So it's been a long while, huh?

A few years now. Time sure does fly when you aren't paying attention.

It's pretty obvious by now, but this story is long dead. I should have written this a long time ago to let everyone know. I apologize for putting it off for so many years.

There's a few reasons why I won't be continuing it. Primary of which was because of the Nanoha movies that came out. I won't go into why, but the first two movies killed my enjoyment of the Nanoha franchise. Combined with the slow and irregular release schedule of Nanoha ViVid and Nanoha Force, I slowly lost interest in the series as a whole. On top of that, there was a kerfluffle with what happened with on Animesuki and I won't go into that, but that basically killed my drive to keep writing this story.

But I don't think it's fair to not at least tell you what I had planned as best as I can remember.

Let's start with Cypha. It was pretty obvious to anyone who was paying attention, but Cypha was Signum's future self from an alternate timeline. I can't remember why I decided to do that, but there you go.

In Cypha's original timeline, she was corrupted by Levi and Garoth, as he never died there, and was given the Eclipse Virus, which caused her to go crazy and kill Hayate, Shamal and the rest of her family, before somehow being sent back in time. She decided to avoid trying to change the past until such a time when the TSAB would run into the Eclipse users. Knowing that eventually there would be a moment to kill her past self, she wanted to prevent her past self from killing her family.

As for why she didn't try to kill Levi, she knew it was impossible, since she tried to do so before being sent back in time.

Of course, seeing the changes to the timeline would cause her to wonder what the hell was going on and would lead her to investigate what happened as she thought things were completely the same as before. Eventually Signum and Cypha would have a showdown.

As for Levi, she would eventually find herself facing down Fate one-on-one and Fate would find herself over-matched horribly and badly injured before Levi left. The reason was simple. Yuuno got her pregnant.

And I just remembered that Levi wouldn't be the one fighting Fate, it would be Precia, at full health and power, who would be fighting Fate with Levi taking cheap shots. Eventually Precia would come back to herself and fight back against Levi. It's why Levi would leave. Can't recall exactly what would happen to Precia here. Sorry.

So, another thing that was going to be revealed is that Olivie, the Saint Kaiser that Vivio was cloned from, was still alive. How? Garoth decided that he would expel the part of her soul that he ate, infuse the rest with his essence and use the Mazoku trick of "hey, you're immortal so long as I'm alive" on her, but he transferred the Soul Jar to Levi some time ago.

So eventually Vivio and Einhart were going to face Olivie down and all I remember of my plan there was that eventually they freed her of being under Levi's thumb, which would allow for her to live her life again. Regius would comment, when it was over, that she was just a clone, nothing more, when it was brought up to him.

So, there was a bit more, yes, Chaotic Blue was going to eventually be revived and he was going to be in the shape of a giant... Well... Not sure, maybe Leviathan or something? But his body just passing by planets would cause them to crumble and he would, after being awakened, flee to the deepest, oldest part of the universe, causing the heroes to chase after him.

Eventually he'd come to a stop, only to be greeted by a giant flying city. It was at this point that Jail and Uno would be revealed to be alive with them pulling a Kamina and Yoko look. ...Yes, Uno would be wearing a skimpy bikini and Jail an open lab coat. Turns out that since Due's regeneration program was a success, Jail put one into himself and Uno, knowing that they might need it.

Anyway, Jail would say something crazy-awesome and fire a giant laser, actually hurting Chaotic Blue. Jail would reveal that this was Al Hazard and that its secrets would destroy Chaotic Blue.

Chaotic Blue would reveal that what he had was just a FRACTION of the real Al Hazard and would then rip time and space open to reveal a HUGE planet, one so big that even Chaotic Blue, who was so big while flying through space and destroying planets from his size, was small in comparison.

Turns out the real Al Hazard was the homeworld of Mazoku, Shinzoku and humans, but the war between the Mazoku and Shinzoku caused the humans to scatter across the universe eons ago.

Sorry, but the rest of the details get fuzzy. I remember that Jail eventually uses the tech of what was there to turn himself into a Unison Device and he force-fuses with Chaotic Blue, allowing the heroes to stop him.

And... That's about all I can remember of what I had planned.

I'm honestly surprised that I remembered as much as I did. I'm sorry that I didn't complete it, and I hope that you can forgive me for abandoning this project.

Well... That's all. Thank you for all your support everyone.