off, it was the perfect place for them. It's been two years since they graduated high school and were now finishing up their college classes. Axel looked up at the ceiling, wishing for once that he had X-ray vision so he could see what had happened. He decided to give up and simply yell for his second half.

"Roxy, are you okay?"

While he was waiting for an answer, he flipped another chocolate chip pancake and listened to the sizzle. His black sweat pants and bright pink apron were both covered in flour. Axel felt a wisp of cold air blow through the house and his loosely drawn ponytail tickled his bare back and he imagined himself with Roxas.

"Was that a moan I just heard?" Roxas asked as he walked into the kitchen, fully dressed. Axel felt his face flush and immediately denied all that he was being tried for.

"No! No, it was not! That was the sound of… the pancake sizzling!" Axel attempted to cover up by making various moaning noises while finishing up his baking.

"Okay, then," Roxas accepted the lie and sat down at the table. Axel turned off the stove and prepared two plates. Axel brought the plates over to Roxas and the two began to feast.

"So, what's on the agenda for today, birthday boy?" Axel asked. Roxas shrugged and stuffed his face with the chocolate food. "Well it's a good thing that I came up with a plan that will last us the whole day!"

Roxas gave Axel a skeptical look before inhaling the rest of his food and getting up for a drink of milk. He opened the fridge and got out a gallon of two percent milk and a plastic cup. As he was pouring the drink, he watched it begin to fall. The milk poured over one edge of the cup and spilled across the table.

"Woah, Roxy. Getting a little excited there?" Axel chuckled as he quickly got a roll of paper towels and began to clean up the mess. Roxas decided that he wasn't that thirsty and put the milk back in the fridge, slamming the door on it. "What's wrong, Rox?"

Roxas jumped as he felt two arms snake their way around his shoulders and pulled him flush against Axel's chest. Roxas let his eyes slide closed as Axel laid his chin on top of Roxas' head and breathed in his scent.

"Nothing…" Roxas replied after a bit and attempted to pull away from his boyfriend.

"Nope. That's a lie if I've ever seen one," Axel said as he smiled a bit into the struggling blonds' hair.

"You can't see lies. They are merely words recited in order to deceive someone," Roxas shot back.

"So, you're admitting to deceiving me?" Axel asked. Roxas suddenly got quiet and Axel knew that he had won. He spun the blond around and saw that there was a light pink blush on his cheeks and his eyes were downcast, avoiding his own at all costs.

"…I'm just… This is my first birthday without Leon, Cloud, and Sora… I just don't know—"

"Well about that…" Axel interrupted. Roxas' face immediately turned into a glare and his burning blue eyes were ice cold.

"About what, exactly?" he inquired the red head.

"We-are-planning-a-surprise-party-for-you-at-the-beach!" Axel yelled as fast as he could and quickly took off running up the stairs. Roxas stood where he was for a few seconds before it all made sense. Axel never cooked for him. Even on Christmas morning. He was trying to suck up to him.


Roxas ran up the stairs, tripping up them on his way, but quickly regaining his composure and intensifying his anger. He slammed open their bedroom door and knew exactly where he was.

"Axel, get out from under the bed."

The bed moved slightly and a cat came out from underneath. It looked back towards the bed and hissed at it before walking away.

"Axel, Mickey doesn't hiss at anyone but you, the jigs up," Roxas crossed his arms and tapped his foot on the hardwood that he had landed on earlier when he had fallen out of bed.

The red head somehow crawled out from under the bed. The sight of a six foot tall man coming from a space of only a foot high was an incredibly grotesque scene and Roxas had to look away. When all was over, Axel stretched his back and held his hands up.

"Excuse me, officer, but don't you have to read me my Miranda rights?"

"Rights are for people who love their significant other and don't plan surprises for them when they know that they hate surprises!" Roxas scolded.

"But, Roxy~. You're going to love it! Please just give it a chance!" Axel begged as he got down on the ground and kissed Roxas' feet.

"Get off the ground," Roxas said as he looked at the boy in disgust but let a small smile break through. "So, does that mean I need swim trunks?"

"Umm, actually, you look fine now."

Roxas looked down at his clothing; a graphic band tee and tight blue jeans. He also sported his checkered bracelet and his keyblade necklace Axel had given him on his last birthday.

"For the beach?" Roxas asked, bewildered.

"Uh, yeah," Axel scratched his head and refused to look the blond in the eyes. His cheeks with slightly pink and his hair looked even more red. "Actually, do you mind putting on this blindfold?" Axel held out the blindfold.

