Blood That Flows

Revolution Twenty-Six

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"Hey! There's..." Arashi blinked as he and Ixpellia came across the scene. "Oh, I guess he didn't turn into a Zannafar then."

"Lucky us." Lyos grumbled as he sat up and worked on healing his injuries. "Damn anti-magical energy sword thing." He wasn't sure what to call the Zannafar armor's powers, but he knew it was a pain in the ass. "Where's the others?"

"Hi!" Vivio waved as she and Einhart found the others. "We... NOVE?!"

Nove groaned as she looked at Vivio with narrowed eyes. "Let's see how good you look when you get your face smashed in." She was mildly amused when Vivio grimace at her telepathic message. "You learned healing magic, right?"

"Oh!" Vivio's eyes widened and she ran over to Nove and started casting healing spells on her.

"I'm going to need to learn how to do this." Einhart couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy as she watched the damage to Nove's body visibly disappear in front of her eyes. "When did you learn that?"

"From watching papa when he was helping someone who got badly injured in training one day." Vivio explained as Nove motioned towards her knee.

"Where's Nila?" Lyos asked as he tried to get to his feet and sighed. "Vivio, when you're done there, can you work on my knee, please?"


"I am right here." Nila said as she walked up to the group, seemingly unharmed. "I apologize for not arriving sooner."

"So, Zuuma, is he..?" Lyos asked as he looked at her and frowned as she shook her head. "What happened?"

"Right after you were out of sight, a Mazoku that had feline features appeared and said that her master requested an audience with him." Nila wasn't sure if she should have been insulted by the fact that Zuuma left or not. "I could not be sure that it was not a trick, however."

"Right, I got it." Lyos couldn't blame her for being cautious. "Anything else?"

Nila shrugged and looked at the others. "Not to my knowledge, but I assume that everything else has been handled?"

"Indeed," Ixpellia spoke up as she walked over to Nove and dropped Jet Edge onto the redhead's chest. "The Duchess shall not be a problem anymore."

"We got rid of that Mazoku that had been bothering us." Einhart looked at Duclis's body and grimaced, "and you can see..."

"If that's the case then," Pokota spoke up from on top of Arashi's head, "how about we get going to Taforashia already?"

Lyos nodded, he had to admit, the rabbit had been rather patient with all of these delays, not that he had a choice in the matter. "Sure, but let's get to a town." He held up his hand as Pokota started to protest. "I know what you want, but I need to send a message to Seiryuun, okay? Even if we break the seal, they're still suffering from that plague."

Pokota nodded, even if it didn't make it any easier to just sit and wait, at least his journey was almost over.

"Man, this is going to be a heck of a story to tell mom, dad and sis, huh?" Arashi tapped his chin and sighed. "What are we going to do about Corona though?"

"We'll find her." Nove said as she got to her feet and winced, it felt like her knee was still a bit screwed up, but at least she could walk on it. "I'm pretty sure that we could get some of the Riot Force to look for her if we can't find her again."

Nove just hoped that Corona was still on this world, if she got taken to another universe there would be no way to find her again.


Back in the Blue Universe...

Frowning as she walked into what used to be the hangar of Stella's ship, Cypha narrowed her visible eye as she saw Levi in the room with those giant mechanical monstrosities. "I do have to ask, how are you able to fit this lab in here?" It was far too large to fit on the ship normally.

Laughing softly, Levi turned, her blue hair swaying behind her as she gave Cypha a toothy grin. "Spatial manipulation, Cypha. So, what brings you here? Have you, Arnage and Stella decided to join the rest of the family and give yourselves Immortality?"

Crossing her arms under her rather impressive bust, Cypha snorted, "no thanks, I was merely coming down here to tell you that we've arrived at the planet you wanted to reach." She looked to her left and her eye widened at what she saw. "What the hell?"