"Wow, Axel. Starting to get a bit kinky now? You know I used to be blind right?" Roxas asked as he reached for the blindfold and began to put it on. Poor, gullible Roxas.


"Axel, where are we?" Roxas asked as he reached up to pull off the blindfold for the hundredth time. Axel reached over and held Roxas' hand away once more.

"We are on our way to the beach," Axel clarified once again.

"Then why is it taking us hours to get there?"

"Because I'm taking the long way."

"Bullshit. There's only one road to get there and it only takes a half an hour."


"Nice excuse."

"Shut up or I'm not feeding you anymore!"

Roxas none too reluctantly shut his trap. He huffed with irritation and crossed him arms. They had been driving for around 3 hours. Roxas couldn't really tell. Axel had yet to explain anything and Roxas was getting annoyed. Then, Axel started to hum a song. Not any song. The song. The duck song.

"Axel, shut up," Roxas commanded. His fists closing in on themselves, getting ready for the punch.

"Why? You love this song! ~Then he waddled away~."

"Axel you have three seconds to stop."

"~A duck—"


"~Walked up—"

Roxas' fist collided with Axel's arm. Roxas felt the car swerve then quickly regain its fluid motion. Axel's breath was erratic but you could hear a slight laugh come from his mouth.

"You didn't even give me three seconds! I almost ran into that huge semi!"

"Well maybe you should listen to me," the blond suggested.

"Well you know what, you party pooper! We're here."

"Really?" Roxas asked in anticipation. He would never admit that he was excited to find out where the hell he was being taken.

"No," Axel deadpanned. Roxas raised his fist before Axel cut him off frantically. "I was kidding! I was kidding! Jesus! Don't kill me over a little joke."

Roxas felt the car pull to stop and when the car was put in park, Roxas quickly unlocked the door and jumped out.

"Ha! Now I can take off the blind—"

"Don't take it off yet!"

A pair of hands stopped Roxas' and the blindfold stayed on. Roxas stood there with the other boy's hands over his eyes in case something came loose and seeing the surprise was possible.

"But, Axel…" Roxas whined.

"We're almost there. You just need to walk a bit! And look what I found!"

Roxas felt an object being pushed into his hand. It was his blunt trauma weapon. Roxas hadn't touched the thing since he regained his eyesight. Why was he being forced to remember things?

"Axel… I don't want the cane… it's too much…"

"Roxas… I'm not trying to make you remember He-who-should-not-be-named, I'm trying to make you remember how we got together. How we became a couple in the first place. How we became closer and how we are together still."

"Oh." Was all Roxas could say. He gripped the cane in his hand and unfolded it. He quickly began to sweep the area and look for anything in his way. Roxas jumped when he felt Axel's hand on his back, but once the warmth radiated off of the hand, he knew he was safe.

"It's okay, Rox. I'm right here," Axel whispered into Roxas' ear. A blush spread across the tiny blonds' face and he smiled.

The couple made it to their destination with only a few trips and close calls. Roxas knew that he had been brought inside a building and that he was now walking up the stairs. Axel gripped to his hand with the other set on the small of his back. When they got to the top of the stairs, Roxas heard the sound of the ocean. He squeezed his lover's hand and Axel squeezed back. Axel helped Roxas onto a chair and kept their hands entwined.

"We're here," Axel's voice nothing above a whisper.

Roxas ripped off the blindfold and was frozen in place. Axel and he were seated on a balcony overlooking the vast ocean. The sun was setting straight ahead of them. The sky was a perfect mix of vermillion and purple. A table was sat in front of them with all sorts of ocean cuisine displayed in a fancy manner.

"Happy birthday."

Roxas could only reply by throwing himself into the redhead's arms. A soft "thank you" was whispered and the two shared a kiss. They began to eat their food when something dawned on Roxas.

"So you were lying about Sora and the other's coming for a surprise party?"

Axel was in the middle of chewing his food when he suddenly sucked in and started choking. Roxas's eyebrow went up at the reaction but still helped the choking boy by soothingly rubbing his back. When Axel began to breathe normally again, he dabbed the side of his mouth and avoided eye contact with the curious birthday boy.

"…No, they're in the room next to us right now."

"What!" Roxas screeched. He noticed a pair of doors and ripped them open. Sora, Riku, Leon, and Cloud were all found standing next to the doors. "What are you guys doing here?"