"Ah, this..." Levi grinned as she walked over to her newest project. "Do you like it? I'm currently working on making new, upgraded models of the Megahs, but the old power supplies probably couldn't handle the strain." It was such a shame, but those Unison Devices did have some limits, after all, and it had been... A rather long time since they were hooked up to the Megahs as well. "So, I've had to make sure that I got some new ones." She sighed and shook her head. "Sadly, the information I got on how to make them wasn't completely accurate, it seems, or some of the data I got from her was corrupted."

Cypha wasn't innocent by any stretch of the imagination, she had killed so many people that she no longer felt guilty about it, but even she found herself disturbed by Levi's grin as the blue-haired creature started breathing hard. "It seems that you've succeeded."

"Beyond my wildest dreams." Levi put a hand on her forehead and started laughing. "The process is slow as hell, but, ha ha ha, I've done it! I can create an army of these... Gigahs now."

"I see, well, if that will be all, I'm leaving." Cypha turned to leave, the longer she was with this thing the more she wanted to try and hurt it.

"What's the matter, Cypha?" Levi stopped laughing, even though she was still grinning at the blonde, "I thought you'd be immune to this, considering how many you've killed."

Cypha turned her head back to glare at Levi. "Even if I'm a ruthless killer, at least I won't become a servant to a creature like you."

Levi raised an eyebrow, sure, she wasn't human, but she hadn't really broadcast that to the Huckubein at all. "And just how did..."

"I have my ways." With that, Cypha left the Mazoku behind. She knew just how strong Levi was.

She also knew how completely powerless she was to kill that thing.


A couple days later...

"We're finally here." Pokota said as the group walked through the mists, revealing the forgotten kingdom of Taforashia in all it's decay.

"Wow, you guys lived in trees?" Vivio asked as she looked at the large trees in front of them.

"Of course not." Pokota flew over the water in front of them as the others walked to a small wooden bridge off to the side. "But the trees do provide lots of life for the area."

"Only if there's sunlight." Nove replied as she crossed the bridge.

"How's your knee?" Lyos asked as he followed her. He had seen lots of advances in medical technology in his life, but seeing something that looked and acted like a splint for the knee was pretty neat in his mind.

"A bit stiff, but I'm fine." Nove would have to see a specialist when she got back, parts of her cybernetics weren't responding properly, even if it had been healed right.

Vivio and Arashi ran ahead, both of them laughing softly at something that was funny to only them.

Einhart put a hand over her mouth as she yawned. "So," she looked around at the mists in concern, "what happens now?"

"Well, we hope that the blade I got from the old man works, otherwise..." Lyos shrugged, "we get the rest of you to Seiryuun while Pokota and I continue to look for a fix to this problem."

"Speaking of which, did you perchance lose it?" Ixpellia looked at Lyos. "We have had a long run of fights since we met you after all."

Lyos held up a hand before quickly rotating his wrist, causing the blade to appear. He chuckled at the dumbfounded looks he was getting. "Gotta keep things like this protected somehow, right?"

"Come on! Come on!" Pokota yelled, fidgeting nervously.

"Coming, your majesty." Lyos rolled his eyes, though he supposed he couldn't blame Pokota, if this worked, then he would finally have his people back.

As they crossed the bridge, Nila stopped and looked around, frowning to herself. "I don't like this." It felt like someone was watching her, and seeing as she hadn't seen Zuuma since the last showdown, she was understandably on edge.

Doubly so since the terrain was both clouded in mists and had lots of natural cover.


"Alright, so..." Lyos began before sighing as Vivio, Einhart, Arashi and even Ixpellia were looking around in awe of what they saw. "Can you four please step back so I can work?"

"Sorry." They muttered and ran to the side where Nove, Pokota and Nila were standing.

"Right, now..." Lyos trailed off as he looked at the dagger before turning to the others. "Does anyone know how this thing is supposed to work?" He winced when they fell over to his question. It wasn't like this thing had an instruction... Lyos's thoughts trailed off as the blade started to glow brightly. "Well, that answers that." He muttered as he let the blade go and took a step back while it hovered in mid-air, bathing the room with blue light.