"We came to support you in every way possible," Sora said in a robotic tone—obviously rehearsed. Roxas heard Axel facepalm behind him and turned around to question the boy, but found that he wasn't there.


"Over here, babe," Axel's voice returned.

Roxas walked towards the voice and found that he was leaning over the balcony, staring at the sunset. The wind was billowing over the handrails and Axel's hair flowed in the wind. Roxas walked up beside him and leaned against the railing with him. The two stood there watching the sunrise till the very tip of the yellowing object was left visible.


Roxas immediately looked to his name being called. He saw Axel next to him. His one knee was on the ground and a look of total seriousness was displayed on his face. He quickly cleared his throat, and looked into the blonds' bright blue eyes. The blush on his face grew stronger when Roxas eyed the arm behind his back.

"Roxas." Axel brought his hand—holding a small black box—out from behind his back. "I've loved you since the day I laid eyes on you. And after withstanding all my pranks and idiot jokes, you still stayed by my side. For this, I wish for you to stay by my side, forever."

Axel opened the black box and revealed a delicate silver band. He took it out of its encasing and held out his hand for his lover's own. Roxas could only stare at the redhead. He didn't even feel the tears till he tasted one on his lips. He jumped at the saltiness and slowly reached out his hand. His smile grew as the ring was pushed up his finger and lay there. Axel got up and hugged his crying fiancé. Roxas wound his arms around the redhead and nodded his head over and over again.

"Nice going, Rox! I thought I was the older twin!"

Sora's voice interrupted the beautiful moment and Roxas quickly whipped his tears and a frown set itself on his face. He glared at the other boy and let a tiny smile out.

"Nope, I've always been the older one. You just never knew it."

"Oh really? Well what about—"

"No arguing boys," Cloud stepped in and pushed Sora out of the way—who stumbled into Riku's arms. "Congratulations, you two."

Roxas instantly blushed and hid his face in Axel's shirt. He wrapped his arms around the redhead and played with the ring that was on his finger. A tap on the shoulder told Roxas to look up. A kiss was placed on his lips and then he was turned around.

Before him was a cake. Sora was holding it and everyone was gathered around. Roxas' mouth dropped when he saw what was on the cake and he instantly faceplamed.

Purple manatees.

"Why? Why would you put those weird creatures on my birthday cake?" Roxas asked through gritted teeth.

"Because they're so freaking cute!" Sora answered as Leon quickly took the cake away from the bouncy brunette before he dropped. He immediately began to cut off pieces for people. After all the pieces were passed out and Roxas ended up getting the head of one of the creatures, they all sang Roxas happy birthday and ate their cake.

"Sora, how did you even get the picture of the manatees on the cake? They were in the science textbook from school, which we handed in at the end of the year." Roxas questioned. He finished his food and set the plate on the table in front of him.

"Um, I kinda kept the textbook," Sora said. He nervously itched the back of his head and began to collect the plates.

"You kept it?" Roxas asked, bewildered.

"I forgot, okay?" Sora laughed as he walked out of the room with a pile of plates.

Roxas chuckled and looked around for his new fiancé. When he could not be found, he figured that he must be on the balcony again. Roxas walked onto the balcony and the redhead was not there. A sudden thought occurred to Roxas as he quickly whipped around and ran back inside. One, two, three people were missing. And those people were none other than The Retarded Threesome. He looked at Cloud, who in turn looked back at him. Mischievousness played across the older man's eyes and Roxas cowered away a bit, in fear of the torture he might be put through. Cloud's eyes flicked over to the doors the group had been hiding behind before and Roxas made his way over there.

One minute Roxas was walking, the next—he found himself lying on the ground. Having hit an invisible force on his way through the doors, Roxas bounced back onto the ground. Roars of laughter surrounded the grounded blond and a deep red blush formed. He stood up and went over to the door.

Plastic wrap.

They had covered plastic wrap across the doorway. A college joke played on a college kid. Their pranks were getting more sophisticated. Roxas laughed to himself at the last thought and instantly crossed it out. Riku, Sora, and Axel came into view on the other side of the doorway. Each clutching their stomachs with insane laughter. They were still as childish as they had been since Roxas had met them. Only, things were just a tiny bit different.

Axel held his hand to the plastic wrap, the silver band he had put on now showing through the clear sheet. Roxas brought his hand up to meet the redhead and they were together.

A previously blind boy, finding love right in front of his eyes— only without the use of them.

In the background, a lone piece of purple manatee tail left on the cake lay in waiting for someone to eat it.

The End

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