Everyone had to look away as the light got painfully bright and wind started to blow from the blade.

"Dammit, if that thing's possessed by some sort of perverted demon, I'm not sticking around to help you fight it!" Nove yelled over the roaring winds. She knew enough about porn to know what would happen if she did stick around.

After nearly a minute, the light and winds died down as a shattering sound was heard.

Pokota stared in horror as the blade fell to the ground in pieces. "No..." After all that, it was for nothing? "Why? Why did..."

"Hey! Look!" Vivio yelled as she pointed at the blue tubes.

Pokota looked up and his eyes widened in happiness as he saw the tubes opening up and revealing the people within. "We did it! We did it!"

"But why were they in there in the first place?" Nove asked as the people suddenly started coughing and groaning in pain.

"Durum plague." Lyos said as he walked towards the door. "I've already sent a message to Seiryuun, they should be here very soon." He stopped at the door and looked back at Nila. "You help them out, I'll get the beds set up." She nodded and went to work.

"But when?" Nove asked as she followed him.

"When you were getting your knee looked at." Lyos answered.


A couple of hours later Arashi found himself, Vivio and Ixpellia sitting under a tree and looking around the kingdom of Taforashia as the mists seemed to clear up. "It's like a spell or something, huh?"

"Yeah." Vivio nodded as she sat next to him. The people of Seiryuun were pretty quick with helping everyone who had been affected by the Durum plague. It was rather amazing, according to the healers, everyone who had been affected would make a full recovery in a couple of days at the most. "Still, how did they get it?"

"Plagues move in mysterious ways." Ixpellia said from the other side of Arashi. She closed her eyes and leaned against the boy before sighing. "I am just glad that we were able to help all these people."

"Yeah, and those guards said they'd give us a free ride back to Seiryuun with them when they leave." Vivio wouldn't mind that. "But didn't they say something about..."

"What the heck?!" Arashi suddenly stood up, causing Ixpellia to fall off of his shoulder.

"Arashi?" Vivio and Ixpellia asked at the same time, looking at him in worry as he suddenly looked very, very pale.

"L...Look!" Arashi pointed a finger in the distance.

Turning their heads, neither Vivio nor Ixpellia could see what he was talking about for a moment. After all, all they saw was trees, roads, a mountain range in the distance, birds flying, a moving mountain, water and... "Wait..." Vivio muttered as her thoughts came to a complete stop.

"Since when can a mountain move?!" Arashi yelled as he saw it getting closer by the moment. "NOVE! GET OUT HERE! THERE'S SOMETHING HERE!"

A minute later, Einhart, Nove, Lyos, Nila and Pokota were next to the tree and gaping at what they saw.

"What the hell?" Lyos asked, this was odd, even for him, and he had seen furniture try to eat people before.

Nove, on the other hand, narrowed her eyes as she turned on her cybernetically enhanced eye-sight to zoom in on what she was seeing. Scrolling up the mountain's leg, she saw a wolf-like creature, a three-headed Hydra-like creature, a winged giant, though it was small compared to the mountain it was on, a black stone creature and, at the center of the mountain's chest area, sitting on what seemed to be a throne of stone, she saw something that made her gasp in shock. "It... Can't be... Corona?!"

Nove stepped back and trembled as she saw Corona suddenly grin savagely and say something that she couldn't hear from how far away she was.

"Found you." Corona said while grinning, "Jörmungandr, advance. It's time to end this."

Author's Notes: If you want to get an idea as to what the Gigahs look like, just look up what Megatron looks like in Transformers Prime Beast Hunters.

Coming up to the end of the arc. I've been wanting to get this done for a long time, just haven't been motivated to do it. That and I've been helping MaveriKat write "Fox Point", a Sly Cooper/Zootopia crossover.